IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-01-06

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th1aHi yvl!15:21
yvlhey :)15:22
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis__, yvl.15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:31
yvlhappy New Year everybody :)15:31
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th1aI have to admit, the holiday season in Scotland was long and... distracting.15:32
th1aBut the girls are back in school now, so back to work.15:33
th1amenesis:  thanks for fielding some bug reports.15:33
th1aI'm a little unsure of how to handle this going forward.15:34
th1aBut basically, if you want to keep spending a few hours a week helping with those, I think we'll be able to afford it.15:34
th1aIt is kind of up to you.15:34
menesisbug reports? I haven't reported any15:35
th1a"fielding" as in "responding to"15:36
th1aLike catching a ball in the field, if you were, say, playing baseball.15:36
th1aAs Lithuanians love to do.15:36
menesisoh. Yes one was addressed to me so I answered15:37
menesisWithout looking at the code15:37
th1aYes.  We'll see how this plays out.15:38
menesisBut thanks, my plan is do what I can when I have time, on evenings.15:38
th1aSending an email to Laurynas is high on my to-do list.15:38
th1amenesis:  OK, that should work.15:40
th1aLet's see... other 2014 issues...15:41
th1aI'm not planning on having an in-person meeting, in case you didn't infer that already.15:41
th1areplaceafill should send me a tentative invoice for december (and PoV) and I'll figure out the bonus to be added.15:43
replaceafillah ok15:43
th1aShould we move the meeting time back?15:44
th1aWe could do it in the evening my time?15:44
replaceafillaround 9 pm your time?15:45
th1aI've been assuming we don't need menesis regularly.15:45
th1amenesis works in the evening anyhow, so it might be better when we need him...15:45
menesisI can change the time, later would be better15:46
th1aOK.  What time is that for you replaceafill?15:46
replaceafilliirc 9 pm your time is 2 pm mine15:47
th1aOK.  that's fine for me.15:47
th1aGood thing our IRC channel admin is here.15:47
menesis9 pm UTC is 11 pm here...15:49
th1aAh... is that too late?15:49
th1aIs 8 pm UTC better?15:49
th1aI can do that.15:49
replaceafillme 215:49
th1a7 pm I can't.15:50
menesislook what's better for you, I don't have much family duties15:50
menesisin the evening I'll  be at home anyway15:50
th1aLets try to do 8:00.15:51
th1aI may need to shift it back sometimes, we'll see.15:51
menesisthat's acceptable15:52
replaceafillstarting next wed, right?15:52
th1aThe 8th?15:52
th1aOK.  yvl, are you here on business or pleasure?  ;-)15:53
yvlalways a tough question to answer15:53
yvlI thought I'd drop in15:54
yvlsince I made last commits yesterday ;)15:54
yvljust to update you to what's been done15:55
th1aWe appreciate it.15:55
* replaceafill is already setting up a new trunk instance :)15:55
yvlok, so...15:55
yvlI only did very rudamentary parent access15:55
yvlthere is no parent group15:56
yvlyou can go to a contact, click enable parent access, choose username/password15:56
yvland he is converted to a full ST user15:56
yvlyou might consider marking these converts and filtering out in some lists15:57
yvllike School -> People15:57
yvla parent gets a Parent tab15:57
yvlnow it is just an example15:57
yvlwith a list of links to his children15:57
yvland list of links to their gradebooks15:57
th1aThe hardest part about this was just settling on an approach, so this should help a lot.15:58
yvlgood :)15:59
yvlwhat else15:59
yvlwell, remote imports are in15:59
yvlreplaceafill, you'll have to write some evolution I missed15:59
replaceafillah ok, for?16:00
yvlsee schooltool/generations/linkcatalogs.py16:00
yvlthere is requireURICache16:00
yvlso other ST modules that have URIs will need such evolution16:00
yvljust cache = app['schooltool.relationship.uri'] = URICache()16:00
yvland cache.cache(uri)16:00
replaceafillgot it16:01
yvloh, I also updated sample data xls16:01
yvlbut it would be nice to change dates to 2014 at some point :)16:02
yvlI think that's it16:02
yvlthere were a few small bugs I fixed along the way16:03
th1aThose dates are a pain.16:03
yvloh, I also added links to tracebacks if reports fail16:04
th1aI was going to encourage replaceafill to not hesitate to bug yvl in coming months.16:04
replaceafillyvl, as far as i can see only cando has URI objects defined16:04
th1aAh, yes thanks for that link!16:04
yvlreplaceafill, there may be some custom dev out there... Philipines?16:05
replaceafilloh, intervention too16:05
replaceafilland quiz! ;)16:06
