IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2013-10-10

th1aIt is more like "Casual Interaction > 1:1 > skill"00:01
replaceafillare you going to adjust it?00:01
replaceafillsocialskills is pretty hard coded to that setup00:01
replaceafilli mean, not hard-coded00:02
replaceafill*expects* that setup00:02
th1aIt isn't necessary.00:02
th1aI'm going to try to clarify this though.00:02
th1aOK do we have a server?00:26
th1aI'd better remind myself of how this works before I do anything else.00:26
th1aHm... I have some errors.00:38
replaceafillconverting or importing?00:39
th1aImporting... missing some skillset titles.00:40
replaceafillmaybe you have blank lines between skills00:40
th1aThis is yours.00:41
replaceafillone of the sheets dwelsh sent us had them00:41
replaceafilldwelsh's ;)00:41
th1aIs that corrected in a different version?00:41
th1aYes, not YOURS.00:41
replaceafillyes, hold on00:41
replaceafilllines 44-45 in autism_complist2_emergent_skills_8-15-201200:42
replaceafilli'll send you the fixed xls00:42
th1aDo they just associate these with courses?  Do we have sheets for that?00:55
replaceafillok, let me understand something here00:55
replaceafillare you just importing the xls files i sent you?00:55
replaceafillor your modifying them to include your demo data?00:55
th1aI'm just making sure I know how Steven does it.00:56
replaceafillah ok00:56
th1aSo no, not modifying.00:56
replaceafillso what i did is00:56
replaceafilli took the generated autism_skills.xls00:56
replaceafilland for each "group" (node)00:56
replaceafilli added a label00:56
replaceafillSS1, SS2, SS300:56
replaceafillsteven has those three ST courses00:56
replaceafilli mean, with those Course IDs00:57
replaceafillso you can match them using the batch assign view00:57
replaceafilli can send you my generated autism_skills.xls with the modifications if you want00:57
replaceafillyou'll need to update your ST courses to match00:57
replaceafilland steven never did this :(00:58
replaceafillwe did :D00:58
replaceafilljust sent you the modified xls00:59
replaceafillcheck the Nodes sheet00:59
replaceafillLabel column00:59
th1aOK, well, I can certainly see why this is necessary because the manual add method for the course is fucking unusable.01:00
th1aIt would be ok if I could add the whole course.01:02
th1aOK... well, that'll need to be fixed eventually.01:02
replaceafillin a common set up, the manual add method at least work for that01:03
replaceafillbut here, we have one level more of indirection01:03
replaceafillbut yes, it should work for any setup01:03
th1aOK.  I got a section set up.01:13
replaceafillno tabs for teacher001 :D01:20
replaceafillhope it's the hidden feature ;)01:20
replaceafilli just logged in as teacher00101:21
th1aJust Home | CanDo ?01:21
th1aI turned the other ones off.01:21
replaceafilllooks nice01:21
th1aThat is a feature.01:21
th1aThe hiding features feature.01:21
replaceafillwe should have a hiding feature for report links...01:22
replaceafilli just saw Glenda's email:01:23
replaceafill"I'm not too concerned with the Gradebook Export or Printable Worksheet reports because we really don't use them"01:23
th1aMainly it just looks like I'll demo Steven's skills on Friday, which is fine.01:25
replaceafillah ok01:26
replaceafillwhat time is your meeting?01:26
th1aUh... noon EDT.01:26
th1aI'm going to watch the end of yesterday's baseball game now.01:26
th1aGood night replaceafill, thanks.01:26
replaceafillsee u th1a01:26
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