IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-02-21

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* th1a is seeing what happens when you reboot in the middle of a big import...16:08
th1aWell, the funny thing is I was looking at the spinner while it was trying to connect to the wrong server.16:08
th1a(I forgot to stop the package version and start the trunk version)16:09
replaceafilljelkner and isaac spent waiting almost a day for a quiz page to "finish"16:09
th1aIt is a little puzzling because the sections bar is so slow.16:09
replaceafillthat shows a spinner too16:09
th1aYeah... this could fail better.16:10
replaceafilland the page had raised an exception like 2 seconds after they requested the page16:10
th1aI'm also working on the SIELibre text.16:10
th1aI think we need to put up a text page next week.16:10
th1aAnd THEN I will talk to Ann again.16:10
th1aSince every time I talk to her BEFORE it just throws us off another month.16:11
replaceafilli'm looking at DP's database16:11
th1aAnd we HAVE TO rollout SIELibre with the trusty release.16:11
replaceafilli thought i'd give packaging a try today16:12
replaceafillbut i should probably work on this report, right?16:12
replaceafilli finished the transcript work16:12
th1aDo the packaging first.16:12
replaceafillah ok16:13
replaceafillwe still don't have a date for the kerberos meeting, right?16:13
th1aOh, no... when did you say?16:13
replaceafillanyday after monday is fine for me16:14
th1aI was kind of waiting to run into menesis.16:14
th1aOK, I'll try Wednesday.16:14
th1aHm... it seems like we're lacking some ability to kill this hung task.16:23
replaceafillfrom the UI?16:24
th1aOr anywhere?16:24
replaceafillstopping the service doesn't kill it?16:25
th1aWell, I rebooted.16:25
th1aIt might be a little weird because I'm using the sandbox.16:25
th1aBut the system services?16:25
th1aI'm not sure how that  works.16:25
replaceafilli meant, sudo service schooltool stop16:26
replaceafillfor the packages version16:26
replaceafillusually 'make stop' works for me in sandboxes to stop everything16:27
th1aBut isn't the whole idea that the tasks should then resume?16:28
replaceafillwell, i've never tested that16:28
replaceafillthe resume part16:28
th1aOK, well, I'll hammer on it some more.16:29
* replaceafill is installing the packaging tools16:29
th1aMy guess at this point is that handling a thousand errors in the .xls is swamping the current implementation.16:30
th1aThat was not a concern in the report generation version.  ;-)16:30
replaceafilli wonder if i should upgrade my ubuntu:16:38
replaceafill"It is advisable to do packaging work using the current development version of Ubuntu."16:38
th1aWell, it is probably not necessary for this.16:38
replaceafilli hope not16:39
th1aDon't distract yourself!16:39
replaceafilli'm reading the docs!16:39
replaceafillthe docs say that16:39
replaceafillyou have to understand this is all new for me :(16:39
replaceafillalthough everything seems... straightforward16:40
replaceafillit seems like tools do most of the work for you16:40
th1aThere is a big difference between doing it for yourself and doing it for them.16:41
replaceafillwhat do you mean?16:43
th1aI mean, a bunch of stuff has to be hyper-correct to actually get in Ubuntu or Debian.16:43
replaceafillgot it16:44
th1aNone of which is necessary to the application working.16:44
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th1areplaceafill:  The second import finally completed (with errors).18:29
replaceafillhow long it took?18:29
th1aThe first one is still spinning away after i restarted the services.18:29
th1aA while.18:30
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