IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-02-05

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:02
replaceafillhey th1a22:02
th1aHow are you feeling.22:03
replaceafilli slept a little yesterday22:03
replaceafillto recover22:03
replaceafillworking kind of normally today22:03
replaceafilli've been dealing with a couple of issues22:04
replaceafillwhich have surfaced while working on the report22:04
replaceafillsome missing zcml security attributes for temporal relationships22:05
replaceafillan inconsistency between .today methods22:05
replaceafillin temporal relationships and request helpers22:05
replaceafillthat produced some weirdness in the gradebook tests22:06
replaceafilli decided to clean those up first22:06
replaceafillalso, i just discovered that the old feature that affects consecutive linked sections for setting instructors/students doesn't work anymore22:07
replaceafillif you have four quarters22:07
replaceafillyou set the teacher in the first quater section, he gets propagated22:07
replaceafilli think i asked you about this a while back22:08
replaceafillif you remove him from the Q3 section22:08
replaceafillshould he be removed from the Q4?22:08
th1aSeems like a toss-up to me.22:09
replaceafillthe thing is a gradebook test fails because of it22:09
replaceafillit expects the teacher to be gone from Q3 and Q422:09
replaceafillif that test ran correctly sometime, and i think it did22:09
replaceafillsomething has changed22:10
th1aWell... I could go either way.22:10
th1aI think it is clear for a student -- they should be gone from later sections.22:11
th1aProbably we should just be consistent with that.22:11
th1aIs this also a problem for students?22:11
replaceafillyou remove the student from Q3 and he remains in Q422:12
th1aOK, that's more obviously a problem, and we might as well be consistent.22:12
replaceafilli'll fix it22:12
replaceafilli think that's it from me22:13
replaceafilli hope to have something to show you tomorrow/friday22:13
th1aSo I'm flying down (to London) to visit this place Mon/Tue.22:13
replaceafilltell me about it :)22:13
replaceafillwho's the potential customer?22:13
th1aThey're essentially a new charter school that wants to use open source, including SchoolTool.22:13
th1aThey'll definitely be paying us if they go with SchoolTool.22:14
replaceafilldo you need me to do anything?22:15
replaceafillinstance or something?22:15
th1aI'll let you know.  I doubt it.22:15
th1aotoh, I suppose that's probably more reliable than my laptop...22:15
th1aOK, let's say yes.22:15
th1aThey'll have internet.22:16
replaceafillor 2.6?22:16
th1aUh... no, just 2.6.22:16
th1aWe'd rather be reliable!22:16
replaceafillok, i'll set it up22:16
replaceafillare we meeting on mon/tue?22:16
replaceafilli assume the time difference is not big?22:17
th1aOh yes... uh, let's meet Fri.22:17
th1aIt is the same timezone, but I don't know where I'll be.22:17
replaceafillfri 13:30 or 8 pm?22:18
th1a8:00 PM should be fine.22:18
replaceafillbecause i have a doctors appoinment at 10 am :)22:18
replaceafilljelkner asked me about the invoice again22:19
th1aWhat's the amount again?22:19
replaceafill16 hours22:20
th1aI spent a while getting my Windows running... every time I start it up it seems to take an hour plus to run updates, and then Quickbooks wanted some verification code and... I'll have to try to get it sorted.22:20
th1aI can't believe people can stand to use proprietary software.22:20
th1aIt is just awful.22:21
th1aOK, talk to you Friday.  I guess I have to get ready for more of a demo than I've given in a while.22:22
replaceafillpractice  time ;)22:22
replaceafillsee you friday22:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:23
replaceafillth1a, i just checked 2.6 and the behavior has changed22:38
th1aSince? 2.6?22:44
th1aIt is just a regression.22:47
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th1areplaceafill:  I'm looking at the UK school census spec now...23:58

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