IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-11-18

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eakdevhello everyone04:34
eakdevokay so one of the guys at g+ suggested schooltool and im really glad i found it04:34
eakdevwhat is the best way to install it on a small school where the computers (more or less 10) are connected only through a wireless router?04:35
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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:30
th1aHere's a quickie that Glenda has asked about... I think I filed a bug for it...15:33
th1amaybe I should check...15:33
th1aActually I think I didn't assign it because it was when you were sick.15:33
replaceafillah, what is it?15:33
th1aAnyhow, the first time someone uses a gradebook, it should default to the *active* year.15:33
replaceafilli *think* i saw the bug15:34
* replaceafill goes look15:34
replaceafillyou did assign it :)15:34
th1aThat should be easy, right?15:35
replaceafilli can fix it today15:35
th1aOK, please.15:35
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th1ahi menesis.15:36
th1aSo... 2.6.1 this week?15:38
th1areplaceafill has a bug he's going to work on today.15:39
th1aOur friends in Thailand are going to try upping their memory.15:40
th1aThey weren't using swap because they're on Amazon E2C.15:40
th1aHopefully that was the problem.15:40
th1ayvl, ayt?15:41
th1areplaceafill:  Why don't you go ahead?15:42
replaceafilllast week i started with the coure worksheets report15:43
replaceafilli found a bug with the deployment of course worksheets15:43
replaceafillthey're not deployed to new sections15:43
replaceafillso i've added an event subscriber similar to the one for report sheets15:44
replaceafilli've also set up a selenium IDE script for filling data similar to the original sample15:44
replaceafillbiblical studies, english language, etc15:44
replaceafilla question i have here is15:45
replaceafillif i'm trying to explain a user how to add a custom package15:45
replaceafillwhat's the easiest way for them to add something to the python path?15:45
replaceafilli thought that just putting everything under the plugins directory would be enough15:46
replaceafillbut it isn't15:46
th1amenesis:  We're trying to use this report as an example of what a user-generated custom report might look like.15:47
menesisif schooltool is system-installed15:48
menesisthen put something in /usr/local15:49
menesisif it is a python package, easy_install --prefix=/usr/local PACKAGE15:49
th1aDoes the plugins directory do anything?15:49
menesisplugins directory is for zcml files15:50
replaceafillbut the zcml file has to point to python packages15:50
menesisyes, and they need to be on python path15:50
menesisthere was a path option in schooltool.conf but I believe it was lost long time ago15:51
menesisreplaceafill: so what do you have? a single .py file?15:52
replaceafillmenesis, my fear with the easy_install step is that there's no way to "uninstall" the package, right?15:52
replaceafillmenesis, yes15:52
replaceafillbut i'll need templates at some point15:52
replaceafillso it'll have to be a full python package15:53
replaceafill(i mean directories, etc)15:53
menesispip (a successor of easy_install) does have an uninstall command15:53
replaceafillah ok15:54
menesisinstalling into /usr/local is simplest way to put something on python path15:54
yvlhi guys15:55
replaceafillfor development, i guess i can use the command line for including the path, right?15:55
yvlsorry I'm late15:55
replaceafillhi yvl15:55
th1ahi yvl.15:55
menesisfor development just add the directory to buildout.cfg develop = line15:55
replaceafillah easier :D15:55
replaceafillkk, thanks menesis that'll keep me going :)15:56
replaceafillmenesis, i fixed the cando stests15:56
replaceafillusing chromedriver 2.615:56
replaceafilli left one still broken in the gradebook related to the Average column :(15:56
menesisreplaceafill: I saw, and checked15:57
menesisvery happy, thank you!15:57
* replaceafill done15:57
menesisreplaceafill: what test?15:58
replaceafillhold on15:58
menesisI have been working on gradebook but touched only attendance and external activities, not average15:59
replaceafillit gets broken when you have plugins enabled16:00
replaceafillbecause the extra scoresystems16:00
