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th1areplaceafill and menesis:  The meeing with ARK went well.16:44
replaceafillwho are they again?16:45
th1aThey're going to send a copy of the general requirements, which will tell us a lot.16:45
th1aThey are a London-based foundation that, among other things, runs schools in England, Uganda and India.16:46
replaceafillah, right16:46
th1aOK, gotta go get the girls.16:48
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:00
replaceafillhey th1a22:00
th1aHow's it going?22:02
replaceafillless progress than usual :(22:03
replaceafillsince yesterday was sielibre day (mostly)22:04
replaceafillbut i've done a couple of things22:04
th1aWe made progress!22:04
replaceafilli'm finishing the Sakeji report22:04
replaceafilli have a question22:04
replaceafillabout the "standard" course worksheet report22:04
replaceafilldo you think we should include it in the gradebook?22:05
th1a"In" the gradebook?22:05
replaceafillthe first one, based purely from course report sheets22:05
replaceafilli mean, it's a different package right now22:05
th1aThe gradebook package?22:05
th1aOh, yes.22:05
th1aThat's kind of the whole point.  ;-)22:05
replaceafillwell, it started as a plugin22:05
replaceafillok, i'll move it22:06
th1abut we also would like to have that example of a report plugin.22:06
th1aLying around somewhere.22:06
th1aJust don't obliterate that.22:07
replaceafillthe new sakeji report is still an example, right?22:07
replaceafillof a report plugin22:07
replaceafillmaybe too specific?22:07
replaceafillwith all the hard-coded categories, etc?22:08
th1aIt is still an example, probably just a more-complicated one.22:08
th1aI'm just saying, park a copy of the present version *somewhere*.22:09
replaceafillah ok22:10
th1aLike... a "branch."22:11
replaceafilli'm also starting on the "sequence of importers" task22:11
replaceafilli mean, importing several things at once22:12
replaceafilland see how the server reacts22:12
replaceafilland i noticed what's the problem you described with the calendar widget22:12
replaceafillfor setting temporal relationships22:12
replaceafillwhen you look for something, the form is refreshed22:12
replaceafilland the widget JS is not attached anymore to the field22:13
replaceafillsince it's a new field22:13
replaceafilli think we need to attach it trough jQuery's on(...)22:13
replaceafillinstead of what we're doing right now22:13
replaceafilland i guess that's it22:14
replaceafilli saw your fwd about ARK22:14
replaceafillis this one of the situations when you think ST is still a good fit?22:15
th1aOh, yeah.22:15
th1aLet's go over it quickly.22:15
th1atabular report creation is pretty much something I've been waiting to describe in detail to me.22:16
th1aIt shouldn't be hard if someone knows what they want.22:16
th1a"Student attendance without a timetable" seems like homeroom attendance, but I'll have to clarify.22:17
th1aTeacher attendance would be a combination of perhaps making a "section" of teachers, teacher statuses, and a few reports and tweaks.22:18
th1aStudent leavers is essentially done.22:18
th1aFees should be easy if they know exactly what they want.22:18
th1aAlso income.22:18
th1aThey seem to have their own data warehouse for "sync," so assuming that, it shouldn't be too hard, depending on whether they literally mean "sync" or "upload."22:19
th1aThat is, if you're negotiating changes on both ends or just sending it to home base.22:19
th1aIt all seems sane, and a lot of it could end up in core.22:20
th1aIt is actually sufficiently generic that it may be a little difficult deciding exactly who will pay for what and how the whole arrangement will work.22:21
th1aAlthough it may seem less generic once we get into details.22:21
replaceafillwe've always thought that the billing module is too specific22:21
th1aIt just depends on what they want.  Also they'd pretty much be paying for that one.22:22
th1aBut I can imagine them specing something that would seem pretty useful.22:23
replaceafilldid you get any timeline for this?22:23
replaceafillthe fall too?22:23
th1aWe didn't get into that.22:23
replaceafillah ok22:24
th1aRealistically, we'll probably need to have them pay just to get it done quickly enough.22:24
th1aIt would be a big deal for us though.  I'm just not going to sink time into it without a real commitment from them.22:27
replaceafilli agree22:27
replaceafilli missed one line in my notes22:27
replaceafillcaveman replied to the force plain text advice22:28
replaceafillin the fckeditor story22:28
th1aYes, doesn't work on Chrome?22:28
replaceafillmy approach didn't work on chrome22:28
replaceafilli confirmed it22:28
replaceafillit doesn't :(22:28
replaceafillbut the funny thing is that the ckeditor website22:29
replaceafillhas a demo22:29
replaceafilland paste works perfectly there22:29
replaceafillfrom both browsers22:29
th1aProbably a more recent version.22:29
replaceafillso i assume it could be a version thing22:29
replaceafilli'll see if i can find an answer22:30
th1aSo what might close the ARK deal is if I can get the Shuttleworth Foundation (also in London) to play nice.22:31
th1ai.e., without any money changing hands, make it a bit more of an inter-foundation collaboration, which makes everyone feel good.22:31
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th1aHave Mark put in a good word about it, etc.22:32
th1aSo hopefully we can manage that.22:32
th1aJust, say, when they're explaining it to their bosses, working with us the Shuttleworth Foundation sounds more impressive than just working with SIELibre, LLC.22:33
replaceafilli hope we get it22:33
th1aI did create a new bug from a question -- a "gear" icon for the little settings things in gradebook that are currently hidden.22:35
th1aThat would be quick, right?22:35
replaceafillyeah, i think so22:35
replaceafilljust moving some options around22:36
th1aOK, so it is on the list.22:36
replaceafilli was looking for a gear in the launchpad icons :D22:36
th1aWe should be able to steal a button from Google if necessary.  ;-)22:36
th1aOK, that's it from me.22:37
th1aI'll cc: you on my reply.22:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:38
th1aAnything to add menesis?22:38
replaceafillthanks th1a22:38
menesisum, no22:38
th1aOK, good night then.22:39
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:39
menesisreplaceafill: probably there is an icon in jqueryui22:40
menesisthere are a hundred or so icons for anything22:41
replaceafillui-icon-gear :|22:41
replaceafillthanks menesis!22:42
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