IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-12-16

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th1ahi menesis, yvl, replaceafill.15:30
yvlgood morning15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:30
yvland aftrenoon :)15:30
menesisgood monday15:30
th1aI'm getting to experience new levels of wintertime darkness.15:31
th1aAlthough I guess I've visited Vilnius in the winter.15:31
th1aIt is a bit crazy-making.15:32
yvltrue :)15:33
yvlcould be worse15:33
yvlor Iceland :)15:33
th1aI guess I'm a degree and a half north of Vilnius.15:34
th1a8 degrees south of Reykjavik15:35
th1aHow's the weather, replaceafill?15:35
th1aHow cold?15:36
replaceafillaround 21 i think15:36
th1aUh... about 5.15:37
th1a-3 back homw.15:38
th1aOK, get us started, replaceafill.15:38
replaceafilli worked on the add form15:38
replaceafillfor the person15:38
replaceafill(the sound you make when it's cold) ;)15:38
replaceafilland added the level dropdown15:38
replaceafillit works15:39
replaceafillbut i need to clean it15:39
replaceafill(i've been experimenting with it)15:39
replaceafilli'm now in the middle of the edit one, adding the same functionaity15:39
replaceafilli should be done with this by today i think15:40
replaceafilli also checked jelkner's bug15:40
replaceafillabout updating the cando grades from quiz questions15:40
replaceafilli found why the "rules" are not applied correctly15:41
replaceafilli should be able to fix that today too i think15:41
replaceafill(after i'm done with the levels work)15:41
replaceafilli guess i'm holding this functionality in my own branch until yvl merges everything to trunk, right?15:42
yvlprobably yes15:42
replaceafilljust checking :)15:43
replaceafilli found a conflict in that i didn't know how to solve15:43
replaceafillthat's why i ask15:43
replaceafillfor the moment i just decided to overwrite trunks' module with yours15:43
replaceafillsince i don't think it affects my work anyway15:44
replaceafilland that's it from me th1a15:44
replaceafilli'll be away a couple of hours this morning15:44
replaceafilli'm going back home15:44
replaceafilli'm at my parents atm15:44
* replaceafill done15:45
th1aOK, I think we'll be ready to try a transcript once we have this?15:45
th1aOr at least you'll be quickly reminded of what's missing.15:45
replaceafilltranscript is that report with all the grades from all the levels, correct?15:46
replaceafilli keep forgetting that word :(15:46
th1aFrom various years, yes.15:46
replaceafillah ok15:46
replaceafilli think so15:46
th1aWe may save the mass level promotion until we fiddle the active/archived year statuses.15:48
th1aThat's probably the last big feature we'll want to get in the next release.15:49
replaceafilli'm curious15:49
replaceafillwhat's the relationship we're modifying there?15:49
replaceafillyear to...?15:50
th1aProbably it is also something to get some thoughts from yvl with.15:50
th1aFrom yvl on.15:50
th1aSo, the last time we discussed this, it seemed that we really wouldn't need "relationship statuses" to do this.15:50
yvlit's more of a permission thing15:51
yvland a flag15:51
th1aPretty much just a field or whatever indicating if the year was planning/active/archived.15:51
th1aAnd then change all the permissions around.15:51
replaceafillthe word status got me confused ;)15:51
th1aWhat could go wrong?15:51
yvlyes, exactly :)15:52
yvlbtw, I think we do have read-only gradebook versions, right?15:52
th1aActually though, is there some example of how you'd do permissions based on how a flag is set?15:53
replaceafillyvl, iirc the gradebook doesn't take the security setting into account?15:54
replaceafillthe one under Server -> Security15:54
yvlth1a, yes15:54
yvlreplaceafill, don't remember :/15:54
th1aI guess that would be the same sort of thing  code-wise.15:56
menesisthere is a separate setting for gradebook and journal15:57
menesisand both can be read-only15:57
menesisclerks can edit attendance, administrators can edit grades15:57
menesisif setting is enabled15:58
th1aBut basically, we don't need to write a new gradebook view to lock it from archived years.15:58
th1areplaceafill:  But in terms of just setting the permissions based on a flag on the year, do you have an idea about how to make that happen?16:00
replaceafillmodifying view code, yes16:01
replaceafillnot sure if we can modify the permission machinery to do so16:02
th1aYes, that's the question.16:02
th1aDo you have any thoughts about that yvl?16:02
yvlwell, the current way to do it is quite tedious16:03
yvlyou'll need a custom permission for all objects that should be archived with the schoolyear16:03
yvlI'm not sure if this is not clear somehow16:05
yvlwalk through all permissions declared in ST16:06
yvlfirst write a IfSchoolToolArchived permission16:06
yvllike the Aggregate16:06
replaceafillah ok16:07
yvlthe new crowd should be identical, except first check if the schoolyear of the object is archived16:08
replaceafillso we'd need adapters from everything to SchoolYear?16:09
yvland if not, just return False16:09
yvlthat would be one way to do it16:09
yvlalso you'll probably need a metadirective16:10
yvlsee in securitypolicy16:10
replaceafilllike "def allow"?16:11
yvlhandle_aggregate_crowd, aggregate_crowd16:11
replaceafillthose are not used in the zcml file, right?16:12
yvl(sorry, I got sick and am somewhat woozy)16:12
replaceafilli mean, there's no reference to them in meta.zcml16:13
replaceafillthere is16:13
th1aIdeally we'll do a "planning" status where about everything can be changed and deleted, an "active" state which is probably somewhat stricter than the default now (can't delete a section, for example), and a "archived" state, which is pretty much locked.16:13
replaceafillmy typing is bad ;)16:13
th1aProbably we should do both at the same time.16:14
yvlso you'll need metadirectives16:14
yvlmaybe it's easier to add a class_ argument to existing aggregate crowd metadirective16:15
yvlyeah, probably it is.16:15
yvlthen you'll have to walk through all security declarations in schooltool16:16
