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th1areplaceafill: Any thoughts or feelings about
replaceafillreally confusing00:12
replaceafilli just wonder if it's trusty00:12
replaceafillor if he's trying to use ldap or something for auth00:12
th1aOK I asked.00:13
th1areplaceafill:  Don't we have in schooltool-owners bzr?00:37
replaceafilllet me check00:39
replaceafillth1a, i don't see any branch for it :(00:44
th1aMaybe I stuck it in my junk or something.00:44
th1aWell, that one looks pretty old.00:45
th1aI don't know why I can't find it on my drive for that matter...00:45
replaceafilli don't have any sandbox for it either00:45
replaceafillthe original name was schooltool-homepage00:46
replaceafilllet me re-look00:46
replaceafilli was looking for "web" or "site" :)00:46
th1aThanks replaceafill.00:48
th1aGood night.00:49
replaceafillsee u th1a00:49
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:03
replaceafillhey th1a22:03
th1aHow's it going?22:03
* replaceafill is fixing bug:
replaceafilli've been looking through the bugs list22:04
replaceafilland have a couple of questions22:04
replaceafillcould you explain
replaceafillthe selenium test failed on me :(22:04
replaceafilland i didn't understand the dates used22:05
replaceafillso i'm not sure what's the issue22:05
th1aI believe I set a schedule for a specific span of dates and the calendar shows the meetings continuing past that span?22:06
replaceafillah, you mean using the custom date range feature for schedules?22:06
replaceafillah ok, thanks22:06
replaceafilli'll check22:06
replaceafilli also looked at:22:07
th1aYou should be able to follow that.22:07
th1aIt opens as a table for me in chrome.22:07
th1aIt is a table!22:07
replaceafillactually, it loads in selenium IDE22:07
replaceafillbut there's some click commands that failed22:08
replaceafilland Log-in has been converted to Log in now :S22:08
replaceafillauto-select search box22:08
replaceafillcould we try it only on the relationship views?22:08
replaceafilli guess we could use it on /courses, /sections, forms, etc22:09
th1aIs there a downside?22:09
replaceafillbut i wanted to start specifically in the relationship views22:09
th1aYeah, I think that was the specific concern.22:09
replaceafillcool, i think after having it working for that we could reuse it everywhere22:10
th1aOK.  Yes.22:10
replaceafillthen there's some "visual" bugs i want to fix22:11
replaceafilli guess i should wait until you and i could work on that together?22:11
replaceafillthe gear icon one22:11
replaceafilland i remembered this other one about cando:22:11
th1aOh, yes, well, I've always felt the tab colors were completely inverted.22:12
replaceafilldid we really fix the blue for optional skills?22:12
replaceafilli don't remember us fixing it :D22:12
th1aI don't know.22:12
replaceafillwell, the bug is marked as released, that confused me22:13
replaceafillin any case, it's not high priority i guess22:14
th1aWe might look at it when we start talking about CanDo for next year.22:14
replaceafillah ok22:15
replaceafilli guess that's it from me22:15
replaceafilli'm just fixing bugs now :)22:15
th1aYeah... I hate to even bring it up but where are we with the custom report card?22:16
replaceafillno, thanks for reminding me!22:16
replaceafilli have a question22:16
replaceafillDavid requested some conversion from ranged scoresystem to letters22:16
replaceafillbecause, sadly, course report activities are only ranged...22:17
replaceafillbut some grades (1-3) only use letter scores22:17
replaceafilland some courses should be *displayed* that way22:17
th1aWell, it isn't that sad because it shouldn't be hard to calculate for the report.22:17
replaceafillthat's pretty much done22:17
replaceafillmy question was:22:17
replaceafillcan we create a custom score system for that?22:17
replaceafillinstead of using the "default" ones22:18
th1aFor their instance?22:18
th1aWhatever gets this done.22:18
replaceafilli was thinking of doing the same the journal does22:18
replaceafillah ok22:18
th1aWe're long past doing this "right."22:18
replaceafillthat's it from me22:20
th1aOK.  I'm working on updating things and announcing 2.8.22:21
th1aI'm clearing out my logjam of steps.22:21
th1aDidn't want to announce 2.8 until SIELibre had a webpage...22:21
th1aetc etc.22:22
th1aSent the invoices in today (was waiting for the announcement...)22:22
th1aOK, I guess we're good then.22:22
replaceafillyeah, except for the report card, i'm making progress :(22:23
th1aOh, I also couldn't finish the announcement until I figured out what was going on with parent access...22:23
replaceafillthere's a lot of bugs!22:23
th1aThat'll keep you busy for a WHILE.22:23
replaceafillah yes, i saw you mentioned it22:23
th1aIt is satisfying clearing the backlog though, to be sure.22:23
replaceafillcould you meet on friday?22:24
replaceafillwe could meet at 13:30 if you want22:24
replaceafillsince i'll be away next week22:24
replaceafilli'd like to give a report before22:24
th1aOh, right.  This time is better actually.22:24
replaceafillah ok22:24
th1aIf it is not raining Friday.  ;-)22:25
th1aSunny days here are precious.22:25
th1aThe Scots I talk to say this was the rainiest winter they can remember, and Scotland isn't exactly dry usually.22:26
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.  See you Friday.22:26
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:26
replaceafillok, thanks th1a see u22:26
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th1areplaceafill: I'm going to need some styling of <li> in my new announcement23:22
th1areplaceafill: I pushed a revision.23:28
th1aTo the homepage.  I need some bullets.23:32
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