IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-11-13

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.15:30
replaceafillgood afternoon15:30
yvlgood morning and afternoon15:30
th1aHow's the optimization coming replaceafill?15:30
replaceafilli modified the logic for finding equivalent15:31
replaceafillas yvl suggested15:31
replaceafilland thankfully there's a test for that15:31
replaceafilland the test pass15:31
replaceafillso i think we're ok15:31
th1aSo we're down to?15:32
replaceafillthe view  takes ~10 seconds now15:32
th1aPhew, that's still a lot.15:32
th1aCan we put a spinner up or something?15:32
replaceafillhhmm i don't know15:33
replaceafillsince it's page loading time15:33
yvlcan I look at the optimization some time later?15:33
replaceafilloh sure15:33
th1a10 seconds is not a practical problem in this context, but it is long enough that you might not think it works.15:33
replaceafillhold one15:33
th1aWhen yvl does indexing magic, is that just automatic or will the view need to be changed?15:34
yvlautomatic, if automatic is not enough, view can be changed15:34
yvl(for better speedup)15:35
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th1ahi menesis.15:36
th1abtw, I got timezone confused and have a meeting in 25 minutes.15:36
replaceafillth1a, i also fixed the bug with the spaces15:37
replaceafillin comments15:37
th1aYes, ckeditor is an example of the usability drawbacks of an option for everything.15:37
replaceafillth1a, so what's next? i guess i'll finish this optimization work today15:38
th1aI'd like to do the course report sheet report card.15:39
th1acourse worksheet.15:39
replaceafillah ok15:39
replaceafillit's just a matter of changing the source of the report, right?15:40
replaceafillfrom global report sheets to course worksheets15:40
th1aWell, it is a completely different report, really.15:40
replaceafillah ok15:40
th1aDo you want to chat about it tonight perhaps?15:41
th1aHm... 8:00 my time?15:41
replaceafill9 pm your time?15:41
replaceafillah ok15:41
replaceafill8 is ok15:41
th1aOK.  8:00.15:41
* replaceafill done15:41
replaceafillyvl, let me know if there's a better way to write my methods :)15:41
yvlokay :)15:42
replaceafilli wanted to test set.isdisjoint()15:42
replaceafillinsted of interesection15:42
th1areplaceafill:  Given that this is a custom report, are you sure we can't speed this up by just making some assumptions?15:42
replaceafillth1a, i was thinking the same15:43
replaceafillinstead of looping through labels15:43
replaceafillsince they don't change15:43
th1aYeah... we may be hamstringing ourselves by our habit of making everything universal.15:43
th1a(which is of course necessary)15:43
th1aOK, so yeah, think about that, since there is only one user for this particular report.15:44
replaceafillthe report!15:44
replaceafilli haven't profiled that15:44
replaceafilli will15:44
replaceafillthanks for reminding me ;)15:44
th1aThat's my job.  ;-)15:44
th1aThanks replaceafill.15:44
th1amenesis: Have you thought about your rest-of-year tasks?15:45
menesisth1a: yes, a little15:45
menesisI wrote a short list of themes I should work on15:46
menesisfrom the task list15:46
menesisbut it's the same tasks that have been dragging15:47
th1aThe question really is which ones do you think you can really complete with a push.15:48
th1aI guess all the big ones have been hanging around for years...15:48
menesis*** CKEditor migration (includes work upstream on zope.html)15:49
menesis*** bin/schooltool wrapper around supervisor15:49
menesis*** Stop using Liberation fonts15:50
menesis*** Unicode usernames (includes a fix in z.a.publication)15:50
menesis*** Remove old skin, update ftests to test flourish or remove15:50
menesis*** Upgrade to buildout 215:50
menesis*** Ask for manager password on first access?15:50
menesisthose are for schooltool source15:50
menesisand ubuntu packages... when there is a `schooltool` script the init scripts can be updated15:51
menesisother than that15:51
menesisthere is online backup question15:52
th1aThat's helpful, actually.15:52
th1aBecause probably the more feature oriented things I'm thinking about replaceafill would be relatively able to do if we get to that point.15:53
th1aWhereas the in-the-weeds packaging stuff, probably it is better to have you do it.15:53
th1aHow do you feel about the unicode username one?15:54
menesisWell yes that's what we've been doing15:54
menesisunicode username in fact is simple15:54
menesisone-line fix to a zope library15:55
th1aWell, things like help and backup are inbetween.15:55
menesisor a try-except clause15:55
th1aAt this point, I'm not worried about Mark suddenly objecting to us committing a small fix to Zope core.15:55
