IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-10-21

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th1ahi yvl, menesis.15:34
yvlgood afternoon15:34
th1areplaceafill seems to be recovering ok.15:35
th1aPerhaps not well enough to get up at the crack of dawn for the meeting.15:36
yvlglad to hear15:36
th1aWhen does Lithuania end DST?15:36
yvlhope he's back on his feet soon :)15:36
yvlhmm, soonish15:37
th1aI think it is next weekend here.15:37
yvlthis weekend here15:37
th1athis = next?15:38
yvlOct 2715:38
th1aOK...So next week we can keep the same local time and replaceafill can sleep in an hour?15:39
th1aSince he has no DST.15:40
th1ayvl: How are things coming?15:40
yvlI've reverted to the state I've shown you15:41
yvland am taking a different under-the-hood approach15:41
yvla bit simpler15:41
yvlbecause of speed concerns15:42
th1aThat's probably a good idea.15:42
yvlI think so15:42
yvllooking at biggish database from last week changed my opinion on few things :)15:44
yvlso not much to report today15:45
yvlwork in progress...15:45
th1aAssume you're going to do some relationship performance work next-ish.15:46
yvlmakes sense15:47
yvlbtw, expect slow evolution script15:47
yvlwill need to catalog a lot of data15:47
yvlor put to btrees in some other fashion15:48
th1aSlow is fine as long as the memory constraint is not bad.15:48
* yvl agrees15:48
th1aThe memory usage.15:48
th1aOK, cool.15:49
menesisFirst, there was timezone fix15:50
menesisI also implemented15:50
menesisinitial timezone to be set to server default15:50
menesispackaged and released15:51
th1aOK, so I should note that in the docs.15:51
menesisbut the archive was already closed at the time :(15:51
th1aOh, oop.15:51
menesisyes, I have separated them in the release notes15:51
th1aTo the user it will just look like the same form is automatically filled out?15:52
menesisyes, default timezone was UTC. now a local timezone is set15:52
menesisworks on ubuntu only15:53
menesisthere is a small package, tzlocal, to determine server's timezone15:53
menesisbut it's not available on ubuntu15:53
menesisI will use it optionally15:54
menesiswhat else15:54
menesissome launchpad maintenance15:55
menesisclosed some bugs15:55
menesislooking what can I do next15:56
menesishave some unfinished code, cleanup15:56
menesise.g. package versions in Server page15:57
menesisjust recently started working today15:58
* menesis done15:58
th1aI do have a dream of a package that helps with the necessary sys admin tasks for SchoolTool -- backup, running with Apache/SSL...15:59
th1aSo if you've ever wondering what you might do...15:59
menesisI know...16:00
th1aYou have trouble pulling the trigger on it.16:00
menesisyes, proper backup is needed16:01
menesishave to try and document repozo16:01
th1aYes, that's certainly a worthwhile task.16:02
menesisok will move that up16:02
menesishave done some coding this month, wanted continue16:03
menesisthere are some other overdue bugs16:03
th1aYes, there are always more bugs!16:05
th1aDo you want any particular guidance on that?  You should have a pretty good idea of priority/difficulty in general.16:06
menesisI was reviewing my task and bug lists16:08
th1aThere are a few new bugs I triaged but didn't assign last week with replaceafill's status in flux.16:08
th1aFeel free to take them.16:08
menesisWill see16:09
menesisI don't have any urgent bug on radar16:09
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.16:12
th1aI think that's it for today.16:12
th1aIt's quiet without replaceafill around.  ;-)16:14
th1aSee you Wednesday.16:14
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:14
yvlsee you Wed16:14
yvland replaceafill hopefully :)16:14
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