yvlthere are also "More..." links to expand short messages in person home16:06
yvlwell, some of them16:06
yvlmainly tracebacks16:06
yvlI think you can also look get import progress from there16:07
yvlreplaceafill, if you run into rough edges, email me :)16:08
yvlcan't promise immediate answer though :)16:08
replaceafillyvl, will do16:09
replaceafilli understand :)16:09
yvlallright then16:10
yvlbest of luck to you all!16:10
yvlhave a great year and a great bunch of features :)16:10
th1aThanks yvl!16:11
replaceafillthank you very much yvl16:11
th1aWhat we need now is a great bunch of customers.  ;-)16:11
th1aThen we may have to contract with yvl for more features.16:11
th1aIn the past day I got emails from local companies in Tanzania and India wanting to do SchoolTool hosting.16:13
th1aOK, menesis?16:14
th1aAnything to add?16:14
menesisI had to help finish another project whose deadline was yesterday..16:15
menesistoday I looked at the merge yvl's branch16:15
menesisbuildbot is full of test failures16:16
menesisand it doesn't work for me16:16
menesisAFAICS there are two major causes – catalogs not found, and schooltool.tasks entry point initialization failure16:16
menesisevolution failed for me16:17
menesiswill investigate myself why16:17
menesisother than that I tweaked the ckeditor move, there are two branches (core and gradebook)16:18
th1ayvl:  Do you know how to change the channel message for the meeting time?16:18
menesisI see two problems: bottom toolbar is empty, but visible.16:19
yvlyes: /msg chanserv op #schooltool th1a16:19
yvland: /msg chanserv #schooltool and enter the new topic here16:20
menesisand in the gradebook, when I click on comment cell and the dialog appears, the editor empty one the first click16:20
menesisbut there is data in the cell16:20
menesisnot always.16:20
th1aIs this stuff replaceafill should try to sort out?16:21
menesisyes I would like16:22
menesishe had a look16:22
replaceafillmenesis, both of your /ckeditor branches, correct?16:23
replaceafilli see one for core and one for the gradebook16:24
menesisother than that, I created 2.6 series and branches that do not include temporal relationships16:25
menesisand that's all16:25
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.16:26
th1aCan you have a business meeting tonight?16:26
th1aAt our new meeting time?16:26
replaceafillso, i worked on a few different things16:27
replaceafilli did some quiz fixes the arlington folks had requested for some time16:27
replaceafillfiltered some quizzes from the student views16:27
replaceafillso students who get late into the year don't get confused by a lot of old data16:28
replaceafilli also experimented a little with translating the book16:28
replaceafillusing sphinx features16:28
replaceafilli wanted to update my spanish translation16:28
replaceafillbut the way it's done right now makes hard to see what's new in the english version16:29
replaceafilland differentiate16:29
th1aYeah, I don't know what to do about that.16:29
replaceafill(if that's a valid word :D)16:29
replaceafillwell, the gettext extraction could work16:30
replaceafillbut it's not like our extraction procedure in ST which produces a single file16:30
th1aOK, yes that's worth some effort.16:30
replaceafillbut it's definitely worth16:30
th1aI just forwarded an email to you about an Argentine Spanish translation.16:31
replaceafilli think that with some tweaking to the Makefile in the book we could do it16:31
replaceafillah yes16:31
replaceafilli just saw it16:31
replaceafilli'll answer after the meeting16:31
replaceafillhe wants to do something like i did for es_SV16:31
replaceafillbut for argentina es_AR16:32
replaceafilli also checked menesis jquery branch16:32
replaceafilland installed 13.10 to see the actual error with the dialog16:33
replaceafilldoing that i got caught with the position feature of jquery ui :D16:33
replaceafilli wish i'd use that for positioning the popup menus :P16:33
replaceafillsomeday i hope we have time for doing some good cleaning16:34
th1aMight have saved us some time?16:34
menesisyou don't need 13.10. the jquery-1.10 is included in the branch16:34
replaceafillth1a, not sure, but it's way easier than all that custom logic i put in place :(16:35
menesisand there is no error. just some weird spacing in the accordion16:35
replaceafillmenesis, right16:35
replaceafilli just wanted to see it from the packages first :D16:35
replaceafilli remember th1a reporting it a while back and i didn't have a chance to look at it16:36
replaceafilland finally16:36
replaceafillth1a, i worked on the report card by levels report16:37
replaceafilland i have a question16:37
