IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-09-09

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th1ahi menesis, replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillgood afternoon16:31
th1aOK, we're settled into the flat that will be our home for the next 11 months.16:34
th1aGood connectivity, good desk.16:34
th1aGenerally better environment for everyone's sanity and my productivity.16:34
th1aGo ahead, replaceafill.16:35
replaceafillth1a, sent you an email requesting some wording16:35
th1aWe can go over that in a bit.16:36
replaceafilli finished the changes to the deprecate view16:36
replaceafilladded the __name__ attribute to the catalogs16:37
th1aIt looks clearer.16:37
replaceafillso "All fields" now looks in the ID too16:37
replaceafilland removed the Add -> Node option from deprecate16:37
replaceafilli've also updated some of the stests for cando16:38
replaceafilland noticed that the autocomplete dropdown makes some of the test fail16:39
replaceafillth1a, so, what's next?16:40
replaceafillback to the report card?16:40
replaceafillnames change?16:40
th1aReport card then names I'd say.16:40
th1aHow long do you think the names will take?16:40
replaceafilla couple of days maybe16:41
replaceafillchanging the gradebook is the most difficult part imho16:41
th1aWell, the report card is more open ended.16:42
th1aMaybe it would be better to do the names change first just to get it out of the way and then pretty much work on the report cards (and bugs) until we run out of time.16:43
replaceafillth1a, ah ok16:43
replaceafillyeah, that makes sense16:43
replaceafillok, i'll start with that16:44
* replaceafill done16:44
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:44
th1areplaceafill: Send me your invoice.16:44
replaceafillth1a, ah ok16:45
menesisLast week I got a new computer, needed a few days for migration16:45
menesisFixed a few small bugs16:46
menesisone javascript error in download report dialog16:46
menesisalthough I didn't see any ill effects16:47
menesisand journal scoresystems did not work for me16:47
menesisbecause I had a database upgraded in the middle of development16:47
menesisalso I got annoyed by email every hour from root@schooltool16:48
menesistried to track down what was causing it16:48
menesisturned out it was the old server16:49
th1aI was wondering!16:49
menesisfixed the hostname issue (I hope), removed some servers so it is more quiet16:49
menesistried to restart networking and it didn't come back up :(16:50
menesisso I can't access it now16:51
menesisbut the problem of it sending mail is "solved"16:51
th1aOK. We are talking about the old serverpronto, right?16:51
menesisalso, looked at the fixed bugs and marked them as done in correct milestones16:53
menesisso only a few small things done last week16:54
menesisnow I am looking at failing tests16:55
menesisand thinking to do a beta release because quite a few bugfixes have accumulated16:55
th1aOnce replaceafill checks in the deprecation changes.16:56
menesisjournal scoresystems are not translatable, working on that16:56
replaceafillthey're all in trunk, we just need to remove the XXXs16:57
th1aSo we'll be ready shortly.16:57
* menesis done16:58
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.16:59
th1aI need to start writing documentation tomorrow.16:59
th1aI am feeling more able to concentrate finally.17:00
th1aSpeaking of which, let's look at these strings.17:01
th1aThanks guys!17:01
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:01
replaceafillthanks everybody17:01
th1aOK, so main page.17:03
th1aIs it difficult or annoying to move the deprecate all checkbox?17:04
th1aI don't really like it in the header.17:04
th1aOr... it at least it needs some additional explanation.17:04
replaceafillwhere should we put it?17:04
th1aCould we put some text above the table, like:17:05
th1a"Select items to deprecate"17:06
th1aAnd then "Select/deselect all"17:06
th1aI've been conditioned to regard adding a line of text to a web page to be potentially difficult.17:06
replaceafillSelect / Deselect All should be buttons?17:08
th1aAs a checkbox it acts immediately?17:09
th1aI'm just looking at your screenshot.17:09
th1aLeaving it as a checkbox is fine.17:10
th1aOr, I guess just select all would make more sense.17:10
th1aBecause it isn't a button.17:10
th1aThat is it shouldn't say Deselect if it is a checkbox.17:11
