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th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill.15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:30
yvlgood morning / afternoon15:32
th1ahi yvl.15:33
th1aHow was your week?15:33
yvlgreat holiday-wise15:33
yvltoo short coding-wise :)15:33
th1aI expected as much.15:34
th1aNo worries.15:34
yvlI started working on parent access, to see if there are roadblocks15:34
yvlbasics can be done this year15:35
yvlso I'll push those late Sunday or Monday15:35
yvlI was expecting to push remote importer today15:35
yvlturns out I forgot that we don't have file upload from modal dialogs implemented15:36
yvland there's also the what's this section that looks a bit odd in a dialog15:36
yvlso there's some work left15:37
yvlI'll see if I can whip up hybrid page quickly instead of a dialog15:37
th1aOh, yeah, you wouldn't want that in a dialog.15:37
yvlI guess today is the day15:38
* yvl hands lead developer batton to replaceafill 15:39
* replaceafill goes hide in a corner!15:39
yvlso... where would you want the changes pushed?15:39
yvlkeep them in branches?15:39
yvlmerge to trunk? :)15:40
replaceafilli'd say trunk if possible15:40
yvlI'm afraid there will be broken tests in some places :/15:40
yvlI'll push to trunk15:40
replaceafilli can take care of those if you want15:41
replaceafill(the tests)15:41
th1aYou can roll a few days into 2014 if necessary yvl.  ;-)15:44
yvlok :D15:44
yvlbut I think that won't be necessary15:44
th1aYou'd be taking orders from replaceafill after 31 January, though.15:46
yvlyes sir15:46
replaceafillyeah right115:46
th1aI haven't figured out bonuses yet but it should be comparable to last year.15:46
th1aWe're under budget again, since the euro didn't tank and it isn't easy to bring anyone on short term.15:47
th1aDoes anyone have any other business.  I haven't thought about SchoolTool at all since Monday...15:48
replaceafilli worked less than i expected tbh15:48
replaceafillmanaged to get the flu... again!15:49
yvlouch :|15:49
replaceafillwell, the whole family did...15:49
yvlget better soon, replaceafill15:49
replaceafillthanks man15:49
th1aGet well,15:49
replaceafillth1a, the litte i worked was on the promote view15:50
th1aI almost dislocated my shoulder last night "stretching."15:50
replaceafillyou ok?15:50
th1aIt is a most disquieting sensation.15:50
th1aI'm fine.15:50
th1aDid you have a good holiday menesis?15:51
menesisYes, it was good enough15:52
menesismuch homework first day and two very lazy days :)15:52
th1aI felt like I'd just finished final exams when we cleared the table after Christmas dinner.15:53
th1aWell... I guess that's it.15:55
th1ayvl, thanks for all your good work and leadership.15:55
yvlthanks for great five years!15:55
replaceafillyvl, i want to thank you for all you have done for me in these past years, and for the project ofc15:55
th1aI think you improved a lot this year in staying out of the weeds on the big solo projects.15:55
yvltrue :)15:56
yvlif only I15:56
yvlI've done that earlier...15:56
th1aHas it been FIVE YEARS?15:56
th1aGood lord.15:56
yvla year of CanDo15:57
th1aI don't like to think about the fact that I've been working on this for 10 years.15:57
yvland four years of ST :)15:57
th1aI wish we'd gotten as much done in the first five years as we have in the second.15:57
yvlScholTool has picked speed over the years15:58
yvlthanks again - it was great working with you all15:59
th1aI wish the very first thing Mark had done was send me to meet with PoV for about two weeks.15:59
th1aWould have saved a few years of confusion!16:00
th1aOh, I do need to send a copy of my report to mark to you guys, but here's one relevant excerpt.16:00
th1a"Our current team has been working together smoothly for several years andunderstands each person's strengths and roles very well. There is essentially zero16:01
th1afriction or ego with this group."16:01
th1aHope it has been as pleasant for you.16:02
yvlwell put, th1a16:02
th1aOK, thanks for a great year guys, and a great 5 yvl.16:03
th1aTake care in 2014, and stay in touch.16:03
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:03
replaceafilltake care yvl16:03
replaceafillwill miss :'(16:03
yvlreplaceafill and th1a, don't hesitate to email me if you find some weird places in the code16:03
* yvl too16:03
yvlbest of luck guys!16:04
replaceafillyvl, will do16:04
yvland best of luck with SieLibre ;)16:04
th1aWe need luck with VA CTE.16:05
th1aHopefully dwelsh's video will sell us.16:05
yvlhe's great at selling, so...16:06
yvlthe odds are stacked in your favor :)16:06
th1aWe've got a product and a customer base, so if we can't make it a business then... we're not cut out to run a business.16:07
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