IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-02-25

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r00t-EdAre you here Lumier?06:17
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replaceafilldamn changelog! >:(16:13
th1ahi replaceafill.16:27
replaceafillhey th1a16:27
th1aDid that screw up your upload?16:27
replaceafilli already uploaded *quiz* to my ppa16:27
replaceafilli'm now trying to install it16:27
replaceafillniepa should be ready in an hour or two16:28
th1aOK.  He doesn't have any power today anyhow.16:28
th1aThat's the way these things work...16:28
th1aWhy I don't get too crazy about his deadlines...16:28
th1areplaceafill:  Send David a message on Google chat when it is ready.16:56
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th1ahi r00t-Ed.17:02
replaceafillth1a, do you know what Ubuntu version is David Ally using?17:03
th1aOh... um...17:04
replaceafilli just asked him17:04
replaceafillin google17:04
replaceafillbut he seems away17:04
r00t-Edhi, i was just wondering if this would be a good place to ask a user end question17:04
th1aI'd guess 12.04.17:05
r00t-Edmy wife is a teacher and yesterday she wanted to add a new category and rename other two (had guiz, homework, added projects and exams), but after she did the change and renames she noticed that schooltool also changed her q1 and q2, so she wanted to go back.17:06
r00t-Edshe deleted the 4 categories and added the 2 originals back.17:07
r00t-Edthen she saw that all the grades for Q1, Q2, and Q3 were gone17:07
th1aWhat are Q1, Q2 and Q3?17:08
r00t-Edare all her grades totally gone? or can they be somehow recover17:08
r00t-Edquarter 1, 2 and 317:08
r00t-Edthey are on Q3 now17:08
r00t-Edthere is a Q4 later in the year17:08
th1aDid the original activities and scores go away?17:09
r00t-Edyes they are all gone17:09
r00t-Edshe has I think 5 classes, this only happened to 1 class17:09
th1aThis is just her personal gradebook?17:10
r00t-Edshe thought she was only manipulating the categories.. yes her personal gradebook17:10
th1aIf you wouldn't mind you could send us the database.17:10
th1aThe scores should still be there, but it seems like she found some sort of bug.17:11
r00t-Edah, do regular users have access to that?17:11
th1aAccess to?  The database?17:11
th1aIs this running on your server?17:12
th1adoes r00t-Ed have root?17:12
r00t-Edno not my server, the school district is forcing teachers to use it17:12
th1aWhere, if I may ask?17:13
r00t-Edthe server is run not even at her school it is at district lever17:13
th1aIs this in New York state?17:13
th1aYou probably want then.17:14
th1aDoes this look right?
th1aThis is, an entirely different project.17:14
r00t-Edi think it is like schooltool.neric.org17:15
th1a(mostly outside the US)17:15
th1aOK, that's entirely different.17:15
r00t-Edoh ok, i was wondering if this was the right place to ask17:15
th1aSo you'll need to talk to schooltool.com17:15
th1aNo problem... the name clash is a long story I'm afraid.17:15
r00t-Edyes she is dealing with the IT people, but it sounds like they are giving her the run around17:16
th1aYeah... good luck to her.17:17
* th1a has to go pick up his daughter.17:17
r00t-Edok thank you very much, have a good day :)17:17
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replaceafillmenesis, you around?17:19
menesisreplaceafill: hi17:44
replaceafillhi menesis17:44
replaceafilli was wondering how do you copy something in a ppa for a different series17:44
replaceafilli uploaded my quiz package successfully to my ppa17:45
replaceafillfor the saucy series17:45
replaceafilland i wanted to copy it for precise17:45
replaceafillbut then i got:17:45
replaceafillsomething related to naming the package if i understand correctly17:45
menesisclick on "View package details"17:46
menesisThen "Copy packages"17:46
menesisselect the package, choose ppa (can be the same), series17:46
menesisand select "Copy existing binaries"17:47
menesisyes I think the last option is what causes the issue you mentioned17:48
menesisthe package can be rebuilt in another ppa. but in the same ppa there cannot be two builds of the same package and version17:48
replaceafillis it ok to go from saucy to precise?17:49
replaceafillor do i need to upload for the older release first?17:49
menesismost likely it is ok17:50
menesisyou'll have to install and check17:50
