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th1aOK... had a lunch pickup snafu.  Give me 10 minutes...15:31
th1aAll right.  Our regular ride over to nursery had their car in the garage.15:38
th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill.15:38
replaceafillgood afternoon15:39
th1aI looked at the relationship branch yvl.  Seemed to work.15:40
th1aThe UI seems good.15:41
th1aAnything to report yvl?15:43
yvlso I worked this weekend as I feel I'm running out of time :)15:44
th1aYes... it is getting a bit more tangible.15:44
yvlI wrote an alternative optimization along with an evolution script15:44
yvlI'm testing it against ACC database15:45
yvlfailed to finish today15:45
yvlI'll give you a spreadsheet with page load times15:45
yvland data that needs to be deserialized on each page15:45
yvlschool tab, students group, searching people, random CanDo gradebook, random person and searching for skills15:46
yvlI'm testing those against three versions of ST:15:46
yvl1) current trunk15:46
yvl2) temporal relationships with some optimizations (that you have tested)15:47
yvl3) temporal relationships with global catalogs15:47
yvltests are quite simple15:47
yvlstart ST15:47
yvlload a page on "cold" database15:47
yvlload the page again15:47
yvlfor example, school tab on current trunk on my machine:15:48
yvlcold - 40 secs, hot - 10 secs15:48
yvlwith temporal and weekend optimizations:15:48
yvlcold - 6.1 secs, hot - 0.6 secs15:48
yvlnote that temporal relationships add some of the slowness15:49
yvlin hot school tab they account for at least 0.3 secs15:49
yvlit was tough, but I think it's was worthwhile15:50
yvlso I plan to spend most of the tomorrow testing15:50
th1aYes, definitely.15:50
th1aHave our ACC users just accepted slowness or is it actually faster on their machine.15:51
* yvl shrugs15:51
yvlI do hope it runs faster15:51
th1aI guess most common views would be "hot" in production.15:51
replaceafillit takes around 5 seconds to load15:51
replaceafillhot ofc15:51
th1aHow much memory on that thing?15:52
replaceafillhold on15:52
replaceafillMem:       3069440    2878572     190868          0     148216    115487215:52
replaceafill3 GB15:52
th1aHow many students?15:52
th1aOh.  OK.15:53
th1aSo... way, way more than one school.15:53
th1aThat's a relief.15:54
yvlthey have buildings for locations15:54
yvl2000 teachers15:54
yvl256 sections15:54
yvl40.000 skills15:55
replaceafillyvl, ACC?15:55
yvlI think so15:55
replaceafillyou mean socialskills15:55
replaceafillthat's the autism center15:55
replaceafillweird, i only see 852 teachers in the production server15:56
yvlby no I meant "wait a minute" :)15:56
replaceafillright, that's autism15:56
* replaceafill is confused now :D15:57
replaceafilli should use prefixes for backups ;)15:57
replaceafillcontinue yvl, sorry for interrupting15:58
yvlit's ok, I'm pretty much done15:58
yvlafter testing, we'll have to decide which approach we are taking15:58
yvlwell, it will hopefully be pretty obvious15:59
th1aDoes one approach have a lot of necessary follow-up tasks?15:59
yvlbut the one I did this weekend involves a trickier evolution16:00
yvlbut it's been written16:00
yvland seems to work on APS database16:00
th1aOK, so pretty much just see what's fastest?16:01
yvlor rather "is the second one much faster"16:01
yvlbecause if gains are negligible, I'd slightly lean towards the first one16:02
yvlbecause it's evolution is simpler16:02
yvlso I trust it more :)16:02
yvlbut just a little bit16:02
th1aSo if it is the same, you'd prefer without catalogs?16:03
th1aOK.  Well, we'll see how the numbers look.16:04
yvlbut overall I'd prefer the faster one16:04
th1aI'm glad you did this.16:04
* yvl too16:05
th1adoes one or the other make a difference in memory consumption?16:05
yvlit's a bit tough to test exactly16:07
yvlbecause what matters to us is memory consumption after day's usage16:07
yvland we haven't written any load testing scripts16:07
yvlfrom a glance, it seems that we use less memory with optimizations16:08
yvlsince optimizations are "do not load extra data unless it's really really needed"16:08
yvlthe memory consumption may be less, or greater, or roughly equal after heavy usage16:09
yvlinstinctively I'd say "somewhat less"16:09
th1aOK, I see.16:09
th1aSo avoiding loading things you don't need in a given case doesn't mean much over time.16:10
yvlmaybe yes, maybe no16:10
