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hero1900hi guys i got this error when i start the server15:14
hero1900Reading configuration from schooltool.conf /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/celery/loaders/ NotConfigured: No 'celeryconfig' module found! Please make sure it exists and is available to Python.15:14
hero1900what is missing15:14
hero1900i use ubuntu 13.10 and i install schooltool from the ppa15:15
th1ahi hero1900.15:38
th1amenesis: ayt?15:39
hero1900what didnt get you15:39
menesishow do you start the server?15:40
th1aWell, let me see if I can find an answer.15:40
th1aOr perhaps menesis can help.  ;-)15:40
hero1900okey i try google but i didnt find any related answer :P15:40
hero1900aha thx15:40
hero1900i start the server like this15:40
hero1900 sudo schooltool-server -c schooltool.conf15:41
hero1900and i was in the etc path15:41
menesisit is a strange way to start schooltool...15:42
menesisafter you install schooltool, it should be started automatically15:42
hero1900how i should start it15:42
hero1900it didnt15:42
hero1900thats why i tryied to start it manually15:43
menesislike any other service,15:43
menesissudo service schooltool start15:43
menesisto see the status:15:44
menesissudo service schooltool status15:44
hero1900owh owh15:44
menesisstop, restart15:44
th1aThanks menesis.15:44
hero1900okey it said as when i install it its started15:45
hero1900but i cannot reach the server locally15:45
hero1900is there any  missed steps?15:46
menesisare all processes RUNNING?15:47
menesissudo service schooltool status15:47
menesisno, there are no additional steps, it should work straight away (but sometimes doesn't)15:48
hero1900schooltool                       STARTING    services:celery_report           RUNNING    pid 12878, uptime 0:03:39 services:redis                   RUNNING    pid 12876, uptime 0:03:39 services:zeo                     RUNNING    pid 12877, uptime 0:03:3915:48
menesishm, celery_report should also be running.  but this would only affect report generation15:49
menesissorry, read it backwards15:50
hero1900aha all running15:50
menesisso schooltool is still STARTING.15:50
hero1900but nothing in browser15:50
hero1900not started15:50
menesiswhat's in the logs?15:50
menesissudo tail /var/log/schooltool/error.log15:50
hero1900manager.evolve(context, generation)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/zope/app/generations/", line 145, in evolve     evolver.evolve(context)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/schooltool/generations/", line 63, in evolve     evolveScheduleContainers(app)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/schooltool/generations/", line 37, in evolveScheduleContainers     prefs = annotation15:51
menesisoops, an error15:52
hero1900but the cause?15:52
hero1900maybe versions of dependecies in ubutnu 13.10 are not working well15:54
menesisdo you have a account?15:54
menesisto report a bug15:55
th1aThis is updating a working database from an earlier version?15:55
hero1900you want me to report15:55
hero1900okey sure15:55
menesisand paste full error starting with Traceback:15:55
menesisit works for me, but I see a potential problem15:56
menesisin schooltool code.15:56
th1aThis is updating a working database from an earlier version?16:04
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replaceafillth1a, you around?16:14
replaceafilljust sent you an email16:15
replaceafillwith two of the courses16:15
replaceafilli'm going to download and add the rest of the links you sent me earlier this week16:16
th1aok... just a sec16:19
th1ahow much manual cleanup is involved?16:20
replaceafill30 mins per file16:22
replaceafillwell 30-4516:22
th1aThat is doing?16:22
th1aSomething they can do?16:22
replaceafillthe script i wrote points you to inconsistencies16:23
replaceafillnot really16:23
replaceafilli used a proprietary ocr software :(16:23
th1aCan we just show this to Telly and tell her how much it would cost roughly.16:23
replaceafillwe have a data model issue though16:24
replaceafillthere's a restriction on labels16:24
replaceafill7 chars16:24
replaceafilli've been using the codes as labels16:24
th1aFor skills, skillsets?16:24
replaceafillto distinguish them in the gradebook16:25