replaceafillah ok17:50
menesismost schooltool packages are the same for all releases17:50
menesisthis is more an issue for packages that need to be compiled17:51
replaceafilllike with C extensions?17:52
menesisyes, or C source17:52
replaceafillgot it17:52
replaceafillok, i got no errors this time17:52
replaceafilland it says Pending17:52
replaceafillso i guess i'll wait17:53
replaceafillthanks menesis17:53
replaceafillone last question17:53
replaceafillhow do you test your ppa packages in every different series?17:53
replaceafilli used pbuilder-dist and got no errors17:54
replaceafillbut i don't think that install the whole schooltool suite, right?17:54
menesismost of the time I simply use pbuilder (cowbuilder --login) to check that it installs and starts17:55
menesisor a server in the office that runs an older Ubuntu17:56
replaceafillgot it17:56
replaceafillyay it's published now :)17:56
replaceafilli'll try it on dev.schooltool.org17:56
replaceafillthanks menesis!17:56
menesisbut yes, a virtual machine would be a more realistic test17:58
replaceafillit installed!! :D18:00
* replaceafill is excited ;)18:00
replaceafillok, onto niepa18:00
menesiscongratulations :)18:02
th1areplaceafill:  Had a phone conversation with someone from here today:
th1aIt is a little weird because they did development stuff in Africa, then UK school reform, now school reform in the developing world.18:35
th1aSo they need a SIS for Uganda, etc.18:35
th1aSo... it would be a very good fit potentially.18:36
th1aWe'll see... it is a little bit of a chicken and egg thing with them I think.18:36
th1aA few other projects under our belt and we'd be great.18:36
replaceafillth1a, is it ok if i make the niepa package depend on the journal and cando?18:49
replaceafillthey only need the gradebook functionality18:49
replaceafillwell, the current code only needs the gradebook functionality18:49
th1aOK with me.19:13
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th1areplaceafill:  I have a follow up meeting with the ARK people next week.22:42
replaceafillth1a, great22:50
th1aIf there is an easyish answer for James, here, I'd appreciate your helping him out:
th1aYeah, it is at least good to know that a number of people lately have been looking at the open source options and talking to us.22:51
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th1areplaceafill:  Where do we stand with schooltool.niepa.22:59
replaceafillth1a, just a sec22:59
th1aHe's going to need it tomorrow, probably.22:59
replaceafilli'm finishing my meeting with the hilt folks23:00
replaceafillgoogle is giving up on me :(23:00
replaceafill(or my network is...)23:00
replaceafillok, meeting is over23:04
replaceafilli chatted with David23:04
th1aAh, good.23:04
replaceafillhe said "THEY'RE GOING TO run the latest version"23:05
replaceafillof ubuntu23:05
replaceafillit seemed to me they haven't started yet23:07
replaceafillthe package is ready23:07
replaceafilli'm writing instructions right now23:07
th1aRight.  They were going to install today but didn't have power I guess.23:07
th1aOK, cool.23:07
replaceafillabout the ppas they need to use23:07
th1aEverything is good then.23:07
th1aWe've done our part.23:07
th1aIt is just frustrating because you never know when you're going to get the "OK, I'M ACTUALLY DOING THIS TODAY" email from him.23:08
replaceafillbut this was indeed a good task for me23:09
replaceafillhelped me a lot23:09
replaceafilli'm a little more confident about the whole thing23:09
replaceafilli was even thinking that the course worksheets report should be a package ;)23:09
th1aWell, if you've got the system down.23:10
th1aI'm a little worried that I've got you chasing these side bits now, but at least they are things we generally need to be able to do efficiently for clients in the future.23:10
th1aMight as well work out the kinks now.23:10
replaceafilli'll start creating ppas instead of demo instances :D23:11
replaceafillok, i'll finish this email23:12
replaceafilli'm testing the instructions in a VM23:12
th1aOK, catch you tomorrow.  Remember we have a meeting with the Karoshi guys.23:19
replaceafillah ok23:20
replaceafill13:30 your time, right?23:20
th1aYes... don't stay up too late.23:20
th1aIt is on IRC, so you don't have to get dressed.23:20
replaceafillsee u th1a23:21
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