replaceafillok, so far we have relationships for course <-> level16:37
replaceafilland person <-> level16:37
replaceafilli don't see how to use the person <-> level relationship in the report16:38
replaceafillfor me, course <-> level is enough16:38
th1aFor the report card, not the transcript.16:38
replaceafillsince you can get from section <-> course <-> level16:38
replaceafilloh sorry16:38
replaceafillthe transcript16:38
menesisin 13.10 included jquery-ui is used. and the problem is missing ".ui-front: z-index: 100" style16:38
replaceafilli keep calling it report card by year :D16:38
th1aWell, definitely for a report card, the level would just be part of the header info.16:39
th1aFor the transcript, the grade level for the year might be there, might not.16:39
th1aIt is a little messy because you'd want to deal with switches during the year, etc., so maybe leave it out of there.16:40
th1aStudent level doesn't DO much, which is how we've gotten along without this seemingly essential bit of info.16:40
th1aSo no, you don't NEED it for either.16:41
replaceafillah ok16:41
replaceafilli'm now copying the current ACC db16:41
th1aFor starters, just leave it out of the transcript.16:41
replaceafilli'm going to try the new trunk branch with it16:41
th1aWe should add it to the report cards in the header.16:42
replaceafillah ok16:42
replaceafilloh th1a16:42
replaceafilldid you get any email from steven celmer?16:42
replaceafillabout the social skills stuff?16:42
th1aNo, but I'll just dig up the old one and we'll start on that tomorrow.  We'll discuss it tonight.16:43
th1aBut that's first order of business.16:43
replaceafillah cool, because i found an old one from may 10 201316:43
replaceafillwith some attachments16:43
replaceafilland requests16:43
th1aYeah, I have it.16:43
* replaceafill done then16:44
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.16:44
th1aSee you later today replaceafill.16:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:44
replaceafillthanks everybody, see you later th1a16:45
replaceafillmenesis, quick question16:45
replaceafillwhat series should i recommend this user to translate?16:46
replaceafillflourish or trunk?16:46
replaceafilloh, there's also a 2.6 series?16:46
menesistranslate what? the interface?16:46
replaceafillyes, he wants a custom es_AR translation16:46
menesisjust translate the default, trunk16:46
replaceafillah ok16:46
menesisflourish == 2.416:47
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replaceafillmenesis, do you know why languages such as es_SV or es_AR are not showed in
replaceafilli've always edited the URL myself17:05
replaceafillchanging es to es_SV17:05
replaceafilli wonder if it's because that "Active in Launchpad: False" setting in
menesisreplaceafill: they do not show up there until there are some translations17:09
replaceafillmenesis, but es_SV has some translations17:09
replaceafilland it doesn't show17:10
menesisbut if you edit the url you can translate to a new language17:10
menesisno, I do not remember17:10
replaceafillunfortunately i'll have to suggest that17:10
menesisthere was another language, es_CL, that was not exported or imported17:11
menesisthere is an info box at the top suggesting to „add it to your preferred languages“17:13
menesisthere is also a page "import queue"17:14
menesiswhere such languages get stuck with "No import target selected yet."17:15
replaceafilli need to import the spanish translations for the es_AR user?17:16
menesisdon't know17:17
menesisbut you can modify and rename the es.po file and upload it17:17
menesisto start with existing Spanish translation17:17
replaceafilldownloading the po file right now :)17:17
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replaceafilloops, closed the wrong tab ;)17:18
menesisimport queue I think only takes from the branch17:18
menesisand previously some languages were created by adding a country specific file to the branch17:19
menesisbut that's all just hints, I'm not really sure what works or not17:20
replaceafillok, i'll download the PO from LP17:20
replaceafilli mean the spanish PO17:20
replaceafilland i'll upload it as es_AR17:20
menesismaybe start with es_SV? I don't know which one is closer17:25
menesiscan't even add es_SV to Chrome preferences17:25
replaceafilli used plain "es"17:27
replaceafillit's more complete17:27
replaceafilldoesn't show es_SV17:33
replaceafilland there's agentina already!17:33
replaceafillLP is hard ;)17:34
replaceafillok, finished setting up the es_AR translations17:57
replaceafillthanks menesis :)17:57
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