replaceafilli guess we can include Attendance, since the gradebook depends now on the journal, right?16:00
replaceafillbut the cando Competency one is optional16:01
menesisok I have seen such failure16:01
menesisno, journal is optional16:01
replaceafillah ok16:01
menesisbut is enabled in tests16:02
th1aThe gradebook shouldn't depend on the journal.16:02
menesisit doesn't, but there is code that uses journal, so it is enabled in tests16:03
replaceafillmenesis, ah, sorry i didn't notice the "extra" part in requires :D16:03
replaceafillin any case, that part of the test should be rewritten16:03
menesisthe test should check that everything that is expected is there16:03
menesisand ignore extra scoresystems16:04
th1aSo you're still getting to the actual new report, right replaceafill?16:07
replaceafillth1a, yes16:07
replaceafilli think i'll have it ready tomorrow16:07
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:07
th1aOK, yvl and menesis -- are there any settings that would reduce the memory footprint of SchoolTool 2.6?16:08
yvlnone I'm aware of16:09
menesis[X] Use less memory16:09
menesisno, I don't think so16:09
yvl[X] use SQL16:09
th1aJust checking. ;-)16:09
th1aWasn't sure if you could run fewer threads or something.16:09
yvlI think we can reduce it somewhat though16:10
menesisthere is number of threads setting, but it is low at 416:10
yvlat least kill caches after each report generation16:10
th1ayvl: Where would that be done?16:11
yvlwe need to develop that16:12
th1aWhat brings this up is just that our friends in Thailand have been running on E2C with just a bit over half a gig of memory and no swap.16:13
yvland that would combat some of the eventual RAM consumption growth16:14
th1aWhich is kind of miraculous that it ever worked.16:14
th1aSo that's an unreasonably low expectation.16:14
th1aHopefully it will just work with more memory.16:15
th1aSince it is too late to use SQL.  ;-) And memory is cheap.16:15
menesisI have read about "relstorage". It is not an Object-Relationship mapper, but stores pickles in an SQL database instead of FileStorage (Data.fs). It would make backup easier and maybe work better with lots of data. But of course need to set up a postgresql/mysql database, convert existing data (there's a script for that)... and the data in there is unreadable.16:16
th1aIt wouldn't be worth making that the default.16:17
th1aMaybe an option someday for SIELibre customers.  ;-)16:18
th1aI haven't looked at your branch yet.16:19
th1aWhich screens will be interesting to me?16:19
th1aAdding students to sections?16:19
yvlSchool -> Manage Enrollment (or similar)16:19
yvlor enrollment statuses16:20
yvlthen adding students to sections16:20
yvlresource and course leaders16:20
yvland members to groups16:20
yvland members to students group (special case)16:20
yvlalso, I noticed substitute teachers do not work as "active" instructors in that branch16:21
yvlafter that, I wrote evolution for everything16:21
yvland evolved ACC database16:21
yvlthe big one :)16:22
th1aAnd on the sixth day...16:22
yvlstill profiling now16:22
yvlusing sections with hundreds of students16:22
yvland skills that have ~15 equivalencies each16:23
yvl* hundreds of students added manually16:23
yvlso, it's horribly slow obviously16:23
yvlit would be cool to have data replaceafill used16:23
yvland the view also16:24
th1aI don't care if it is slow if it doesn't eat tons of memory.16:24
replaceafillyvl, social skills?16:24
replaceafillsure, hold on16:24
yvldepends on your definition of "tons"16:25
yvlif tons = gigabytes, then we're good :)16:25
replaceafillyvl, do you want it evolved already?16:25
yvlthanks man16:26
yvlas for speed16:27
yvllet's put it this way16:27
yvltemporal relationships are some 3 times slower as is16:27
yvlunless fixed, that impacts speed16:28
yvla gradebook with 100+ members renders in some 3 secs with temporal filtering cut out16:29
yvl8+ secs with16:29
th1aYes... that would be next?16:29
yvlwell, that's what I'm working on16:29
yvlI'm looking into memory footprint of relationships16:29
* th1a doesn't care if *giant evolution* takes a long time.16:30
replaceafillyvl, just PM'd you the link for the social skills db16:30
yvlI undertand and agree th1a :)16:30
th1aOk.  ;-)16:30
