IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-03-03

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:01
menesishi th1a22:01
replaceafillgood evening22:01
th1aOK menesis, let's talk about these release(s).22:02
th1aThanks for joining us.  ;-)22:02
menesisSorry, I have not replied anything22:03
th1aIf I hadn't heard from you today I would have started to worry.22:04
menesisI was not at work Friday and today22:05
menesisCurrent situation in Trusty is: it contains 2.6.1, even though I already released 2.6.2 to the PPAs22:05
menesisThe problem is upgraded celery that breaks compatibility22:05
menesisI expect that to be not too much work22:06
menesisBecause celery is a very little part of the big monster that schooltool is22:06
menesisNevertheless, I have not tried to remedy that yet.22:07
menesisThat's a must.22:07
menesisBut what release to stick with in 14.04, I don't know22:07
th1aWe would prefer 2.6.2, right?22:08
th1aOr a 2.6.3 with updated celery support?22:08
menesisYes it will certainly need a 2.6.3 for celery upgrade and bugfixes22:09
menesisIf there are any22:10
menesisDecision is between 2.6/2.722:10
menesisHow do you feel about completeness of the features that are already in 2.7?22:10
th1aI think we'd be better off just putting it in the PPA.22:10
th1aIn the PPA.22:10
menesisrelationship time/status22:10
menesislevels are tied to the new relationships?22:11
th1aEsp. since trusty is LTS and it is difficult to get fixes down the road into Universe.22:11
th1aI'm not confident enough.22:11
th1aIn 2.6 at this point.22:11
th1aIn 2.7!22:11
th1aI mean.22:11
th1aReleasing 2.7 to our PPA in six weeks where we can continue to push fixes seems fine.22:13
th1aWe'll be calling it 2.8 though, right?22:13
menesisWell yes, I intended to use even numbers for stable series and odd ones for development22:15
th1aJust checking.22:15
menesislike gnome22:15
th1aYes... asking the same questions over and over again is a side effect of working remotely.22:16
menesisBut if we no longer release together with Ubuntu22:20
menesisDon't know when we declare the release stable22:20
menesisJust in time for the new school year?22:20
th1aIn the future...22:20
th1aWell, there will probably need to be a release at the end of the year, since it will be the end of the work funded by Mark.22:21
th1aWe don't want to leave unfinished, unreleased code sitting around.22:21
th1aAnd we will probably want to do some small pre-school late july release.22:22
th1aBecause there will probably be things in the pipe people would want.22:22
th1aI don't know if that would be a full point release.22:22
th1aAfter that...22:22
th1aWe're a normal open source project that releases whenever.22:22
th1anormal *small* open source project.22:23
th1aI mean, major releases will probably shift to July.22:23
th1aBut we're not going to be keeping the same kind of schedule at all.22:23
menesisMakes sense22:25
th1aDo you think just naming PPA's after point releases makes sense, considering they're going to become fairly infrequent?22:26
menesisCurrent naming is confusing22:31
menesisI was reluctant to create version-named PPAs because they cannot be deleted22:31
th1aThe current plan didn't take account sufficiently people wanting to stay on LTS, mostly.22:32
menesisBut schooltool releases are all named 2.4, 2.6 ... in the ftp and launchpad, doing the same with PPAs would be good22:32
th1aOK, super.22:32
menesisFor example, we decided to simply push 2.6 to all LTS users, but the celery stuff in it caused pain22:33
menesisthat is not really ironed out even now22:34
th1aWould you want to just push 2.6.3 to 14.04 and just work on pushing people off 12.04 as soon as possible?22:34
th1aI guess that doesn't make sense.22:34
th1aMaybe just doing 2.8 for 14.04.22:34
th1aI don't know what would actually save you time.22:35
th1aMy point is... I'm open to saving time.22:35
menesisLeaving 14.04 LTS at 2.6 will save time22:36
menesisI have already released 2.6.2 with updated translations and bugfixes22:36
menesison February 1522:37
menesisThere were no bugfixes not related to relationships/levels/parent access since then22:37
th1aI'm hoping replaceafill will be turning to pure bugfix mode very soon now.22:38
th1aAfter some management induced distraction.22:39
replaceafilli'm already finding (and fixing) bugs along the way22:39
th1aI should note that I just got an enthusiastic email from someone at UNICEF in Nigeria, so working with David may someday payoff.22:40
th1aAnyhow, so there should be some relevant bugfixes coming down the pipe.22:42
th1aOK... so I think we're all on the same page, release-wise?22:46
replaceafillnone (yet) from me22:50
th1aOK... replaceafill, perhaps you should go ahead.22:52
replaceafilllast week i started the report for David, as you told me i stopped when i had too many questions22:53
replaceafillhe already replied22:53
replaceafillso i can continue with it22:53
replaceafillin the meantime22:53
replaceafilli found several "issues" with the gradebook22:53
replaceafillfor instance, the course report activity not having a scoresystem option22:54
replaceafillto set comments in course report sheets, like David needed22:54
th1aYeah, I presume that's pretty straightforward.22:54
replaceafilli noticed the administrators cannot see comments22:54
replaceafillsince the gradebook is readonly for them22:55
replaceafilland clicking the cell doesn't bring anything up22:55
menesisyes, only the first 5 chars of comments are displayed both in gradebook and report sheets22:56
menesisno. in export?22:56
th1aI did get a very reasonable feature request for a view for admins to review comments in bulk.22:56
replaceafillalso, the total_popup_menu has a "silence" issue with the attendance score system22:56
menesisreport sheet outline item should render ok, but not in column22:56