yvlsee if edit permissions should be conditional on schoolyear16:16
yvlif yes, declare a new aggregate crowd in zcml16:17
yvlthe one that checks year before checking sub-crowds16:17
yvland replace the permission16:17
yvlyes, adding a class_ to aggregate would make it easier16:17
yvlyou could write custom code locally to obtain the schoolyear16:18
yvlinstead of myriad of adapters16:18
yvland then... well, just a lot of checking16:18
replaceafillcouldn't we just modify the "schooltool.edit" somehow to do it?16:19
replaceafilli mean, the check16:19
yvlyes, but we will not16:19
replaceafillso new permission it is :)16:20
yvlunless you want side effects later :)16:20
yvllike - well, we SHOULD be able to edit that in this view16:20
yvlbut TECHNICALLY, that object is a child of object that is in another year, and the year is locked16:20
yvlhence, it is impossible to edit this16:21
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yvlunless you code each exception in schooltool.edit magic too16:21
yvlyou can actually do that with current permissions16:22
yvlit will be a little bit messier though16:22
yvlI mean - you can inherit the AggregateCrowd class16:23
yvland list the factories in .py16:23
yvland then declare it a crowd in zcml16:23
yvland use that name in allow16:23
yvlplease excuse my erratic line of thought today16:24
th1aWell, we can come back to it.16:24
replaceafillnp, it helps me to realize all the parts involved :)16:24
th1aWhy don't we pick it up a bit on Wednesday.16:24
th1aBtw, do you want to meet between Christmas and New Years, yvl, or is next Monday your last meeting?16:25
yvlmaybe we could do Fri the 27th?16:26
th1aAre you going to try to do some work that week?16:27
yvland then take 30-31 off16:27
th1aOK.  Sounds good.16:27
th1aYou're staying with PoV at this point, yvl?16:28
yvlit's likely16:28
yvlI will be taking a month or two off work though16:28
th1aOK, we'd better keep moving.16:29
th1aThanks replaceafill...16:29
th1aOK, onto you yvl.  ;-)16:29
yvlchanged the ST exporter a bit16:29
yvlto reflect new relationships16:29
yvlfor example, instructors are moved from sections stylesheet to section enrollment16:30
yvlalso it exports dates/codes next to a person now16:30
yvlstudent 14, '', 2010-08-01, p, 2012-09-01, a16:31
yvlsame for contacts and groups16:31
yvlstill working on importer16:32
yvlbut now I have spreadsheets to reimport :)16:32
yvlmostly done ther16:32
yvlwell, that's it16:33
th1aI guess we don't really need to keep the importer backward compatible.16:33
yvltoo much work at this point, I think16:33
th1aIt would be kind of an obscure case.16:33
th1aSince the database should update itself fine.16:34
yvlthat could fall under paid development in the future :)16:34
th1aThere's no particular reason you'd want to export, blow up db, start a new version, import.16:34
yvlI mean these kind of changes16:35
th1aWell, it is something that a user could manage with excel hackery.16:35
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:36
th1aWe can always just encourage people to solve their own problems with Visual Basic macros.  ;-)16:36
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menesisI fixed a ldap autoconfiguration failure16:37
menesismade a release16:37
menesisRemade journal scoresystem to not lowercase the entered value16:38
menesisended up doing the same as in discrete score system16:39
menesisfixed a failing gradebook export ftest16:40
menesisadded progress stuff16:40
menesisbut I don't see any of it, only 'Scheduled...'16:40
menesisthat's it since Thursday16:42
th1aDon't see any of what?16:42
menesisRequest export dialog16:42
menesisclick Generate button16:42
menesisand progressbars appear saying Exporting Worksheets 1/3.... Export Done16:43
th1aIs it just going by too fast?16:43
menesisNot really fast. Something missing I guess16:44
th1aOK... so not really a problem, just a little thing.16:45
menesisBut the export works so I don't worry much, other reports do not show progress either16:45
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:46
th1aI guess that's it then.16:46
th1aCatch you guys Wednesday.16:47
th1aHave a good week.16:47
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:47
replaceafillthanks everybody16:47
yvlthanks guys16:50
yvland see you Wed :)16:50
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?23:16
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replaceafillth1a, yes23:31
th1aDo you know what this old task description would be? 9.2 Reports view using viewlet manager.23:32
replaceafillfrom the release notes?23:32
th1aFrom the Mind Map.23:33
replaceafill2011, pre-flourish, right?23:33
replaceafilli think it was aelkner working on the old skin23:34
replaceafillsomething similar to the current report overview view23:34
replaceafillwhere reports register themselves23:34
replaceafilland are listed in that view23:34
th1aI'm calling it Done.  ;-)23:35
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replaceafilli think that's the one23:36
replaceafill"- Created report package with reportLink directive for registering reports"23:37
th1aThere's actually a separate line for that one.23:37
th1aNot worth pondering deeply.23:37
replaceafilli wonder how the mind map will look like :)23:38
replaceafilli hope a big part has disappeared ;)23:38
th1aI'm making a table, actually.23:38
th1areplaceafill: Would you agree that javascript testing "needs more work?"23:56
replaceafilljavascript testing as in selenium?23:57
replaceafillor more unit testing?23:57
th1aJust in general.23:57
* th1a waves hands.23:57
replaceafillone thing i would have liked yvl to resolve was the download functionality in stests23:58
replaceafillit's broken at the moment23:58
replaceafillbecause of celery23:58
replaceafillwe can always hack the test23:58
replaceafilland sometimes it's possible to call the pdf view directly23:58
replaceafillinstead of clicking the Generate button, etc23:59

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