IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-12-18

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th1ahi yvl, menesis.15:30
yvlgood morning15:30
th1aHow did my table look, yvl?15:32
yvlpretty good15:32
th1aMake sense, seem right?15:32
yvllooks right15:32
yvland the overall progress looks ok15:32
th1ahi menesis.15:34
yvlalso, there's a bunch of solid features that replaced some in the original plan15:34
yvlso it does look good :)15:35
th1aI mean, we're clearly not flailing around in the dark.15:35
th1a(which hasn't always been true for SchoolTool...)15:35
yvlmany of the features implemented are quite heavyweight15:36
th1aYeah.  I emphasized that in the text.15:37
th1aI'm trying to finish today.15:37
yvlI'm kind of hoping I could squeeze in trivial parent access this year15:38
th1aWell, how do you think we should approach it.15:39
th1aWe're in a little bit of a box with parents being contacts.15:39
yvlI thought about that15:39
yvlI'd probably go on with making parents actual users15:40
yvlthen adding a system-level group15:40
yvllike Students15:40
yvlthen add a button "Enable Parent Access" for parent contacts15:40
yvlthat would convert contacs to users15:40
yvland add a top level tab "Parent"15:41
yvlif user is in respective group15:41
th1aHow hard would it be to NOT make them actual users but still have some kind of login?15:42
th1aNot make them persons15:42
th1aIt just seems to me that it might be cleaner that way.15:43
yvlobvious drawback is that parents will take up real usernames15:44
yvland will show up in perople searches15:44
yvlbut it would make implementation easier overall15:44
yvland you can always filter by group15:44
th1aWell, that and you can't just make a set of views exclusive to parents and leave it at that.15:44
th1aBecause you can always be a parent and something else otherwise.15:44
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replaceafillgood afternoon, sorry i'm late15:45
th1ahi replaceafill.15:45
yvlif login would be different, you could only be not a parent in the system15:45
yvlwell, you could be a parent, but you'd have a different login to "parent access"15:45
th1aI mean, that's fine.15:45
yvlit can be done15:46
th1aI've come to the conclusion that having student/teacher/admin just based on groups was a basic mistake.15:46
yvlbut it's more tricky15:46
th1aTo be clear, it isn't worth a LOT of effort.15:47
yvlit will be considerably more effort15:47
th1aWe might not practically be able to auto-convert parents to users because you'd still need to generate a login and password and get those to the parents.15:48
th1aI'd say we should probably not guess how schools would actually want to do that part.15:49
th1aSo maybe really for starters we just need, say, a button on a contact to convert to a parent user which asks for a username and passwd in a dialog.15:49
th1aThe first pass can be manual, in other words.15:50
th1aI guess your Parent tab idea works too.15:50
th1aIf you're ONLY a parent, that could be the default.15:50
th1aIf you are a parent and teacher, then you have the regular teacher view and a parent tab.15:51
yvlI just went with a simplest to implement there15:52
yvlyou can now query if user is in any relationship with another user that is considered active parent15:52
th1aYeah, I think you are right, essentially, but it is even simpler if you skip the big auto-migration step.15:52
yvlas opposed to sibling15:53
yvl(so we can check if user is a parent of any of the students, instead of checking "parents" group)15:54
yvl(but "parents" group would be good for general consistency in ST)15:54
th1aSo then every parent contact becomes a self-contact of itself?15:55
th1aThat's a little ugly.  ;-)15:55
yvlthere is no such thing as self contact :P15:56
yvluser can have contact information15:56
yvland there can be "free floating" contact information15:56
th1aYou haven't been able to dislodge that from my brain.15:56
yvltrue :D15:56
th1aNow I feel like Alan.15:56
th1aOK, fine.15:56
yvlI probably confused you too much in the beginning15:56
th1aNo, I think it was the way I initially described it.15:57
yvluhm, so: parent contacts would become users with contact information15:58
yvllike a clerk who is a parent of some student15:58
yvlyou could even put them into some groups with calendars and such15:58
th1aYeah, that is reasonable.15:58
th1aAccess to actual information about specific students is of course tied to the relationship.15:59
yvl(good evening replaceafill btw :)15:59
th1aOK, I think we're on the same page.15:59
yvlyes :)16:00
th1aThis just doesn't have to have a big magic transformation at the beginning.16:00
th1aSo if you wanted to do some of it and replaceafill can work on the actual view -- and it may just be one page for starters -- that might go pretty quick.16:01
yvlthat's what I was thinking16:01
th1aOK.  Makes sense.16:02
th1aUpdate otherwise yvl?16:04
yvlI'm a bit sick16:04
yvlso very little progress these two days16:04
yvlI'm on antibiotics now, should get back on my feet soon16:07
yvlplan to work weekends to regain lost time16:07
* yvl done16:07
th1aOK.  Get better.16:07
th1aThat's an order.16:07
yvlyes sir!16:08
replaceafillcan you please add a person here:16:08
replaceafillnote the Level fieldset16:08
replaceafilli've added only 3 levels16:08
replaceafillthis is how the person index view looks like:16:09
replaceafillthe subtitle of the page being the level information16:09
replaceafillyvl, here's what i've done so far:16:09
th1aCan I edit the level yet?16:10
replaceafillplease let me know if i'm messing this up16:10
replaceafillth1a, i was going to add the fieldset to the edit form, but i read the logs :)16:10
replaceafilland noticed you wanted a different view to do that?16:10
th1aYeah, that's probably better.16:11
replaceafill"Promote" link?16:12
yvlcode looks right, replaceafill :)16:13
replaceafillyvl, great, thanks :)16:13
th1aHm... yes, I think that makes sense as an action link in the side.16:13
