IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-10-14

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th1ahi yvl, menesis.15:30
th1areplaceafill just had his appendix removed.15:31
yvlgood afternoon15:31
th1aHe's fine but will be out for a few days.15:32
th1aThe good news is that he got the surgery on time, and it seems to have gone fine.15:33
th1aIt was pretty sudden.15:33
yvlgood to hear he's ok15:34
yvlget better soon, replaceafill! :)15:34
th1aOK, so we're all released, menesis?15:36
th1aI seem to have 2.6.0...15:36
th1aAny outstanding issues?15:36
menesisnot sure15:36
menesisnothing new came up that is now more broken than before15:37
menesisexcept „first day of terms missing“ bug15:38
th1aYes, but that probably isn't new.15:38
th1aSo timetables have their own timezone?15:38
menesisan opposite bug, „first day of the month is in previous month“ was fixed for this release15:39
yvlit could be that15:39
menesisand timetables cannot be edited15:39
menesisor their timezone set15:40
th1aI would say yvl is going to have to look at this.15:43
yvlI did :)15:43
yvlfirst, it's very likely that it's the bug menesis mentioned15:44
yvlvery, very likely15:44
yvlbecause the bug does excatly that: displays schedules as seen from UTC15:44
yvlas in - ignores app timezone setting15:45
yvlthen again, it would be good to know what timezone the school timetable is stored in15:46
yvlso... I asked for more info, and will see what happens15:48
yvland menesis also asked for more helpful info15:48
yvl(after posting I noticed I just repeated one of his questions)15:49
th1aOK, so what's on your plate now menesis?15:51
menesisnot sure15:51
menesisI did quite a lot just before the release15:51
menesismostly i18n fixes for gradebook and journal15:52
menesisalso test fixes15:52
menesisbut I left a few test failures that can be fixed the same way15:52
menesiswould really like tests turn green...15:53
th1aThat's ok with me.15:54
menesisthe bug about timezones lead me to a bug that I am assigned to15:54
menesisthat timezone should be automatically set from server's15:55
menesisbut I did not have time for that before the release15:55
th1aI guess that would make sense.15:56
th1aMaking the timezones consistent is the main objective.15:56
th1aI don't really care if the timezone is correct as long as it is consistent.15:57
menesisI should review what other bugs are assigned to me, because I have quite a few and haven't done anything about them15:58
menesise.g. migrate to ckeditor15:58
menesisnon-ascii usernames15:58
menesisand known password on installation15:58
th1aOK.  Yes, you can generally treat this as post-release cleanup.15:59
menesisI have poked at zope.html/ckeditor last month but have postponed that again16:00
th1aI'd say now (ish) is the time for those chores.16:00
th1aAll right, anything else, menesis?16:05
menesisno, everything I've done is commited and released16:05
menesisI haven't updated versions in the daily trunk ppa.16:06
menesisbut there are no changes yet.16:07
menesiswill update today16:07
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.  Good job on the release.  I'll make some announcements today.16:07
th1aKeep working on the docs...16:07
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yvltook an impromptu day off this Friday16:12
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yvlworked on custom status configurations16:13
yvlalso looked at evolution strategies16:13
yvland am a bit worried about performance16:14
yvland I looked at timetables today16:14
th1aWell, we're apparently getting to the point where we have to worry about performance.16:15
yvlfrankly, doing the relationship statuses feels like building the top of house of cards16:15
yvlhence the slowness16:16
yvlof implementation16:16
yvlI'll be careful :)16:17
th1aIs there anything in particular we should be doing to the foundation of the house of cards?16:18
yvluse SQL?16:18
yvlreally, I do not know16:18
yvlmaybe it will be good enough16:19
yvlmaybe we need to refactor heavily16:19
yvlas in - I don't think we have resources at the moment to refactor heavily16:21
yvlso we should find a way to make it work as is16:22
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th1a...and we're back.16:27
yvlwelcome back th1a16:27
th1aSo far the internet here has been very reliable...16:27
th1aOK, so anything else yvl?16:27
th1aKeep plugging at relationship statuses?16:28
yvlso the situation now is16:28
yvlthat we are kind of pushing the limits of straightforward implementations16:28
yvlwe may have to spend some time profiling and optimizing16:29
yvland it may as well take half of, say, November16:29
th1aI can see that.16:30
yvljust a heads up16:30
yvlbut it's not hopeless :)16:31
yvlanyway, first things first.16:31
th1aWhat do you suspect we'll end up doing?16:31
yvlif everything goes well, just not to add statuses to things that have many relationships16:32
yvlno cando skill statuses :)16:32
yvlif not so much, profile and see where the load is16:33
yvlsome of it may be in relationships - a while ago I experimented with cataloged lookup16:33
yvlit worked much faster16:33
th1aYes, ok.16:34
yvlanother part of the load may be in attendance and skill score history16:34
yvlalso we may put statuses to per-year buckets16:35
yvlnothing will change from user perspective16:35
yvlor actually16:35
yvleven to roughly per-term bucktes16:35
yvlbut in database, they will be "piled up"16:35
yvland not loaded unless users actually look at them16:36
yvlso we have ways out16:36
yvlthat's the state of things16:37
* yvl done :)16:37
th1aThese are things yvl should be working on in his last two months.16:37
th1aTidying up things replaceafill will be reluctant to dive into.16:37
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.  See you Wednesday.16:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:38
yvlsee you soon16:39
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