replaceafillso you want it to be similar to:17:12
replaceafillCopy courses from active year?17:12
replaceafillabove the table17:12
th1aYes... although the checkbox could be aligned better.17:13
replaceafillgmail uses a tooltip on the select all checkbox17:16
* th1a looks at his inbox.17:16
th1aWell... it is completely different.17:17
th1aAre you using the old interface or something?17:17
replaceafillno, the new one17:18
replaceafillbut yes, it's very different functionality17:18
th1aI think "The changes were saved successfully." is fine.17:22
replaceafillah ok17:22
replaceafillhhmm moving the JS to select all is going to be tricky17:24
replaceafillbecause it depends on the checkbox being in the same table17:25
th1aWhat does it do now then?17:25
th1aI'm just looking at your screenshot...17:25
th1aOh, you mean moving it out of the table.17:26
replaceafillit just marks all the checkboxes17:26
th1aWell, that's what I was saying.17:26
th1aCan we just put the note next to it in the header?17:26
th1aI don't want to go on a wild goose chase.17:28
replaceafilli'd just remove the Deprecated word17:29
replaceafillleaving the checkbox alone17:29
replaceafillin the column header17:29
replaceafilllet me add the text17:30
th1aAh... I guess that might be sufficient.17:32
th1aCan you move it to the first column instead of the last?17:32
replaceafillway better imho:17:34
replaceafillafter all, we are in the *deprecate* view!17:35
th1aYes, esp. with some text.17:36
replaceafillhhmm the "Select items to deprecate" is not appearing...17:36
th1aProbably H2 or H3.17:36
replaceafillooops, i registered the viewlet incorrectly :P17:36
th1aI don't suppose you can make it a little closer below.17:40
th1aProbably not...17:40
th1aCloser to the table.17:40
replaceafilli noticed the same17:40
th1aAlso, put a colon at the end.17:40
replaceafillit's the style on the "no-batch" css17:40
th1aIt is built into the style probably.17:40
th1aOK.  Done then.17:43
replaceafillthanks th1a17:43
th1aThank you replaceafill.17:43
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replaceafillth1a, you around?22:18
th1ahi replaceafill.22:54
replaceafillhey th1a22:54
replaceafilldid you see David's latest email?22:54
replaceafillwe have this subscriber22:54
th1aI'm hoping it is a simple fix.22:54
replaceafillthat updates the course/section skills based on changes to attributes in the global ones22:54
replaceafillbut it's changing three attributes i'm not sure we should change:22:55
replaceafillrequired, retired and scoresystem22:55
replaceafillretired is the one bitting us in dwelsh bug22:55
th1aOh, shit.  OK, I see.22:55
replaceafillimho changing the global skill should not change any of those 322:55
replaceafillfor retired/required the user has a view for customizing them at the course level22:56
replaceafillchanging the course level should cascade22:56
replaceafillbut the score system...?22:56
th1aWell, why aren't the skills showing up?22:56
replaceafillthat's a can of worms imho22:56
th1aLet's jump to the immediate problem first.22:56
replaceafillwhen dwelsh deprecates 2012 skills22:57
replaceafillall the courses pick the changes22:57
replaceafilli mean, 2012 courses22:57
replaceafillbecause they're using the same subscriber22:57
replaceafilli've identified a way to "skip" it for global changes22:57
replaceafilland just modify section skills when the course skill change22:57
replaceafilli'm testing it right now22:58
th1aBut in the end the gradebook is filtering out the deprecated skills, right?22:58
replaceafillso the change in deprecated goes from global -> course -> section skill22:58
th1aI guess it is actually a useful feature to have the deprecation not propogate down to the course and section.22:59
replaceafilli think it's ok to cascade title, labels, description22:59
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th1aBasically different people will expect different behaviors there.23:00
replaceafillth1a, it worked23:22
replaceafillwhen i deprecate global ones, the gradebook is still available23:22
replaceafillwhat about the required and score_system attributes?23:22
th1aI don't think those changes should propogate.23:23
replaceafillso i'll ignore the three from global changes23:23
th1aThat seems safe and reasonable.23:54

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