th1aDoesn't necessarily.16:10
yvlbecause maybe it will not load these things at all16:10
yvlmaybe it will just keep the important btrees hot16:11
yvland flush everything else out16:11
th1aThanks yvl.16:12
replaceafilli caught a cold last week, so i worked during the weekend too :)16:13
th1aI've got a cold now...16:13
replaceafillgo to Courses16:13
replaceafilland add a Course16:13
replaceafillyou'll see a Level attribute in the add view16:14
replaceafillthe attribute also appears in the index view of the course16:14
replaceafilland in the edit view16:14
replaceafillth1a, question16:14
replaceafillis this how you want to handle it?16:14
th1aHow else would we handle it?16:14
replaceafilli mean, aren't we going to include courses information in the level pages16:15
replaceafilllevels only have titles right now16:15
replaceafilli remembered your comments about standard metadata, etc :)16:15
replaceafillnot sure if descriptions do something for levels16:15
replaceafilli mean, if we should add them16:16
th1aI have a hard time imagining anything else is necessary.16:16
th1aI mean, level "9" = "Freshman"16:16
th1aBut that's not really used as a description or anything.16:16
replaceafillso, i was thinking maybe we should list the courses associated with a level16:17
replaceafillin the level view?16:17
th1aWe could but it doesn't strike me as particularly important.16:17
replaceafillah ok16:17
replaceafillnever mind then :)16:17
replaceafillso, this add/view/edit in course is enough?16:17
replaceafillah ok16:18
th1aIt isn't rocket science.16:18
replaceafilli was expecting more changes16:18
th1aIf you move the courses to the next year, that'll need to be included.16:18
th1aYes, importers.16:18
replaceafillby move you mean the option to copy courses from one year to the new one, correct?16:19
replaceafillso if math for level 2 is copied, should it be math for level 3?16:20
replaceafillin the new year?16:20
th1aBut we need to think about adding that kind of logic for moving STUDENTS.16:21
replaceafillthat would be the "promote students" feature, right?16:21
replaceafillso, courses should just copy the level data from the previous year16:21
th1aYes, promoting students is more complicated.16:22
th1aStudents aren't assigned levels at all right now, correct?16:23
replaceafillwe'd need to use the section <-> course <-> level relationships16:23
th1aOK.  So that probably needs to be "temporal."16:23
th1aBut it also will mostly be done as a batch job between years.16:24
th1aIf that makes sense.16:24
replaceafillshould we add level information to the importer?16:25
replaceafilli mean, a Levels sheet?16:25
th1aOh, yes.16:25
th1aAnd a column to courses, etc.16:25
replaceafilli'll work on that next16:25
replaceafilli have a quick question for menesis16:25
replaceafillmenesis, this instructions won't work in 2.6, right?16:26
replaceafill(a user asked about this in spanish)16:26
menesisreplaceafill: in general, this would work16:27
menesisbut yes, there are more files that need to be modified now16:27
replaceafilli thought that people would need to at least change the redis port16:27
replaceafillah ok16:27
replaceafillwe'll see if the user comes back with a new question :)16:28
* replaceafill done16:28
menesiszeo.conf needs to point to a new Data.fs, schooltool.conf has different database definition, supervisord.conf needs many changes16:29
th1aIt seems like there have been a lot of questions in spanish or maybe it is the same thread.16:29
replaceafillthere are users helping users now :)16:29
th1aAh, in Spanish?16:30
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.16:31
th1aNone of these levels related things should be individually complicated.16:31
th1aIt is just wiring all the parts  together.16:31
menesisI was on vacation since Monday16:32
menesishave not been reading email even.16:33
menesiswell. a break is good.16:33
th1aAre we done then?16:35
th1aThanks guys.16:36
th1aHopefully I'll shake this cold quickly...16:36
th1aHave a good week.  See you Wednesday.16:36
replaceafillthanks everybody16:36
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:37
yvlthanks guys16:39
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replaceafillth1a, the right term is "Grade Level", correct?17:27
replaceafill(based on the sidebar link in /manage)17:28
th1areplaceafill: yes.18:31
replaceafillth1a, kk18:31
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