IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-10-08

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* th1a keeps forgetting that xgnome-chat can't reconnect correctly after suspend.12:50
th1aHow are we doing, yvl?12:50
yvlslo-o-o-o-o-w :)13:18
th1aAny insights?13:22
yvlnot sure what you'd like to know here13:35
yvlso the status is13:36
yvlI'm working13:36
yvlit will take time13:36
yvla lot of time13:36
yvland I don't know how much13:36
th1aWell... do you have a clearer sense of the problem?13:37
yvlit is as clear as it was yesterday13:37
th1aWhat time is it there?13:37
th1aI guess now I still feel like you should be a day ahead of me!13:38
yvlit's 1:40 PM13:38
th1aYou haven't been working that long.13:38
th1aOK, never mind.13:38
th1aLet me know if you've learned anything by the end of the day.13:38
yvlall I can say is that there is progress13:38
th1aI'll just have to decide in a day or two whether or not to punt (and just run this on some box with enough memory) at least insofar as getting Steven running.13:40
th1aI don't want to make him wait a week and then do that anyhow.13:41
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?18:28
replaceafillth1a, yes18:29
th1aI think I can at least convince jelkner to do something that will be usable in SchoolTool.18:30
th1aDid you see the emails I was exchanging with Steven about pruning his database?18:31
th1aThose are scripts you're going to need to know able to know how to do, if you don't already.18:32
replaceafillso what's the idea?18:33
replaceafillload the current branches18:33
replaceafillso no evolution takes place18:33
replaceafillwrite a custom script to remove those sections18:33
replaceafilland then set up current trunks and check evolution18:33
replaceafillby current branches i mean what steven's server is currently using :)18:34
th1aYeah, basically replaceafill.18:39
replaceafillkk, i'll work on that today then18:40
th1aI mean, it should be pretty straightforward, right?18:40
* replaceafill is scared of using "straightforward" in this project (socialskills) now18:40
replaceafill"sure this should take a day or two..."18:40
replaceafillthen you get to resize your hard drive, etc, etc ;)18:41
th1aLet me just ask you something...18:41
replaceafillbut yes18:41
replaceafillit should be simple18:41
th1aDo you have any thoughts about how we can do section skills without literally making copies.18:41
th1aSome kind of proxy something (waving hands).18:41
th1aLazy blah blah...18:42
th1aAlso, it seems like one copy per group of linked sections would work and in this case cut the copies by 3/4.18:42
replaceafillbut why just one copy?18:43
replaceafillyou need the 4, don't you?18:43
th1aPractically I don't know that you do in linked sections.18:43
replaceafillotherwise you have the problem we had last year18:43
replaceafillyou grade term 118:43
th1aOh, right.18:43
replaceafilland all the other terms get the same grade18:43
th1aI feel like the convenience of "Oh, we'll just make copies of things" has finally caught up to us.18:46
replaceafillwell, also consider that *this* database is from august 201218:46
replaceafilljust when we *started* cando18:47
replaceafillafaik CTE or jelkner folks haven't had any trouble on that regard18:47
replaceafillok, gotta go18:48
replaceafillsee you later th1a18:48
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replaceafillth1a, 1070 sections in total21:23
replaceafillwith no instructors or students21:23
replaceafillalmost 50%!21:24
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th1areplaceafill:  Have you tried to run it?23:33
replaceafillth1a, yes23:34
replaceafillso, 1k sections less23:34
replaceafillevolve on trunk now takes ~50 min/1h23:34
replaceafillbut memory is almost the same23:34
replaceafillmy 8GB are filled and then 1 GB of swap is used23:35
replaceafillserver takes ~3min to start now23:35
replaceafillinstead of 5min23:35
replaceafilland file size is 2.1 GB after evolution23:35
replaceafillinstead of 3.4 GB of yesterday23:35
replaceafilli still don't think their server will be able to handle it23:36
replaceafilli meant, the ST service takes ~3min to start now23:37
th1aIs that a lot more than Dave's CanDo instances?23:40
replaceafilla lot more what?23:40
replaceafilla lot more23:40
replaceafillACC database is currently at...23:40
replaceafill1.2 GB23:41
th1aStartup time?23:41
replaceafillbut ACC has only 243 sections23:41
th1aI was trying to think of what a normal number of sections is.23:42
th1aBut now that I think of it, maybe I was doing it wrong.23:42
th1a50 teachers times... say 8 periods is 400 sections.23:42
th1aI think we would have to not literally copy the section skills.23:43
th1aThat's the bloat right?23:43
replaceafillyes, i think so23:43
replaceafilli still think we're ok, as long as you don't try to evolve from nothing to evolve323:44
replaceafilla database with 1k sections!23:44
replaceafillbut for *this* case, we're kind of stuck :(23:45
th1aWell, it would still be the same size if it was not evolved, right?23:45
th1aIf they just associated the skills with the courses and made the sections?23:45
replaceafillah, you mean starting the same setup from scratch?23:46
replaceafilli'm not sure23:46
replaceafilli don't trust that evolve1 script so much23:46
replaceafilli wonder if it creates unnecessary stuff23:46
replaceafillbut yeah, maybe it would be a similar file size23:47
replaceafillthe matter is imho23:47
replaceafillthat we're using SKILLS to represent SCORES23:47
replaceafillin this setup23:48
th1aAnd they have a lot of text.23:50
th1aMaybe we don't have to copy all the text?23:50
th1aCan that just come from the "original?"23:50
replaceafillmodifying skills currently takes active years into account23:52
replaceafillsay you have this years skills23:52
replaceafillyou modify the global ones23:52
replaceafillthe changes cascade to the sections23:52
replaceafillnext year, your changes won't cascade to this year's sections23:52
replaceafilliirc it's possible to override some attributes of the "original" one23:53
replaceafillthat's what we do with course skills23:54
replaceafillfor allowing the user to override required/retired23:54

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