IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-03-10

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
th1aI had a chat this morning with Helen from the Shuttleworth Foundation.22:02
th1aShe's going to be talking to the ARK people later this week.22:02
replaceafillso there's a good chance?22:03
th1aEh... not necessarily, but it is good to have the angle.22:03
replaceafillah, got it22:03
th1aAlso, Helen could probably sell Dave Welsh a tennis racket, so that doesn't hurt.22:04
th1aWhy don't you go ahead and then I have a couple questions.22:05
replaceafilli started reviewing the bugs list22:05
replaceafilland picking (fixing) some easy ones but with high priority22:06
replaceafillthis morning i worked on the changes to David's report22:06
replaceafillhe requested a change in the way they calculate averages22:06
th1aThis is if nothing else a good example of how long these things will *really* take.22:07
replaceafillwell, for what it's worth i didn't work much on that last week22:08
*** menesis has joined #schooltool22:08
replaceafillso even if has taken "long", it's still not a lot of hours22:08
replaceafillgreat menesis is here!22:08
replaceafilli have a question for him :)22:08
th1aOK, as long as it has been small bites over time.22:08
th1ahi menesis.22:09
replaceafillyeah, that's right22:09
replaceafillsmall bites22:09
replaceafilli also looked for a solution to the fckeditor problem22:09
replaceafillthat caveman (David) had22:09
replaceafillbasically, the solution i proposed is wrong :(22:09
replaceafillbut then i remembered menesis had already worked on the ckeditor transition22:10
replaceafillso i tested that branch22:10
replaceafilland everything works as expected22:10
replaceafillnot much we can suggest to do on 2.6 though22:10
menesisI haven't merged it anywhere...22:11
replaceafilli know :)22:11
th1aIt would at least be nice to have on 2.8.22:11
menesisbut it works?22:11
replaceafillmenesis, yes22:11
menesismaybe I can merge it to 2.6?22:11
replaceafillthat's what i was going to ask :D22:11
replaceafillif we could merge in 2.6 and trunk22:12
menesisthere are few changes to schooltool code, and no new requirements22:12
menesisbecause ckeditor is included in zope.html – both editors are22:12
replaceafilli figured there could be some problems with zope.html packaging22:13
replaceafilli mean, for 2.622:13
menesiswhat problems you think there are?22:14
replaceafilli meant you'd need to package a new version of zope.html for 2.6, right?22:15
replaceafilland a different one for 2.8?22:15
replaceafillanyway, it'd be nice to have the ckeditor work merged everywhere :)22:17
replaceafillth1a, maybe not a report-related topic, but try to check sielibre's website in your phone22:18
replaceafilland let me know how it looks22:18
replaceafillalso, next week, i'll be away22:18
replaceafillalthough i'll be able to work part-time i think22:19
replaceafilli'll work with the importers when i finish the couple of bugs i'm working on22:20
th1aSo yes, if it is possible I'd like to see the ckeditor upgrade in 2.6 and 2.8.22:20
* replaceafill done22:20
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:22
menesisreplaceafill: no, in the end I did not need to do anything in zope.html22:23
menesisI would like to remove fckeditor from it, but I haven't done that and it's not needed22:24
menesisI should probably release trunk as 2.7.022:25
menesisThere were almost no changes in the last month, but many features are in, a milestone reached22:26
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th1aYes.  We're bugfixing it now, pretty much.22:28
menesisI will do it22:31
menesissome evening22:33
menesisI had some urgent work on other projects last week, no time22:33
th1aOK.  I guess we should shoot for getting the 2.6 update in before final beta perhaps?  March 27?22:34
menesisyes, would be good22:34
menesisI have to fix celery22:34
menesispeople are already testing, and it does not work :(22:35
th1aLet's get that done.22:35
th1aJust let us know if you need replaceafill to do some stuff, if you don't have time.22:36
menesisI will make it work myself22:36
menesisBut for bugfixes, especially gradebook, I hope replaceafill can fix some22:37
th1aYes, the deck is pretty clear to focus on them.22:37
th1aOK, anything else, menesis?22:39
menesisI already asked what I wanted to ask22:39
th1aOK, cool.22:39
th1areplaceafill:  I'm clear what parent access is in trunk at this point.22:40
th1aI just realized I need to start by stopping my package version and starting the trunk version.22:41
replaceafillyou don't like sandboxes?22:41
replaceafillanyway, sorry to interrupt, continue22:41
th1aI mean, I restarted, so my package restarted.22:41
th1aOK, so I'm looking at a contact on the correct instance now.22:44