replaceafillit doesn't "break" the gradebook functionality22:57
replaceafilli mean, completely22:57
replaceafillAttributeError: 'PersistentAttendanceScoreSystem' object has no attribute 'title'22:57
replaceafilli remember menesis filed a similar bug22:57
replaceafillor at least mentioned it here22:58
replaceafill(i haven't looked the bug list or the irclogs yet) :D22:58
replaceafilland finally22:58
replaceafillthe export problem with section timetables22:58
replaceafillif you delete a timetable that has been used in a section schedule22:59
replaceafilland then you try to export the school info22:59
replaceafillthe timetable attribute in the schedule remains22:59
replaceafilland the exporter tries to access its __name__22:59
replaceafillwhich by that point already None22:59
menesisoh. that's what I though but couldn't reproduce it.23:00
replaceafillis already*23:00
th1aOK, he just ignored the horrible warning.23:00
replaceafillright :)23:00
replaceafilland yvl even set a comment23:00
replaceafillsuggesting we should turn that property into a intid getter23:00
replaceafillor a relationship23:00
replaceafilli checked just briefly but i think we should make sure we delete the schedule23:01
th1aWell, can we let the exporter skip the error?23:01
menesisThere is a subscriber that deletes... something when timetable is deleted23:01
replaceafillso the xls export won't find it23:01
replaceafillmenesis, yeah, i noticed23:01
replaceafillimho it's something out of sync between the subscribers and the section schedule container23:01
replaceafilli'll pdb to get a full answer23:02
replaceafillth1a, yeah'23:02
replaceafillthat's the "easy" solution23:02
th1aI certainly don't want to sink a lot of time into it.23:02
replaceafilland i started looking for other high priority bugs23:03
th1aI did label ones by release as well.23:03
replaceafilland th1a, to answer your question about the website23:03
th1aSo you should be looking for high/trusty alpha first.23:03
replaceafillcan we work on that on Wednesday?23:03
replaceafillah, ok23:04
th1aTomorrow is not good?23:04
replaceafilli usually meet with the hilt folks from...23:04
* replaceafill is doing time conversion...23:04
replaceafill20:30 - 21:00 your time23:05
th1aI was thinking of trying to get something up before my wednesday meeting with the ARK people.23:05
replaceafillwhy don't we work at 13:30?23:05
replaceafilli mean, tomorrow23:06
replaceafilli can get earlier if you want23:06
replaceafillget up*23:06
th1aThat'll work.23:06
replaceafilltomorrow 13:30?23:07
replaceafillok, cool23:07
replaceafilli guess that's it from me23:07
th1aAlso, this:
th1aMaybe we could have a switch to turn off ckeditor?23:08
replaceafillthat's usually solved using flash, right?23:08
replaceafilli mean, the clipboard security issue23:08
th1aIn ckeditor or in general?23:09
replaceafillin general23:09
replaceafillhold on, let me re-read the question23:09
replaceafillah, never mind23:10
replaceafilli thought he meant that security warning23:10
replaceafillyou get when you're trying to paste sometimes23:10
th1aThere is a weird extra step that I just assumed had to be there for some reason.23:11
th1aI assume there is a reason for it.23:11
replaceafilli wonder if there's a configuration option to disable it23:12
th1aOH YEAH!23:13
th1aIt is ckeditor.23:13
th1aSo that is necessary to paste styled text.23:14
th1aThat's why it is there?23:14
replaceafilli think so23:14
replaceafill"loosing any formatting information possibly available in the source text"23:15
th1aThe thing is SOME people want exactly that.23:15
th1aThey want to paste their styled comments from word.23:15
th1apaste from word is not affected by this configuration.23:15
th1aWell, try that.23:15
replaceafillon it23:16
th1aOK, thanks.23:17
th1aThe thing I notice about the site layout at this point is that in the narrower (no-sidebar) configuration, the text spacing looks right, but it goes all wrong in the wide sidebar version.23:18
menesisThere can be two buttons: Paste plain text and Paste with styling.23:18
th1aBut... well, don't do anything with it now.  We'll talk tomorrow.23:18
th1aDoes that get rid of the extra step if you paste plain text?23:19
menesisNot sure, I only know there are a few buttons available23:20
replaceafillwe already tried to force plain text:23:22
replaceafillFCKConfig.ForcePasteAsPlainText = true ;23:22
replaceafillthe problem is the capital F in force23:22
replaceafillit should be:23:22
replaceafillFCKConfig.forcePasteAsPlainText = true ;23:22
th1aFCK is F*CKED!23:22
replaceafilli wonder how to simulate copy from word if i don't have word... :D23:23
replaceafillfck is smarter than me ;)23:23
replaceafill(not difficult to be)23:23
replaceafillth1a, it works23:23
replaceafillwe're just out-dated23:23
replaceafillin the config name23:23
replaceafillpasting keeps the formatting23:24
replaceafilland the old intermediate window doesn't show23:24
th1aOK... so we can just get rid of it.23:25
th1aMaybe you can tell that guy what file to change if he wants to.23:25
replaceafillthat's David, right? :)23:26
replaceafillwill do23:26
replaceafillbtw, i hope you don't mind i'm creating subprojects for these customization works23:27
th1aYeah... I was trying to remember who caveman was!23:27
replaceafillniepa, sakeji23:27
replaceafillPart of:23:28
replaceafillSchoolTool Project23:28
th1aWhatever works for you.23:28
th1aOK, catch you tomorrow then.23:29
replaceafillok, thanks guys23:29
th1aThanks menesis.23:29
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.23:29
menesisThank you.23:30
th1areplaceafill: Also, send me your invoice.  I need to make sure I have enough money in all my international banking accounts.23:32
replaceafillah cool, will send tonight23:33
replaceafilli wish i had international bank accounts... :D23:33
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