replaceafillyvl, and their custom views are in: lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/schooltool.socialskills16:30
yvlso one thing to look at what we're doing now16:32
yvlis optimizing db querying16:32
yvlusing some of techniques used by SQL DB devs :)16:32
th1aI'm sure.16:33
yvlbut I don't plan to spend a month on it16:34
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:34
yvlrather investigate till Wed mostly16:34
th1aSounds good.16:34
th1aThanks yvl.16:34
menesisI have been working on gradebook and journal16:35
menesisfixed attendance columns in reports16:35
menesiswell that was done earlier16:36
menesisalso external activities16:36
menesiswere not updated for scoresystems16:36
menesisthere are also external activities in cando, and I believe "total points" activity counts its value incorrectly16:37
th1aAh... yes...16:37
menesisnot sure what it should be. sum of (grade/max value).16:38
menesisbut if competencies are not completed, should they be counted or not16:38
menesisthere is another column (percent passed)16:39
menesisth1a: you know about this issue?16:39
th1aOh... you mean if you turn these columns on in CanDo?16:39
th1atotal points?16:39
menesisIn Gradebook, Add Activity, choose External Activity, and there is a choice of sources like Journal Average and two for each CanDo project16:40
th1aWe're talking about the gradebook itself.16:41
* th1a tries to remember.16:41
replaceafilli think it was something done for jelkner?16:41
th1aYou set the point value of the external activity, and it expects a % essentially from the source.16:41
th1aOK, so the question is what value should CanDo be giving you...16:42
menesisa fraction between 0 and 116:42
th1aOK, each score in cando has a Point Value.16:42
th1aIt would be the sum of the point values divided by the sum of the maximum point values.16:43
menesisexample there are three skills, two of them graded 3, another empty. so the result should be either 6/8 or 6/12.16:43
th1aYeah, well, that's a business logic decision...16:44
menesisand right now it is 6/316:44
th1aOK, that's definitely wrong.16:44
th1aI'd say 6/12.16:44
menesisbut some skills are optional?16:45
th1aGood point...16:45
th1aWell, ideally it would be a combination of the two then.16:45
th1aKind of a pita, but computers are good at math.16:46
menesisI'd say count only skills that have been graded16:46
th1aDo that until someone complains.16:46
menesisOK :)16:47
menesisso I was changing columns and reports, but the tests don't work, so wasn't sure if I broke something or not16:47
menesisinvestigated why reports are not found by tests16:48
menesisthey are registered only for new skin.16:48
menesistried to do something about it, but a few attempts failed16:49
menesisI have one idea...16:50
menesisand then I'll be done with report fixes16:50
menesisother than that, commented on questions/bugs16:51
th1aYes, we're getting a lot of feedback on LP now at least!16:52
menesisThat's good, when we can help :)16:52
th1aYeah, the "Well, I can't seem to delete my database," type responses are frustrating.16:53
menesisupgrade to 2.6 solves some complaints, and 2.6.1 will fix a few issues more, so I will push it out quickly16:53
menesisreplaceafill: you are working on one more issue? which one?16:54
th1aA quickie.16:54
replaceafillwriting a quick stest now...16:55
replaceafillspeaking of stests + reports16:55
replaceafilli have a fix request for yvl16:55
replaceafill(after he's done with the statuses ofc) :)16:55
replaceafillit's about fixing the downloads functionality in the selenium test runner16:56
replaceafillsome stests are failing at ('Download').click() part16:56
yvlplease remind me again later :)16:57
replaceafillkk, will do16:57
menesisthere is a 'Generate'  button instead. but it won't work either.16:58
menesisI have some things to finish, and will make a release tomorrow16:59
* menesis done16:59
th1aOK.  Super.17:00
th1aThanks guys.17:01
th1aSee you Wednesday.17:01
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:01
replaceafillthanks everybody, have a good week17:01
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replaceafillth1a, you around?18:06
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th1ahi replaceafill.23:42

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