IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-09-25

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pablogimenezhi everybody01:13
pablogimenezi have a question01:13
pablogimenezwhat can i "rollover" all students01:14
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th1ahi yvl, menesis.15:49
yvlhi th1a15:49
th1aGood work isolating the jquery bug menesis.15:50
menesisI haven't really fixed it15:51
menesishave to update the themed css (created by themeroller)15:51
menesisbut then on older ubuntu releases will have a reverse problem of too old included jqueryui15:52
menesisthe generated css is formatted differently15:52
menesisso it is hard to spot the differences15:53
menesiswill try to reformat and compare again15:53
menesisbut shelved it for now because the immediate problem was solved15:53
th1aSo the "no reports at all" bug is fixed (released?) but there are a number of other formatting issues?15:54
menesisI only changed the saucy package15:56
menesisto use the included jqueryui15:57
menesisso it is the same as in developer sandbox15:57
menesisI have tried to update properly, but saw layout issues15:58
menesisand did not want to dig too much into tweaking css15:58
menesisbut yes, report dialog now appears15:59
menesisalso change password dialog had the same issue15:59
th1aOK, so if I update my trunk I'll have the new version?16:02
menesistrunk ppa?16:04
menesisI have not changed the source16:05
menesisand... no, I forgot about the trunk ppa16:05
menesisif you have saucy and trunk ppa16:05
menesishave to copy the change over there16:05
th1aSo do we theoretically need to sniff the jquery version if we're going to have a single release across both versions?16:07
menesisa single release that uses system jqueryui16:09
th1aYes, but that'll be different on 12.04 right?16:10
menesisI hope that the differences between theme css are small and can be made suitable for both versions16:10
menesisbut I have not yet narrowed down what has really changed16:11
menesisapart from new .ui-front class for dialogs16:11
th1aWhat are the versions?  Have you looked at the jquery docs?16:11
menesisin saucy there is jqueryui 1.10 and in older ones 1.816:12
th1aAnything else menesis?16:16
menesishave fixed tests with reversed names16:16
menesisand merged to trunk16:16
menesisbut there are conflicts16:17
menesisalso sorting order is not used in gradebook pdfs16:17
menesisso was fixing that today16:17
menesisnot pushed yet16:18
th1aAh, ok.  Good.16:18
menesisbut will finish with that soon16:18
* menesis done16:18
th1aThanks menesis.16:20
yvlnot much to tell16:20
yvlspent yesterday on painkillers :)16:20
th1aOh yeah... dentist?16:20
th1aI spent the night coughing and the morning sleeping.16:21
yvlbe careful16:21
yvlglottalization aside, many local flavor pathogens out there16:22
th1aYeah, we all had colds last week.16:22
yvlhope you're all better now16:23
menesisour family too, more or less16:23
yvlthis fall virus seems to be quite strong16:24
th1aHow's your mouth today, yvl?16:24
yvlbetter, thank you16:24
yvland I did get some work done on the dialogs16:24
yvlit's like a house of cards16:24
yvla table formatter with a form and buttons that push into ajaxy part that...16:25
yvlwell, you know.,16:25
yvlI hope it's the last thing we put on top16:25
th1aEek.  Yes.16:25
yvlit looks like I'll be done Mon though16:26
yvlso that's the news16:27
* yvl done16:27
yvlreal glad the jquery version thing is resolved :)16:28
th1aOK, I guess I'll catch up with replaceafill later.16:29
th1aThanks guys.16:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:29
th1aHave a good week/end.16:29
yvlyou too16:30
yvlsee you all Mon16:30
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replaceafillgood afternoon, sorry i'm late17:32
replaceafillwe had no electricity for a while17:32
th1ahi replaceafill.17:42
th1aI'm going to reboot...17:42
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th1aWhat's up replaceafill?17:49
replaceafillhey th1a17:49
replaceafillso i worked on making the grade activity/student uniform17:49
replaceafilllook uniform*17:49
replaceafilland now i'm fixing the bug pujendra reported17:49
replaceafillabout the missing student view17:50
replaceafillfor cando projects17:50
replaceafillthat's about it17:50
replaceafilli think i'll move back to the report card then17:50
replaceafilloh, and i've been helping jelkner to set up an instance for senegal17:51
th1aDid you see jelkner's bug regarding the journal navigation?17:51
replaceafillah yes17:51
replaceafilli guess we should make displaying the dropdowns an option17:52
replaceafillas we discussed sometime before17:52
th1aIs is possible to make the arrows work after the score is entered?17:53
replaceafillit's complicated once the dropdown is displayed17:53
replaceafillarrows are used to select choices then17:54
th1aI was just wondering how complicated it was to have a different behavior after it is gone.17:55
replaceafillwell, to make it "go" users need to hit ENTER17:56
th1aCan they click it?17:58
* th1a as usual doesn't have his test instance fully populated.17:58
th1aDoes ENTER make you go down a row?17:58
replaceafilland TAB one column to the right17:59
th1aLet me ask jelkner exactly what he has in mind.17:59
replaceafillimho if we capture arrows, clicking on choices is the only event left17:59
th1aOh, he says it is ok once you know to use return.17:59
replaceafillwhich is more annoying17:59
th1aI didn't see the comment.18:00
th1aOK, never mind.18:00
th1aWe may let you turn it off in the future.18:00
th1aThe bottom line is that 90% of the time you just want to go down the column or across the row.18:00
th1aEsp. if yo're trying to go fast.18:00
replaceafillyou can still "move" with the arrows18:01
replaceafillas long as you don't type scores yet18:01
th1aOK. It is fine then.18:02
th1aDid you read the chat from this morning?18:03
th1athe meeting.18:03
th1aYou might want to skim these:18:03
th1aI think that some things deprecated in 1.9 might be gone in 1.10.  I think we skipped 1.9.18:04
replaceafillso, our skin need to work on both? 1.8 and 1.10?18:05
th1amenesis is working on sorting that out, but it seems that way.18:06
th1aWhich sucks...18:07
th1areplaceafill:  Do you want to schedule a report card meeting?18:41
replaceafillth1a, sure18:42
replaceafillmeeting time?18:42
replaceafillat this point it's hard for me to even remember where i left :(18:43
th1aWell, I'd say the main question is if we can just tidy up the design some before the release rather than leaving it all sitting in a branch.18:44
th1aOK, Friday meeting time is fine.18:44
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