IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-03-14

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:20
replaceafillhey th1a18:20
th1aIt would be good to answer David A.'s question before you go.18:21
replaceafillwe register that18:23
replaceafill        {18:24
replaceafill            'name': 'birth_certificate_type',18:24
replaceafill            'description_field': EnumFieldDescription,18:24
replaceafill            'title': _('Birth certificate type?'),18:24
replaceafilli'll answer18:24
th1aOK.  thanks.18:24
* replaceafill is dealing with a flu crisis in the house :(18:24
replaceafillwe're thinking of cancelling the vacation right now...18:25
th1aAh, ok.18:25
th1aSo, the "real" flu?18:25
replaceafilli'll keep you posted18:25
replaceafillor you'll see me online next week ;)18:25
th1aWe tend to call random viruses the "flu" here.18:26
th1aI mean, incorrectly.18:26
replaceafillwell, it's what *we* call the flu18:26
th1aYour doctor will set you straight occasionally.18:27
th1a"That's *not* the flu..."18:27
replaceafillth1a, answered18:31
th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:05
th1ajust a sec...22:05
replaceafillhey th1a22:05
th1aHow is everyone feeling?22:06
replaceafillso so22:07
replaceafillboth *girls* are sleeping now22:07
th1aThat's good.22:07
replaceafillthankfully i'm still ok22:08
th1aAre they both sick?22:08
replaceafillit's really rare for Marcela to get sick22:08
th1aAh.  When did it start?22:08
replaceafillabout two days ago22:08
replaceafilllast night hit hard22:08
replaceafillear pain, etc22:08
th1aWhen were you planning on traveling?22:09
th1aLuckily your boss is flexible with vacation time (if necessary).22:09
th1aHopefully everyone will pop up tomorrow morning.22:10
replaceafilli'll wait until tomorrow to make a decision22:10
replaceafillso, i finished David Poidevin report22:10
replaceafilli just need to package it and send instructions on how to install22:11
th1aOK.  Super.22:11
replaceafilli was thinking on light work for next week22:11
replaceafilland i thought about the book22:11
replaceafillthe spanish version is way behind22:11
replaceafilli just replied to a journal question22:11
replaceafilland all i can point people to is the english version22:12
th1aThat would be ok, but I'd rather your focus first on bugs if you can find some "light" ones.22:12
replaceafillah ok22:12
replaceafillin that case i was thinking on focusing on the calendar/timetable ones22:13
replaceafilli mean, that will keep me focused in one part only22:13
replaceafillah, and David Ally replied22:13
th1aWe got through a lot of years without anyone noticing those issues.22:13
replaceafilltimezones... :)22:14
th1aDon't say timezones!!!!!22:14
replaceafillso, what DAlly wants is just a default value for the certificate22:15
replaceafilli think we could wait for his future requests before making that change?22:15
replaceafillit seems he's identified some changes he'll want22:16
replaceafilli'm replying the debian guy22:17
replaceafilland i have a sielibre question22:17
th1aWell, we can wait.22:17
th1aWhat's he going to do?22:17
th1aFire us?22:17
replaceafilldon't say that th1a!22:17
th1aHe'd have to hire us first.22:18
replaceafillmy sielibre question is about google indexing our page22:18
replaceafilli'd like the spanish version to get indexed right22:18
replaceafillthe problem is that we're depending on apache auto-negotiate module22:19
replaceafilland google only asks for english22:19
replaceafilli looked for a solution and people recommend to insert links to your translated sites22:19
replaceafillso google follows/finds them22:19
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th1aMakes sense anyhow.22:20
replaceafillmaybe we can discuss that when i come back22:20
replaceafillsame for the book i guess22:20
th1aOK.  Yeah, that's fine.22:21
replaceafilli guess that's it from me22:22
th1aRight now I'm really glad Justas got the core of all those features together at the end of the year,22:23
th1abecause I feel like we could do two or three months of bugfixing, paper cuts and mini features.22:23
th1aAt least!22:23
replaceafilli guess after 14.04 bugfixing will continue, right?22:24
replaceafilli don't think we'll catch them all22:24
th1aYeah, that's my point.22:24
th1aIf we get contract work someone else will work on bugs...22:24
th1aSo we're all on the same page.22:25
th1aI'm afraid I'm going to have to write docs next week.22:25
th1aI can't think of any excuses!22:26
replaceafillyou don't like to write docs anymore?22:26
th1aActually, I find it quite pleasant, but I have trouble starting.22:26
replaceafillwhat do you use22:26
replaceafillfor writing?22:27
replaceafilli mean22:27
replaceafillwhich editor22:27
th1agedit, actually.22:27
replaceafillcould i ask you to use a "feature"?22:27
replaceafill79 width lines22:27
replaceafillit makes translation easier22:27
th1aAh, ok.22:27
replaceafilli mean, if possible22:27
th1aIt isn't that primitive!22:27
replaceafillemacs ftw22:28
th1aI'm not using Notepad from Windows 3.1.22:28
th1aI moved off that a couple years ago.22:28
th1aOK, I think we're done.22:29
replaceafillthanks th1a22:29
th1aHope everyone gets better and you have a nice vacation.22:29
th1aI'll hold down the fort.22:29
replaceafilli hope so22:29
th1aWill you be online at all?22:29
replaceafilli think i'll be able to check my email at night22:30
replaceafillnot sure though22:30
replaceafillwe're going to panama22:30
replaceafilland plan to be on the road most of the time22:30
th1aCool.  Have fun.22:30
replaceafillthanks, will do22:31
th1aI'll be in Scotland.  ;-)22:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:31
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