replaceafillif you don't see a custom label you get:16:25
replaceafill1. xxx16:25
replaceafill1. aaa16:25
replaceafill1. bbb16:25
replaceafill2. lll16:25
replaceafilland so on16:25
replaceafillusing the unit code helps i think16:26
replaceafillbut the unit code is too long16:26
replaceafill> 7 chars16:26
th1aOK, let me look at the doc.16:26
th1aThis is in the tab?16:26
replaceafillthe tab?16:26
th1aWhere you see the skillset label?16:27
replaceafillah yes16:27
replaceafillthe (popup) tab for the cando gradebook16:27
th1aIf they aren't used as columns they don't really have to be limited.16:28
th1aAre they limited for VA?16:28
th1aI thought they had longer things in there.16:28
replaceafilli have no idea where that constraint comes from16:29
th1aYou mean, in general?16:29
replaceafillno, i mean demanding 7 chars for label values16:29
th1aReasoning, or where the code is.16:29
replaceafillit's not like the gradebook16:29
replaceafillthe gradebook allows you to set any lenght for the label16:30
replaceafillbut uses only the first 5 chars in the column16:30
th1aWell, I guess it is a mess.16:30
replaceafillof the activity16:30
th1aDo you know where it is enforced in code?16:30
replaceafilland as you say, this is not used for columns in the gradebook16:30
replaceafillyes, cando importer16:30
th1aIf you can take it out for skillsets and leave it in for skills, that seems right to me.16:31
replaceafilli think some of the add forms also have the same logic16:31
th1aToo much metadata consistency!16:31
replaceafilldo you have an idea of how many pdfs Telly needs?16:32
replaceafillyou sent me 416:32
th1aOh, piles.16:33
th1aLet's just say we can do one an hour.16:33
replaceafillsounds reasonable16:34
th1aIt is impossible to tell with people sometimes how much stuff the ACTUALLY NEED NOW.16:34
replaceafilli think i can make the parsing script a little smarter16:34
replaceafilland save a few minutes of cleaning16:34
th1aCan you throw up a demo?16:35
replaceafillon it16:35
replaceafillbranching stuff...16:35
th1aAlso, just check what CanDo actually puts in the tabs.16:36
th1aIs it label: title?16:36
th1aIsn't there an id field?16:36
replaceafillin the importer, yes16:36
replaceafillit becomes the __name__ of the objects16:37
th1aI see...16:37
th1aYeah, go ahead and take out the label restraint.16:37
replaceafillin that case i was thinking of using the Competency Descriptor as description of the units16:38
replaceafilli have no idea what to do with the competency field16:38
replaceafillso i'm ignoring it for now16:38
th1aYeah.  Don't worry about it.16:39
replaceafillth1a, i need to fix this one ASAP:
replaceafillfor some reason i've never got to it16:56
th1aVA doesn't use it apparently.16:58
replaceafilltelly will need it i think16:59
th1aYes... anyone else would need it!16:59
replaceafillwe can always use the importer for this ofc16:59
th1aOn the other hand, being able to discriminate between two identical skills got fixed right away!17:00
th1a(through deprecation)17:00
replaceafillhhmm this gradebook will become a nightmare quickly17:02
replaceafilltoo many skillsets17:02
replaceafilli haven't associated all the units to each course17:02
replaceafilland there's already a lot of skillsets17:02
th1aIs there one gradebook she can look at?17:03
replaceafillone for each course17:04
replaceafillone student in each17:04
th1aEmail sent.  Great work replaceafill.17:15
replaceafillglad you like it ;)17:15
replaceafillit's been fun17:15
replaceafilli feel dirty, but fun :/17:15
replaceafilli couldn't pull it off with free software only :(17:15
replaceafillwe should start using the sielibre server for this ;)17:16
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th1areplaceafill:  I'm trying this -
th1aOoh... almost out of swap!21:54
replaceafillth1a, made the script smarter23:15
replaceafilltakes less manual intervention now23:15
replaceafilli just noticed and remembered about some units having multiple parents23:16
replaceafilli'm going to implement that next23:16
replaceafillbecause currently i have several lines for the same unit23:16
replaceafilland the last one removes previous parents23:16
replaceafill(although the skillsets are identical)23:16

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