IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-10-23

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th1aOh... nobody is here...15:30
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th1ahi menesis.15:54
menesissorry, did not notice that xchat did not reconnect after resume15:56
th1aIt is a known bug.15:57
th1aI tried the alternatives because of that bug but couldn't break away.15:57
th1aThat is -- xchat does not check its settings when it reconnects.15:57
th1aSo for me when it reconnects it reverts to a blocked port.15:58
th1aSo it fails every time.15:58
th1areplaceafill is recovering.  The main problem is just sitting comfortably.15:58
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th1aNothing out of the ordinary though.15:59
th1ahi yvl.15:59
th1areplaceafill is recovering.  The main problem is just sitting comfortably.15:59
th1aNothing out of the ordinary though.15:59
yvlhi guys15:59
menesisgood to hear15:59
yvlsorry I'm late15:59
menesisI have not had such surgery15:59
th1aReturning to our conversation from yesterday, do I need to update a key or something on the webserver to rsync my changes to the book to the web server?16:02
menesisoh, yes16:03
menesisneed to add the contents of to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server16:04
menesisbut you can connect with a password?16:04
menesisthen do "ssh-copy-id"16:05
th1aIf I knew what my password was I've forgotten it.16:05
menesisI can reset it16:05
th1alet me double check first16:06
th1aI guess you should reset it.16:06
th1aAnything to report menesis?16:19
menesisI have looked at a couple crashers16:20
menesisDone button from group view16:20
menesiscannot reproduce.16:21
menesisbut made it so that when you click on one of person's groups16:21
menesisdone button returns to the person, not the group list16:21
th1aAh, thanks.16:21
th1aDid you see I found some leads on the style not reloading in Chrome?16:22
th1aThat is, a relevant Chrome bug.16:22
menesisyes, I have starred the bug16:22
menesisbut there is no good solution in the discussions16:23
menesisit no longer happens to me16:23
th1aIt seemed like a few specific things might trigger it.16:23
th1aI still seem to get it.16:23
th1aIt's just worth checking  for a quick workaround.16:24
menesisIf the problem is HTTP 304 pages including body...16:25
th1aYes it isn't worth a giant wild goose chase.16:26
menesisThen it is somewhere deep in the stack where I don't want to dive into16:26
menesisThe same problem was acknowledged with a wide variety of web technologies16:27
menesisSo I did nothing about it, apart from reading16:29
th1aOK.  Yes, understood.16:29
th1aI just need to ask if we're missing something obvious.16:29
th1aAnything else?  I expect a post-release lull, so it isn't a big deal.16:32
menesisI have looked at testing, viewlets16:32
menesisFixed "Messages" not translated in the Home page16:32
menesisBTW, yvl, what is the purpose of the "Group" column in that table?16:34
menesisit is never set, it seems16:34
yvlwell, the intent was to separate messages16:34
yvlexport/import from reports16:35
yvlmaybe add school reports and so on16:35
yvlcategory would be a better name retrospectively16:35
th1aMore like "type?"16:35
menesisMessages are supposed to change significantly16:37
menesisSo no big deal, just puzzled by empty column16:37
menesisRemoved 2.3 builders from buildbot, I have not touched that series since April.16:38
menesisBut yes I'm still in post-release chill16:39
* menesis done16:39
th1aThanks menesis.16:39
yvlI'm mostly done with the custom states16:41
yvland will move onto evolution soon16:41
yvla small question - are there some obvious places where I could use "graduated class" state?16:42
yvlit's not urgent, but it would be good to have some usecases16:44
th1aWe could list them on the student view.16:44
yvlmakes sense16:45
th1aYou could give people a Courses accordion.16:45
th1aSince that would be more meaningful than completing a "section."16:45
th1aPeople care about what courses you completed, not which sections.16:46
yvlok, that makes sense16:47
yvlso we're nearing the end of initial temporal relationship implementation16:49
yvloptimization will be next16:49
* yvl done16:49
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.16:49
th1aHopefully we'll have replacefill back next week.16:49
th1aI guess you guys have next friday off, too.16:50
yvloh, right16:50
th1aHave a good week/end.16:51
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:51
yvlsee you soon16:51
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