menesisthen need to remove check from schooltool and see what breaks.15:56
th1aI think we've pretty well established we're not going to waste his money on Zope fixes.  ;-)15:56
menesisbut I've had people with unicode usernames and have fixed what broke long ago15:56
menesisof cause there can be new issues, like I was fixing before the release15:57
menesiswhen schoolyear name has unicode chars15:57
menesisbut yes I should solve this15:57
menesisI have all the needed permissions for zope15:58
th1aYeah, fixing underlying Zope stuff right now makes sense.15:58
menesisRegarding Liberation fonts, there is only one report left that use it. And I was rewriting it. Then all the reports will use only Ubuntu font16:00
menesisand configuration can be simplified16:00
th1aSo basically... you can just continue as before.  ;-)16:01
menesismaybe even configurable (Asian languages need their own font)16:01
menesisOK, but I should really focus on these tasks...16:03
menesisOh, and I have to write down release/packaging procedure16:05
menesisAnd you want me to help integrate the book.16:06
th1aWell, probably the book is the least important.16:07
th1aThat could take a while.16:07
th1aOK, thanks menesis.16:08
th1aI'm going to need to go in a minute...16:08
yvlworking on various custom statuses this week16:09
yvlfew hours from having them done16:09
yvlthey're somewhat extensive IMHO now16:09
yvlcompleted statuses for seciton enrollment16:09
yvlgraduated statuses for students16:10
yvlsubstitutes for teachers16:10
th1aOoh!  Substitute teachers?16:10
yvlyep :)16:10
th1aOK... so, should we schedule a demo?16:10
th1aOr just tell me how to set it up?16:10
yvlsure, once I push everything16:10
yvlyou'll need a fresh database probably16:11
yvlthing is, there's a lot of work left on actually using the statuses16:11
th1aI'm sure.16:11
yvlok, I'll guess I'll have to explain a bit more how they're done later on16:12
yvlin short:16:12
yvlwe have the "system part"16:12
yvlthat is dropdowns16:12
yvlthey can be pre-defined combo statuses16:12
yvllike active / graduated16:12
yvlinactive / graduated16:12
yvlso on16:12
yvland customizable user statuses, that have those values16:13
yvlalso users must input unique codes (letters) for them16:13
yvlfor import/export, TBD.16:13
yvlthat's it in a nutshell16:13
th1aOK.  Let me know when I can check it out.16:14
yvlof course16:14
th1aOK, thanks guys!16:14
th1aHave a good week/end.16:14
yvlthanks guys!16:14
th1aSee you tonight replaceafill.16:14
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:15
replaceafillthanks everybody16:18
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yvlwith many unpolished edges, but should roughly work18:19
th1aThanks yvl.18:27
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:02
replaceafillhey th1a22:02
th1aHow's it going?22:03
replaceafilli profiled the report22:03
replaceafillalmost same time22:03
replaceafill~15 sec22:04
replaceafilli think some logic in the template slows it down a bit22:04
replaceafilland i thought about what you said on making assumptions22:04
th1aDid you think about assumptions we might make?22:04
replaceafillthere's always the same labels22:05
replaceafillit's not necessary to loop over them22:05
replaceafilltrying to be dynamic22:05
replaceafilli'm going to try that next22:06
replaceafillafter the meeting ;)22:06
th1aDo you have the mail and report from D P (moving on to the meeting...)22:06
replaceafillgot it22:07
replaceafilldorm report :)22:08
replaceafillattitude :D22:08
replaceafilli hadn't seen that part22:08
th1aI had to wonder if the bet wetting part was some kind of put-on.22:08
th1aAnyhow, we're interested in page 2.22:09
th1aConsider this a draft.22:09
th1awe really need an example -- a skeleton -- for just a custom report.22:10
th1aTechnically this doesn't need to be a .deb even, right?22:10
replaceafillyou mean, one that the user can code?22:10
th1aJust as an example of "OK, if you want a custom report, here's an example."22:11
th1aWith the ZCML, etc.22:11
replaceafillgot it22:11
replaceafillmaybe a external python package that the user can include under plugins/22:11
th1aplugins where?22:12
replaceafillso they don't mess with the core code22:12
replaceafillhas a plugins/ directory22:12
replaceafilli think you can put zcml there22:12
replaceafillthat gets included22:12
replaceafillyep, site.zcml has this line:22:13
replaceafill<include files="plugins/*.zcml" />22:13
th1aYes.  We just don't have an example of that.22:13
replaceafillwhat kind of sample report?22:13
replaceafillsomething on demographics maybe?22:13
replaceafillsince they're customizable22:14
replaceafilllist of section students with some custom demographics?22:14
th1aThe course worksheet one!22:14
