IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-02-10

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replaceafillth1a, you there?00:16
replaceafillwhat url is giving you that traceback?00:17
replaceafillok, let me restart the server00:17
replaceafillit ran out of swap00:18
replaceafillok, it's back00:23
th1aperhaps the new imports don't work.00:24
replaceafillsame error?00:25
th1aI'm just trying to import the person sheet from the regular sample data.00:26
replaceafilli haven't tried them since they were merged tbh00:26
replaceafilli think i know what happens00:27
replaceafillhold on00:27
replaceafillit looks like the instance is looking for the redis server in the wrong port00:30
replaceafilltry again00:33
th1aOK works.  Why was that wrong?00:39
th1aInstance mis-configured?00:39
replaceafilli think the port i used for redis conflicts with something00:39
replaceafilli'll go take a shower, ping me if you need something00:40
th1aI isn't pressing, but I don't think the spinner is updating right after you import.00:50
th1aAlso, we need the calendar widget for setting the effective dates (for adding people to groups)00:50
th1aAnd importing group memberships doesn't seem to work.00:50
th1aIt might be good for me to have a trunk with the standard sample data to fall back to if necessary.01:03
th1aTuesday is the big principal demo day, btw.01:04
replaceafillyou mean 2.6 instance?01:06
replaceafillyou're using trunk now01:06
th1aOh, yes, not trunk!01:06
replaceafillok, i'll set it up01:06
th1aI mean, I have my laptop too, but my fan is kind noisy now...01:06
th1aIn my first ebay attempt they sent me the wrong replacement fan/heatsink.01:07
th1aI did get my money back.01:07
replaceafillhow old is your laptop?01:07
replaceafillthe 2.6.1 instance01:19
th1aSeven years01:28
th1alenovo x60s01:29
th1aStill fast enough with an SSD and 3 gigs.01:29
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nedosahi, I have a question about generating debian packages for schooltool, it seems that daily builds are generated using the bzr builder plugin13:49
nedosais there any support for generating .deb packages from the dev environment ? I'm quite curious why the debian directory seem to exist in the separate package altogether, rather than in the main schooltool repo13:50
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symbianfloHi folks20:01
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