IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-11-25

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:30
yvlgood morning / afternoon15:31
th1aHow comes the optimization, yvl?15:31
yvlpretty good15:32
yvlputting final touches, will push branch for experimentation15:32
yvlit will include temporal relationships + evolution15:32
yvlbut the evolution will change in next few days15:33
yvlso please evolve only sandboxes15:33
yvlthere's little to report since friday15:34
th1aDo you have any questions for yvl at this point replaceafill?15:35
replaceafillnot really15:35
replaceafilli was going to ask about the two column layout for tables15:36
th1aOK, thanks yvl.15:36
th1aGo ahead.15:36
replaceafillbut you said it was ok not to have it?15:36
replaceafillmy question today is for you th1a15:37
replaceafilli'm mostly done with the report15:37
replaceafilli'm just moving some styles around15:37
replaceafilli wanted to know, are we going to "document" the package?15:37
replaceafilllike we did in schooltool.commendation?15:37
replaceafillthose .txt files try to explain how to do things15:38
replaceafillor should we add inline comments in the code explaining what each class (or part) does?15:39
th1aWell, let's get it working and see what we've got before we do a lot of that.15:39
replaceafillah ok15:39
th1aBut throwing in a basic README.txt would be good at this point.15:39
replaceafillok, i managed to get the plugin working15:39
replaceafillah ok15:39
th1aWe're going to have to explain how to install it to the guy who is going to try it.15:39
th1aAssume he's running packages.15:40
replaceafillah yes, i'll try menesis suggestion on using pip for installing it15:40
replaceafilli'll send you a draft later today th1a15:40
th1aOK.  Cool.15:40
replaceafillthat's it15:41
replaceafillfrom me15:41
th1aHopefully David Ally is going to let us know what he needs soon...15:42
th1aI guess menesis pushed
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th1aSpeak of the devil.15:43
th1ahi menesis.15:43
th1aWhat's the status of 2.6.1?15:43
menesisIt is done and uploaded everywhere15:44
menesisalso described in the book15:44
menesisexcept intervention15:45
th1aI don't think I've got in saucy yet.15:45
menesisI have a few fixes committed for it, but I'll play with intervention from different roles a bit more15:46
menesisI know at least one place that throws exception – if a student clicks on his own Interventions link15:46
menesissaucy was the release to get it, I copied from it15:47
th1aIs there a delay in it actually getting into universe?15:48
menesisth1a: maybe you have only the dev ppa? for saucy it's in the main ppa15:48
th1aI'll double check.15:48
menesisI haven't asked for SRU (stable release update) to get into universe (saucy-updates)15:48
th1aOh, right.  That's what I meant.15:49
th1aAre you going to?15:49
menesisI have never done that, but it would be good15:49
menesisthere are important fixes15:50
th1aOK... I didn't realize we didn't usually do that.15:50
th1aDo you want to give it a few days to settle then?15:50
menesisBut I'm going on vacation for the rest of this week15:51
th1aOK.  btw, we can afford to pay you to work as much as you want the rest of the year.15:52
menesisGood, I hope to have some rest and be able to do more15:53
menesisthere's a lot I want to do15:53
th1aYeah... I guess jquery is making trouble.15:54
th1aAs we discussed last week.15:54
menesisI have fixed the unsaved warnings not appearing15:55
replaceafilli loved that fix :)15:55
replaceafilli learned about .off(...)!15:55
* menesis too15:55
th1aAh!  Good.15:56
th1aDid that make the release?15:56
menesisNot really, but I spinned a just for this fix15:58
menesisSo yes everything except a few intervention fixes is released15:59
th1aShould I wait for that to announce the whole thing?15:59
menesisNo, it's small permission fixes, a wrong tab highlighted16:00
menesisI'll realease it today regardless if I manage to do anything else or not16:01
th1aAnything else?16:05
menesisNoticed buildbot has been failing for a month or so.. It does not send failures16:05
menesisBecause there are tests failing since the merge of celery16:06
menesisBut I fixed a few more, e.g. reports not being found16:06
menesisNow it is down to 2 unit tests + 9 functional16:06
menesisRearranged the 2.6 release notes in the book16:08
menesisto split what applies to Ubuntu packages and running from source16:08
menesisI think I said everything already16:09
* menesis done16:09
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis!16:09
th1aGood job on the release.16:09
th1aOK, I guess that's it.  Everyone's pretty much in wrap-up mode today.16:09
th1aThanks guys.16:09
th1aSee you Wednesday.  Have a good week.16:10
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:10
replaceafillthanks everybody, have a good week16:10
yvlthanks guys16:10
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replaceafillth1a, you around?20:09
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