th1aThe one we're working on.22:14
replaceafillhhmm ok22:15
th1aI'm just saying, lets do it quick and let D P look at it.22:15
replaceafillyou need to understand the data model well to do that imho22:15
replaceafilli mean22:15
th1aWe're doing it!22:15
th1aI just mean let's do it and let him install it in plugins.22:15
th1aAnd then we also have an example.22:16
replaceafillgot it22:16
replaceafilli understand22:16
th1aOK.  ;-)22:16
replaceafilllet's document this feature!22:16
th1aIndeed.  I get asked about it.22:16
th1aLet's stick with the landscape format.22:16
th1aWe're just talking about page 2.22:17
replaceafillwhat about those groupings:22:17
replaceafillEnglish Language, Physical Education22:17
th1aWell, those are courses.22:17
replaceafillare those SchoolTool courses?22:17
th1aWe just don't have Core/Fundamental grouping.22:17
replaceafilland Literature, Grammar, etc, sheets?22:17
th1aThat would be a c ustom thing.22:17
replaceafillah ok22:17
th1aI think Literature, Grammar, etc. are just Activities.22:18
th1aWell, let's say that for now.  They COULD be sheets.22:18
replaceafilli thought about sheets because of the Term 1, Term 2 columns22:18
th1aThey're deployed per term, right?22:19
th1aSo it will work if they are activities.22:19
th1aDon't worry about the CA at this point.22:20
th1aHm... comments would have to come from a "regular" report sheet?22:20
replaceafillthose are the only ones that allow comments22:21
th1aWe could just look for comments in any relevant deployed report sheets.22:22
replaceafillor we could allow the user to set the scoresystem on regular activities ;)22:23
replaceafillbut i guess this should work with 2.622:23
replaceafillso that's not an option22:24
replaceafilluse comments from the report card layout? too complicated?22:25
th1aWe could do that...22:25
th1aYeah, sure.22:25
replaceafillat least the user would have some degree of control22:26
replaceafillinstead of retrieving everything automatically22:26
th1aYeah, I briefly was hoping for magic, but you brought me back to reality.22:26
replaceafillcourse report layout!22:28
th1aThe style should be the flourish version of their basic layout.22:28
th1aI'd like this to just require a dialog if possible.22:29
replaceafilla dialog?22:29
th1aNot a whole layout form.22:30
th1aClick the report link, get the dialog, run the report.22:30
th1aMaybe just a drop down for the comments, since you know they have to be coming from a deployed report sheet.22:31
replaceafillbut it'll be something peristent?22:32
th1aNot if we do it that way.22:33
th1aI mean, practically speaking, it will be a drop down that says Comment: and has a menu where 90% of the time there will be on choice, labeled "Comment"22:33
th1aone choice22:34
replaceafilloh, i thought you wanted something like the outline items part of the report card layout form22:35
replaceafillwhere the user could select the comments to include in the rerpot22:35
th1aWell, let's assume that there is just one.22:36
replaceafilljust one comment per course?22:36
th1aYeah (section, per term).22:36
replaceafillah ok22:36
th1aThat's going to be all anyone wants 99% of the time.22:37
th1aYou can have multiple comments in the other form because... why not.  We already had a complicated form.22:37
th1aSometimes you have very verbose scores systems too.22:37
th1aWe're not worried about that here.22:37
replaceafillgot it22:38
replaceafillwe're not doing the Final Marks table, right?22:39
replaceafilli'd remove the two column/landscape part from the "example"22:41
replaceafillit's what worries me the most at this point :)22:42
th1aGo ahead.22:42
th1aI was suspecting that would take the most time!22:42
replaceafillyeah :(22:43
replaceafillnot saying we won't do it ;)22:43
replaceafillthe header22:43
replaceafilland footer22:43
replaceafillstandard footer22:43
replaceafilland just a title for the header?22:43
replaceafillor do you want additional "subtitle" lines?22:44
th1aSame header/footer as regular report card I guess.22:44
replaceafillah ok22:44
th1aSubtitle lines?22:44
replaceafillthe small lines below the header22:44
replaceafilllike Instructor(s): ..... in some report22:45
replaceafillsection roster i think, don't remember exaclty22:45
th1aOh yeah, he doesn't have instructors.22:45
replaceafillok, i'll stick with the report card header22:46
replaceafilli guess, that's it right?22:46
replaceafillit *should* be straightforward22:46
th1aIt should be!22:47
th1aYeah, don't get lost in any rabbit holes.22:47
* replaceafill prepares the screencast: How to code a report in ST22:47
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.22:49
replaceafillthanks th1a22:49
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