replaceafillth1a, and it'll take you to an edit form just with the level fieldset, correct?16:13
replaceafilli'll do that16:14
replaceafillyou ok with the subtitle being "Grade Level: <title of the level>"16:14
th1aI'm a little unenthusiastic about it because Grade Level seems kind of verbose and that nomenclature isn't universal.16:16
th1ae.g., here, the "level" represents several "grade levels" which are actually called "courses."16:17
th1aAt least at the elementary level.16:17
th1aMaybe we can *just* put the level title there.16:18
th1aOr... in parentheses?16:18
replaceafillah ok16:18
th1aParentheses might be best.16:19
th1aWe could try that.16:21
replaceafillare we going to start with the transcript?16:21
replaceafilli think we have everything we need, right?16:22
th1aI think so.16:22
replaceafillperson <-> level and course <-> level16:22
th1aBasically, for the person, you iterate through the years.16:22
th1aIn each year, you say what level or levels they were in (if any!).16:22
th1aAnd then iterate through the courses.16:23
th1aThere needs to be a layout step.16:23
th1aI don't know if initially we can just do it based on report card layout...16:24
replaceafillso it'll be based on regular report sheet templates?16:24
th1aYeah, it has to be.16:24
replaceafilli thought we were going to use course report sheets for it16:24
replaceafillah ok16:24
th1aWell, that'd be a different transcript, essentially.16:25
replaceafillgot it16:25
th1aOK, so currently there is only one report card layout anyhow.16:25
th1aSo let's just do it based on that.16:25
replaceafillbut layouts are stored by year, right?16:26
th1aAt some point we'll need per-year layouts.16:26
th1aOh, they are!16:26
th1aThere is a tab there.16:26
th1aOK, yes, so based on the layout for the year.16:26
replaceafillmakes sense16:26
replaceafillmaybe we need an option to copy layouts from previous years?16:27
replaceafillhhmm maybe not :)16:27
th1aWell, it would be nice.16:28
replaceafilli'm trying to ask a question16:30
replaceafillabout displaying the year in the pdf16:30
replaceafillcurrently we use the top gray bar16:30
replaceafillthe year is at the right of the bar16:30
replaceafillwe should make that dynamic?16:31
replaceafillfor instance page 1-3 says 201216:31
replaceafilland page 4-6 says 2013?16:31
th1aFor the transcript?16:32
replaceafillor is that to subtle?16:32
replaceafillwell, anyway, i don't want to drag everybody, i have enough to start i think16:33
th1aI would put the range of years on all of them.16:33
replaceafillregular Reports link under person, correct?16:34
th1aAlthough that might look weird if you had: 2008-2009 - 2011-201216:34
replaceafilland the request dialog ask you starting and ending year for the report?16:34
th1aActually, how about the date it was generated?16:34
th1aYou know what, leave it blank for now.16:35
replaceafilli'll get started with something ;)16:35
replaceafillah last thing from me16:36
replaceafilli checked jelkner's bug16:36
replaceafillit wasn't a bug16:36
replaceafillit was him having wrong rules defined16:36
replaceafill(for quiz)16:36
replaceafilli added some lenghty explanation on how rules work:16:36
replaceafilland he was satisfied with the result16:37
* replaceafill done16:37
th1aThat's often the case with jelkner bugs.  ;-)16:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:38
replaceafillyvl, quick question16:38
replaceafilli tried to set the levels relationship in the create(...) method of the person add form16:38
replaceafilland got the usual NotYet error16:38
replaceafillso i moved the relationship call to the add(...) method16:39
replaceafillafter the person object has been added to the container16:39
replaceafillbut then i noticed a group may have been assigned for the person16:39
replaceafilland that works16:40
yvlso the difference is16:40
replaceafillwhy doesn't that one raises notyet16:40
yvlthat you are probably using my branch :)16:40
yvlwait, scrap that16:40
replaceafillthat's the method i'm referring to16:42
replaceafillperson.groups.add(group) doesn't raises notyet16:42
replaceafilljust curiosity at this point :)16:43
yvldid you trace where it is raising?16:43
replaceafillbriefly, it was a subscriber somewhere16:43
replaceafilland then i thought "oh i should put this after the person is added"16:44
replaceafillso i did16:44
replaceafilland it worked16:44
replaceafillbut i noticed this after that and got confused :(16:44
replaceafilli can dig in if you want16:44
yvlif it's not much trouble16:45
replaceafillsure, i will16:45
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:46
menesisI have fixed a few tests16:47
menesisnow down to 416:47
menesisplayed more with journal scoresystem change, and pushed it16:48
menesisgot a failure from ubuntu jenkins that zodb tests fail16:49
menesisfixed it in the package and upstream16:49
menesistoday was working on replacing fckeditor with ckeditor.16:51
menesiswithout touching zope.html16:51
menesisconfiguration syntax and names have all changed :-/16:52
menesisyesterday also made a schooltool-book 2.6.1 release16:54
menesisquite a few updates since 2.6.016:55
th1aAh, yes.16:55
menesisand fixed a few issues in buildbot16:55
menesisso a lot of trying and hunting but little new code :/16:56
menesiswill continue on ckeditor today.16:57
* menesis done16:57
th1aOK.  Necessary stuff.16:57
th1aThanks guys.  replaceafill, I believe I still need your November invoice.16:57
th1aHave a good week/end.16:57
replaceafillth1a, ah sorry16:57
replaceafillwill send it later today16:57
th1aWe're meeting next Mon/Fri, right?16:57
th1amenesis, yvl?17:00
th1ayvl is the only one who has to report on Fri.17:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:00
replaceafillyvl, i think it's a bug in the temporal branch17:01
replaceafillyou cannot set the group either17:01
replaceafilland it works in trunk17:01
yvlok, now it makes sense17:01
yvlok, I'll check this17:01
replaceafillglad that i mentioned it ;)17:01
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