IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-11-27

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.15:33
replaceafillgood afternoon15:33
yvlgood morning / afternoon15:34
th1aSo, I decided to send aelkner an email to see if he was interested in working on the Nigeria project between now and the end of the year.15:35
th1aSent it last night and haven't heard back.15:35
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th1aThey basically need more school level metadata (e.g., address), and they need to output a regular census report of enrollment, etc.15:37
th1aAn earlier version in aelkner's old niepa branch.15:37
th1aAnyhow, nothing specific is going to happen at least until I get an updated detailed spec from David Ally.15:37
th1aWe're not actually formally obligated to do anything, but obviously we'd like a UNICEF sponsored pilot to actually work.15:38
th1aOK, go ahead replaceafill.15:39
replaceafilli'm mostly done with the course worksheets report15:39
replaceafilli have a question about your email15:39
replaceafillabout the user calling it just "Report Card"15:40
replaceafilland us adding more optional metadata to the report15:40
replaceafilldo you want this report to "override" the standard report card?15:40
replaceafilland, do we need a group version of it?15:41
th1aWell, we do want this to be a standard report option, so it has to have a unique title in the interface, but a different title in the report itself.15:41
th1aMaybe you can just hard code the title in the report itself to solve the problem.15:42
th1aI may have been over-thinking it.15:42
replaceafillthe link in the UI just says "Course Worksheets Report" for now15:42
replaceafilland the title of the report is independent of that15:43
th1aThen we just need to change the title of the report I guess.15:44
replaceafilli can set "Report Card" as the title15:44
th1aYeah, that's all I meant.  ;-)15:44
replaceafilli was playing last night with pip15:44
th1aI was doing what I complain about jelkner doing.15:44
replaceafilltrying to install the package from bzr15:45
replaceafillit seems to work15:45
replaceafillbut i wanted to ask yvl about a line in setup.py15:45
replaceafillline 10715:45
replaceafillyvl, do you know what z3c.autoinclude.plugin does?15:45
replaceafilli mean, right now i add my custom package to the plugins directory in the instance15:46
replaceafill<include package="myreport" />15:46
replaceafilland it works15:46
yvlyou can also add it as autoinclude target15:47
replaceafillbut i was wondering if that could be skipped somehow using z3c.autoinclude15:47
yvlbut you'll need plugin.zcml in schooltool/yourpackage15:47
yvlif you have a custom instance, it may need a special line in zcml15:48
replaceafillcustom instance, as in custom instance type?15:48
yvllines 8-1115:49
yvlthose include all plugin.zcml, i18n.zcml and meta.zcml in packages that have target=schooltool in setup.py15:50
replaceafillah great15:50
replaceafillthat would save the user one step (i think)15:50
replaceafill(the having to set the zcml file in the plugins directory)15:50
replaceafilli'll try that :)15:51
replaceafillth1a, i also read your comment on this bug:15:51
replaceafillyou're right15:52
replaceafilli didn't consider course worksheet could be "unhidden"15:52
replaceafilland they would appear back in the gradebooks15:52
replaceafillso hidden report sheets should be deployed as hidden in the new sections15:53
replaceafillthey're currently skipped15:53
th1aYeah... the thing is there is a pretty clear use case for it.  You set up the end of year sheets at the beginning of the year but don't unhide them until it is time to actually fill them in (or something like that).15:54
replaceafillgot it15:54
replaceafillok, i'll fix the fix :(15:55
th1aYeah, I didn't think of it until I read gediminas's summary.15:55
replaceafillglad you pointed it out :)15:56
replaceafillso th1a, what will be my next task?15:56
replaceafilli guess i need to email the user of the report with instructions btw :)15:56
replaceafilllevels + courses?15:56
th1aWell, students need levels too.15:57
th1aStart with courses.15:57
th1aIs the basic levels data model still in the code?15:58
th1aBuried in there somewhere?15:58
replaceafillthe level package has relationship info about courses iirc15:58
replaceafillyes, Level class has a courses relationship property15:59
th1aThere's no UI now for creating them now, right?15:59
replaceafillyes, there is16:00
replaceafillindex.html for level container16:00
replaceafilladd and edit for levels16:00
th1aGrade levels.16:00
th1aOK, good!16:00
replaceafilland some reordering options16:00
replaceafillso, the user creates a level, say 1st grade16:01
replaceafillhe creates some courses16:01
replaceafilland somehow he links them together?16:01
replaceafill(with a relationship view maybe?)16:01
th1aYeah... I guess I need to decide if a course can only have one level.16:02
th1aLet's say only one.16:02
replaceafillah ok16:03
replaceafillmy only question about this point is about how to select the year16:04
replaceafillget courses from the active one?16:04
replaceafilllike we do with group memberships, for example16:04
th1aWell, you'd be doing this from the course view, not the level view.16:05
replaceafilli guess that's enough to start16:06
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:07
yvlstill working on relationship optimizations16:09
yvllatest branch here:
yvlthere are temporal relationships, evolution and most of the optimizations16:10
th1aOK, I'm branching that now.16:10
yvlspeedups should be visible with large datasets16:10
yvlso there are some things I'm working on still16:11
yvloptimized temporal relationship querying, and made relationship links smaller16:12
yvlnow trying to make them way smaller16:12
yvlsome 5 times smaller than original16:13
yvlwhat else...16:13
yvlour current contact implementation is out-of-date now16:14
yvlif we made them temporal relationships, we could get some benefits16:14
yvla person could be a temporary guardian for example16:14
yvlalso, users could customize the list16:14
yvlmaybe they have some different roles of legal guardians in some countries16:15
th1aCertainly just recording that someone moved rather than overwriting has benefits.16:15
yvlso I'll do that along the way16:16
yvlwhat else...16:16
th1aOh, when students get levels, that's temporal.16:16
th1aSo replaceafill needs to get in on that.16:17
yvlif replaceafill accidentally evolves the big big database with IEPs16:17
yvlI'd be happy to accidentaly receive it16:17
yvlevolution is slow!16:17
replaceafillyvl, you mean the social skills one?16:18
yvlcurious if it runs faster with optimized relationships16:18
replaceafilli think i have it evolved and zipped16:18
replaceafilllet me look16:18
yvlgreat, please send :)16:18
replaceafilli deleted the one i moved to the server :(16:19
* replaceafill goes look into the server...16:19
replaceafillah, there it is16:20
yvlgreat :)16:21
replaceafilljust PM'd you the link16:21
* yvl done, th1a 16:22
th1aOK.  Thanks yvl.16:22
th1aI'm sort of on holiday tomorrow.  US Thanksgiving which the girls also happen to have off school.16:23
th1aHave a good week/end!16:23
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:23
replaceafillthanks everybody16:23
yvlhappy Thanksgiving th1a16:24
yvlsee you all Mon :)16:25
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