IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-12-10

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replaceafillth1a, zyt?20:16
th1ahi replaceafill.21:41
replaceafillhey th1a21:50
replaceafilli fixed the niepa package21:50
replaceafillbut we have a "data model" issue21:51
replaceafilli wanted to ask you21:51
replaceafillis there anyone using it in production?21:51
replaceafillor is it just David demo'ing it?21:51
th1aNobody is using it.21:52
th1aJust this demo.21:52
replaceafillah ok, so we can still change it freely, right?21:52
th1aSo fix it as you see fit.21:52
replaceafillthe problem is just that niepa assumes there's only one deployed sheet21:53
replaceafilland the /manage view expects some numerical index in th id's of the sheets21:53
replaceafill(that name handling is really painful to work with btw)21:53
replaceafillok, so my current fix will do21:54
replaceafillshould i set up a fresh instance with it?21:54
replaceafilli tested all the other parts of niepa, report card, census form, reports21:54
replaceafilland they seem to work21:54
replaceafillthe package is now a plugin, instead on a custom app setup21:54
replaceafillinstead of*21:55
th1aAh good.21:55
th1aI guess turn it on... is there any data in there we're losing?21:56
replaceafillyes, there's one 110 MB database21:58
replaceafilli'm copying it right now to test it locally21:58
th1aI recall there is something in there.21:58
th1aBut it is essentially a demo.21:58
replaceafilli'm hitting a similar error to:22:10
replaceafilltrying to evolve the old database22:11
replaceafillAttributeError: type object 'IGlobalIdUtility' has no attribute '__iro__'22:11
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