IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-09-27

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th1aHi replaceafill.15:32
replaceafillgood afternoon th1a15:32
replaceafilli just sent you a sample pdf15:33
replaceafillgenerated from a test run15:33
replaceafillthe autocomplete has broken our selenium extension :(15:34
th1a(eh to breaking selenium)15:34
replaceafillso i had to insert some random values15:34
replaceafilli'll try to fix it later15:35
th1aDo comments go below?15:35
replaceafillyes, below each course15:35
th1aCan you show me that too?15:36
replaceafilli'm still trying to find a way to score comments in a selenium test15:36
replaceafillhold on, i think i have a sample from a previous run15:37
th1aFirst, replaceafill, let me say you've done good work on this.15:41
th1aI wish I'd not tried to make Vinny's design work.15:42
th1aWhat do you think?15:42
replaceafillcompared to what we had...15:42
replaceafillit looks way better ofc15:42
th1aCompared to unflourished?15:42
replaceafilli have another sample here of the "previous" version15:42
replaceafilland yikes...15:43
replaceafilli like vinny's design15:43
th1aIt would be this or a grid, which would be the standard solution to the problem.15:43
replaceafillmaybe we could try a more "tablish" approach15:44
replaceafillsimilar to the unflorished one15:44
replaceafillbut prettier :)15:44
th1aThe stripes here are too much and repeating the term names everywhere is too much.15:45
replaceafillwant me to send you the unflorished one?15:45
th1aUh... yes.  I guess.15:45
th1aI'll try not to barf.15:45
replaceafillthe unflorished version puts all comments below the table15:47
th1aYeah... I'm afraid that's better.15:47
th1aVinnie's design had some merits, but it makes too many assumptions.15:47
replaceafilli think we should put the teacher in a separate column15:49
replaceafillCourse | Instructors | grades....15:49
replaceafillthis is weird! the old version is making more sense now...15:50
replaceafillit's just a table!15:51
th1aI've been feeling like that too but had trouble facing up to it.15:51
replaceafillhow should we display comments?15:52
replaceafilli guess i don't have a sample for that...15:52
th1aYou could format it basically as it is in Vinny's version, you just don't need the gray bar in the header (or the row of term scores).15:54
th1aCourse ... Instructors15:54
th1aC2: Vanessa is good at electricity.15:55
replaceafillah ok15:55
replaceafillok, this should be straightforward then15:58
replaceafillput the table back, comments below15:58
replaceafilli guess we're not using bold fonts anymore for scores15:59
replaceafilli'll send you an update in a couple of hours (i think)16:01
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:03
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replaceafillth1a, is saucy fully usable? maybe i should upgrade18:09
th1aWell, I haven't gotten to the gradebook.18:10
th1aI tried to uninstall my trunk package but I'm showing 2.5.4dev, so I don't know what that means.18:17
replaceafilldid you try replacing it with another ppa_18:20
th1aI think not.18:20
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PreSalesQuestionHi, I hate to ask a dumb question but since there is no direct download, where can I get the software so I can test it?19:12
th1aHi PreSalesQuestion: It is easiest to install it on Ubuntu Linux.19:30
replaceafillhhmm the Absences By Day report doesn't work for me...20:07
replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:28
PreSalesQuestionI saw that it would run with Windows Python.  I know it is not supported but will it work?  I know Plone will, for example.23:01
PreSalesQuestionWhat about in a virtualbox from Oracle/Sun?23:02
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