IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-12-23

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th1ahi menesis...15:31
menesishello th1a15:38
th1ahi menesis.15:39
th1aHave you happened to have spoken to yvl lately?15:40
menesisno, yvl was not at the office15:40
menesishe reported being sick last Tuesday15:40
menesisand not sure what his plans were for this week15:41
th1aOK.  Well, he HOPED to get something done.15:42
menesiswe have three days Christmas holidays (24-26), so only Mon and Fri are work days15:42
th1aBut I know how these things go.15:42
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replaceafillgood afternoon15:42
replaceafillsorry i'm late15:42
th1ahi replaceafill.15:43
replaceafillhey th1a15:43
menesishe pushed "Temporal relationship export / import" to his branch yesterday15:43
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th1aOK, we're all here now.15:44
th1ahi yvl.15:44
th1aWhy don't you start.15:44
menesisgood :)15:44
yvlso, I finishd updating exporter and importer to new relationships15:45
yvland mostly done on remote imports15:45
yvlremote tasks moved along a bit since remote importer was originally written15:46
yvlI also got better (was at the clinic, hence the delay)15:47
yvlso I expect to put 3-3.5 more dev days this year15:47
th1aAh, good.15:47
th1aGlad you're feeling better.15:47
yvlshould be enough to get basics of parent access in15:48
yvlthat's about it I think15:48
th1aThat would be great.15:49
th1aAnything else yvl?15:50
yvlumm, no.15:51
th1aOK.  Goodbye party on Friday then.15:52
yvlyes :)15:52
th1aUnfortunately, IRC parties suck.15:52
th1aThanks yvl.15:53
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replaceafilli worked on the promote view15:53
replaceafillto modify the level of the person15:53
replaceafilli'm almost done with it15:53
replaceafilli just wanted to ask15:53
replaceafillth1a, is this view just for "changing the level"?15:54
replaceafilli mean15:54
replaceafillonce you change the relationship you can set for example that the student graduated from that level15:54
replaceafillright now i'm just setting the current level (if any) to "Inactive"15:55
replaceafilland set the new one to "Enrolled"15:55
replaceafillbut promote sounds like "advance"15:55
replaceafillmaybe it's just me? :)15:55
replaceafillor "move"15:55
replaceafillor "progress"15:55
th1aI'm not sure what you're asking.  It would be good if the relationship to the previous level went to something like "Completed."15:56
replaceafillah ok15:57
replaceafillwe have "Graduated"15:57
replaceafillhold on15:57
replaceafill(last class)15:58
replaceafillthose are the states i currently have15:58
replaceafillso in your opinion promote actually represents someone finishing the courses in the level15:59
replaceafilland advancing to the next one?15:59
replaceafillfor me at this point it was only a form to modify the level15:59
th1aThe two aren't necessarily as logically tied as you might think.15:59
th1aDo these student membership states refer only to sections or also the whole school at this point?16:00
replaceafillstudent levels are relationships between persons and levels16:00
th1aI guess this is a little slippery for me conceptually right now because it is hard to think of the relationship being with the level, not the school.16:01
th1aI mean, I understand why it is that way internally,16:01
th1abut that will never directly make sense to anyone.16:01
th1aOK, also "graduated" here is probably confusing.16:02
th1aBecause you don't "graduate" from a section.16:02
replaceafillCompleted instead of Graduated?16:02
th1aIt is probably worth the bother to change that internally.16:02
th1aBecause it very much throws me off.16:02
th1aSo actually... what we really need is a "graduated" level as well, I'm afraid.16:03
th1aTo indicate you've graduated from the institution.16:03
th1aThe school as a whole.16:03
replaceafillwell, levels are in an ordered container16:04
th1aI guess we could infer that.16:04
replaceafilli thought we could use that16:04
th1aIf you've completed the last level you've graduated.16:04
th1aThat's fine.16:04
replaceafillok, i'll change Graduated then16:04
replaceafillalso started with the report card for years report16:05
replaceafillwell actually16:05
replaceafilli set up the gradebook16:05
replaceafillran the tests16:05
replaceafillnoticed that the navigation.txt one was broken16:05
replaceafilland fixed it16:05
replaceafilli also added the level information to the course exporter16:06
replaceafilland i guess that's it16:07
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.  Will you be here Friday to wish yvl well?16:07
replaceafillof course!16:07
replaceafilli'll be here all week16:07
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:08
menesisI have worked on ckeditor migration16:09
menesisit now works in all places16:09
menesisbut looks not completely right (or same)16:10
menesis(dialog colors)16:11
menesisalso there is elementspath at the bottom, removing the plugin did not hide it16:11
menesisa toolbar displaying "body > p > strong"16:12
menesishtml structure16:13
menesisso a couple small issues, otherwise it's done16:14
th1aWell, that's a relief.16:15
th1aI'm sure you had a lot of fun with that project.16:15
replaceafill(brb phone)16:15
menesiswell, I need to make a zope.html 3.0 release without fckeditor dependency16:15
menesisbut since we don't directly use the widgets from there, I did not have to change anything in that project16:16
menesisnot really fun :p16:16
menesisthe css completely different16:17
menesisother than that...16:17
menesisjust noticed that my 'ftest fix' broke gradebook export16:18
th1aI'd say the main thing is making sure replaceafill and I are actually looking at it soon, that is, getting it into truck or whatever.16:18
menesisI'll push to a branch for replaceafill to see16:19
menesisso far trunks only contain bugfixes16:20
menesisso I'm a bit hesitant to push there16:20
th1atrunk, not truck.16:20
th1aOK, that's fine.16:20
menesisbut I guess it's time16:20
menesisif yvl's big features are ready16:21
th1aWell, they will at least sort of be ready by Friday.16:21
th1ayvl: btw, make notes of loose ends you're leaving.16:21
yvlgood point16:22
* replaceafill back16:23
th1aOK, anything else?16:24
* th1a has to catch a bus into town for some final Christmas preparations...16:24
menesisno, sorry16:25
th1aIt is fine menesis!16:25
th1aI have to prompt you so I know when we're done, not because I'm disappointed in your productivity.  ;-)16:26
th1aMerry Christmas.16:26
th1aHappy Solstice.16:26
yvlMerry Christmas to all :)16:27
replaceafillmerry christmas guys16:27
th1aToo bad replaceafill doesn't get to experience the Christmas darkness.16:27
replaceafilli just learned about the solstice :)16:28
yvland solstice was yesterday, so it will be brighter and brighter from now on :)16:28
th1aIt is dark!16:28
yvlit should be!16:28
th1aThanks guys.16:28
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:28
yvlphysics would be broken if it was not dark :)16:28
replaceafillthanks everybody16:28
yvland see you Fri :)16:28
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