IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-11-21

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replaceafillth1a, you around?16:10
th1aI'm back.  ;-)16:11
th1aDid you get my email?16:11
replaceafilli investigated the warning bug16:23
replaceafilland found out the cause16:24
replaceafilli remembered that the warning was there before, at least for cando16:24
replaceafilland now it's gone16:24
replaceafillso i started blaming autocomplete16:24
replaceafilland created a report sheet in the gradebook with some discrete activities16:24
replaceafilland it's correct16:24
replaceafillif you have discrete activities the warning doesn't show when you leave an edited page16:25
replaceafillin the last comment, the guy says using jquery 1.9+ fixes the issue16:25
th1aAh... agh.16:26
replaceafilli guess we have a new reason for upgrading the jquery stuff16:26
th1aThat bumps up the priority of that, menesis.16:26
replaceafilli also tried just putting jquery 1.9 in place but it isn't enough16:27
replaceafillsomething gets broken16:27
replaceafilland the gradebook doesn't render correctly16:27
replaceafillwe're using jquery 1.7 at the moment16:27
th1aSo that's a non-trivial operation.16:28
menesisit is a different library16:31
menesisthere is a pending upgrade of jqueryui from 1.8 to 1.1016:32
menesisbut jquery is at 1.7 in ubuntu16:33
replaceafilleven in the latest versions?16:33
replaceafillthere's a!16:34
menesisyes, 1.7.2+debian-1ubuntu1 was uploaded to quantal and has not been updated since16:35
menesisthere are other issues with autocomplete16:36
menesisarrow navigation between cells had to be disabled16:37
menesisAlt+S shortcut does not work16:37
th1aThe arrow navigation isn't such a big deal if you can use tab and enter.16:38
th1aBut we should implement shift-tab and shift-enter.16:38
replaceafillmenesis, alt + s has always launched my firefox menus instead of saving the gradebook16:39
replaceafilli get the Hi*s*tory menu16:40
menesisit worked for me in chrome... :-/16:43
menesisand I don't know what change to blame16:43
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