th1aSo I see "Activate Parent Access"22:45
th1aSo I make a parent user.22:45
th1aI think every time thought to try this I probably forgot I had the wrong instance running...22:45
replaceafillso, you're checking how complete it is?22:46
th1aOK, so I can see the kid but at this point, not the gradebooks.22:46
replaceafillthere's a Gradebook tab iirc22:46
th1aI'm finishing a post on the upcoming release.22:46
th1aI'm not seeing it.22:46
replaceafillhhmm i can't remember where i have it22:47
replaceafilllet me look22:47
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:47
th1aThanks menesis.22:47
replaceafillit was the abc demo22:47
replaceafillth1a, i'll have to set up a new instance22:49
replaceafilli deleted the demo one22:49
replaceafillbut yes, there's a tab22:49
replaceafillthat view i think we need to fix22:49
replaceafillit lists all the sections22:49
replaceafillfor the kid22:49
replaceafilli think it needs some jstrees22:49
replaceafillto organize the sections22:50
th1aI'm just getting the main page for the student.22:50
replaceafillok, give me 10 mins to set it up and run my selenium script22:50
replaceafillth1a, oh sorry23:03
replaceafillthe tab is Parent23:03
replaceafillnot Gradebook23:03
replaceafillthat's the view i meant (we need to fix)23:04
th1aOK.  I guess if that works it is a usable feature.23:05
th1aIs there a way to make parents users automatically?23:05
replaceafillyou mean when you create the contact and establish the relationship?23:06
th1aYes?  Or when you import them?23:07
replaceafillwe could add it the same way the intermediate view does now23:08
replaceafillit just creates a new person23:08
replaceafillwith the proper relationship23:08
th1aCould we have a checkbox or something?23:09
replaceafillit has to be at the point where the contact is related to the student23:11
replaceafillbecause it needs that info23:11
replaceafillunder New Contact maybe?23:11
th1atbh, I was thinking more of a global setting.23:12
replaceafillin the last fieldset (Contact of XXX)23:12
replaceafillwe could stick it to the app preferences23:13
replaceafilllike name sorting ,etc23:13
replaceafillwhere do you want to set it?23:13
replaceafillunder School -> Customize?23:13
replaceafillor Contacts23:13
replaceafillContacts -> Customize? :S23:14
th1atbh, that could probably wait for 8.123:14
replaceafillah ok23:14
th1aBut we do need the gradebook links.23:14
th1aSo make a note of that.23:14
replaceafillgradebook links?23:14
th1aSo parents can see the grades.23:15
replaceafillthey can23:15
* th1a scrolls back up...23:15
replaceafillunder Parent23:15
th1aMine only has links to the student page.23:15
replaceafillhold on23:16
replaceafillSoccer (...) and Baseball (...)23:16
replaceafillare links23:16
replaceafillto each wroksheet23:17
th1aOK, maybe yvl made it smart enough to know there are no grades for this person's gradebook?23:17
replaceafillmaybe now worksheets23:17
th1aNo links to empty Sheet1's23:17
replaceafilllet me see23:17
th1aThat would be fine!23:18
th1aJust confusing to the superficial tester.23:18
th1aWell, maybe confusing to the parent too.23:18
th1aBetter to see the blank gradebook than to think it is broken.23:18
replaceafillare you using sample data to test it?23:19
replaceafillmaybe it's the active status of the contacts23:19
replaceafilland dates23:19
replaceafillthat are messing the view up23:20
th1aYeah, I was just using sample data.23:20
th1aOK, so we just need to tidy the view up?23:20
th1aOK, that's what I needed to know.23:20
replaceafillimagine 10 worksheets!23:20
replaceafillfor each section23:20
replaceafillsorry for the confusion :)23:21
replaceafilldid you check the website?23:21
replaceafilli made a couple of little changes23:23
replaceafillput 'Services for SchoolTool' in the <title>23:23
replaceafillgoogle shows it23:23
th1aRight.  Good.23:23
replaceafilli moved normalize and html5shiv (which i'm not sure we need yet) to jscdn23:24
replaceafillso browsers won't request them in our server23:24
replaceafilladded robots.txt23:24
replaceafillfavicon.ico is being requested and giving 40423:24
replaceafilland changed the styles to use more percentages for widths23:25
replaceafilland adjusted for a width less than 980 (our normal width)23:25
replaceafillmoved the sidebar as we discussed23:25
replaceafillso, it should flow now...23:26
replaceafillwe can reduce the paddings if you want23:26
replaceafillbut it looks ok imho23:26
th1aI think it looks fine.23:26
th1aThanks for tidying up.23:26
th1aOK, I haven't eaten supper yet.23:27
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:27
replaceafillthanks th1a23:27
th1aI was skating.23:27
th1aIt is supposed to be dry all week!23:28
th1aUnheard of!23:28
th1aOK. ttyl.23:28
replaceafillsee u23:28

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