IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-04-11

menesisreplaceafill: hi, looked for me?00:24
replaceafillhey menesis00:28
replaceafillyeah i wanted to ask about series00:28
replaceafillbut i ended up using the 2.6 series of cando00:28
replaceafillfor the fix00:28
replaceafilli hope that's ok00:28
replaceafilli also submitted the fix to tunk00:28
menesisI did everything on 2.6 lately00:28
menesisthen merged to trunk00:29
menesisjust merged celery 3 support!00:29
menesisplease report if it breaks00:30
replaceafillgreat! will do00:30
replaceafillhey and you merged 2.6 for the journal :D00:30
replaceafillthat's the part that confused me!00:30
replaceafilli was looking for the 2.6.2 tag in trunk00:30
replaceafilland it wasn't there yet00:30
menesisright, instance/supervisord.conf needs to be regenerated :(00:31
replaceafillthanks for the heads up00:31
menesisuncomment celery 3.x line and comment 2.x one, and rename cerelyctl to cerely00:33
menesis+command=${bin_dir}/celery worker00:33
replaceafill; vim: ft=dosini :D00:34
replaceafillmenesis, so trunk works with both celery2 and 3?00:36
menesischange supervisord.conf like here:
menesisreplaceafill: yes, both celery2 and celery300:37
replaceafilli hope someday understand all those queue configurations :(00:38
menesisforget it00:39
menesisthe old command works as well00:39
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