IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-08-27

th1aI'm afraid Glenda went home and we lost a day of debugging.00:08
replaceafillth1a, i'm downloading her DB00:09
replaceafilli'll be able to test the whole procedure myself00:09
th1aOh, did she just not reply to me?00:09
replaceafillshe does that :)00:09
th1aOK.  Good.00:09
th1aWe seem to be dredging up a whole range of things.00:10
replaceafilland she sent me her xls files too00:10
replaceafillas i requested00:10
th1aOr, Glenda is.00:10
replaceafillregarding her last bug, i'll check:00:11
replaceafill1. is not her initial DB00:11
replaceafill2. it's not the VA section importer00:11
replaceafilli guess glenda either just forgot to hit the Assign button in the batch view00:23
replaceafillor she batch assigned in 2012-201300:23
replaceafilland she sent me her *current* db00:23
replaceafilland i don't see the traceback she mentioned00:24
th1aThe batch assign is in courses?00:27
th1aMaybe we'd better improve that year tab before we do anything else.00:28
th1a(that is, all secondary navigation)00:28
th1aIt is one piece of the style guide I've never understood but just went along with.00:29
replaceafilloh sorry i didn't notice the previous messages :D00:31
th1anp... I forgot to say your name.00:31
replaceafilljust replied to glend00:32
replaceafilli think she just got confused by the batch assign view00:33
replaceafillsearch vs assign00:33
replaceafillsearch shows you the *preview*00:33
replaceafillbut the assign button is waaaay below00:33
th1aAh... hm.00:33
th1aIt doesn't batch/00:33
replaceafilli guess the user may think "ah it's already done"00:33
replaceafillit does00:34
replaceafillif you click Assign00:34
th1aDoes the search batch?00:35
replaceafillyou mean as in "table batch"?00:35
th1aThat's why it is so long.00:35
th1aOK... well, put assign above too?00:36
th1aI mean, I just hate to get into the whole "if you hit assign you're going to be matching not only the things you see below but the rest of the batched search results.00:37
replaceafillgot it00:37
th1aBut OTOH, putting the button at the bottom of a thousand things isn't so great either.00:37
replaceafilli'll add another Assign button00:39
th1aFor secondary navigation I think we only need to eliminate the bottom line on the active tab and draw the same line on the top and sides.00:39
th1aAnd make the active year text bold.00:40
th1aOr at least that'll help.00:40
replaceafillah, i think i get what you mean00:44
replaceafillit is this one, right?00:46
replaceafillsomething like that00:52
replaceafillbut better :)00:52
replaceafillit's just a mock :P00:52
th1aWell... THAT'S THE POINT.00:58
th1aEven now when I was looking at it I thought it was opposite.00:58
th1aThe active tab shouldn't be grayed out.00:58
th1aNor should it look like a link.00:58
th1aSo that's what I really want.00:58
th1aThe UI is so unintuitive to me that I can't ever write the bug report correctly.00:59
th1aDid you ever think the way we were doing it was weird?00:59
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th1aThank God you're back replaceafill.16:25
replaceafillhi th1a16:25
replaceafillsorry about yesterday, we lost electricity for a while16:25
th1aWe need to get things straightened out with Glenda.16:27
th1aDid you figure out what was going on?16:27
replaceafillnot really, i wasn't able to reproduce that KeyError16:28
th1aDid you see her latest email?16:28
th1areplaceafill:  Is there any chance you can blow off French today?16:28
th1aThis is turning into a major crisis.16:29
replaceafillwhat do you want me to do?16:29
replaceafillmeet with her?16:29
th1aI think we need to have a meeting.16:29
th1aCan you meet this morning if necessary?16:30
replaceafilli guess16:30
th1aOK... let me se.16:30
th1aDo you have any idea of how School decides which year to display?16:35
th1aThat obviously is a problem.16:35
replaceafillfirst i want to see if glenda is not referring to the cando gradebook16:36
replaceafillmost of the buttons or nextURL logic that take you to School should get you to the active year16:37
replaceafilland they have a schoolyear_id to go to previous years16:38
th1aUnder what circumstances?16:38
th1aUnder what circumstances would you have a schoolyear_id?16:39
replaceafillwhen you're looking for example at a group16:40
replaceafillthe done button has the year id16:40
replaceafilland generates a link back such as .../groups?schoolyear_id=2012-201316:41
th1aWe may just need to make that more draconian.16:42
th1aWell, just change it so that the active year is the only active tab, so you can only really navigate to the "active" year.16:42
replaceafilluh? that'd be confusing imho16:43
replaceafillyou can easily go to /groups16:44
th1aWell... I think we have to make it HARD to switch years.16:44
replaceafilland visit an old year16:44
th1aI mean, the only change might be that the inactive year tabs are inactive links.16:45
th1aAnd maybe temporarily the school page only goes to the active year.16:45
th1aIt is a hack until we have year statuses.16:45
replaceafillwhat about the gradebooks?16:46
replaceafillor section links in Home pages for people?16:46
th1aI'm not so worried about that.16:46
replaceafillthey can easily take you to a previous year16:46
th1aThe administrator screwing up is the issue.16:46
th1aIf a teacher can't see that they're in last year's sections, they've got a problem or a very weird school.16:46
replaceafilli think it's a valid posibility that an admin lands in a previous year through the Home page of a person16:49
replaceafillbecause old years data is accessible there16:53
th1aOK, let's just make the school page ALWAYS go to the active year and make the other year tabs go to the activate year page.16:54
replaceafillso we need to change /groups, /sections, /courses, /terms, /timetables16:58
replaceafilli don't like the change, but it's doable...16:58
th1aWe do?  Can't School ignore the parameter?16:58
replaceafilli'll start on that16:58
replaceafilli mean, you want the links disabled, right?16:59
replaceafillall of those use tertiary navigation16:59
replaceafillfor the years16:59
th1aCan't we change the tertiary navigation in one place?16:59
replaceafillit's the same base class17:00
replaceafilllet me check17:00
th1aIf it is a ton of little changes everywhere, maybe we don't do it.17:00
replaceafilloh sorry, no i meant the things we need to check17:00
replaceafillnot change17:01
replaceafill:( it's the same base class, but a different manager for each view17:03
th1aCan we hang out now?17:04
th1aCan't you just change where the link goes in all of them?17:04
replaceafillok, ready for the hangout17:07
th1aHm... When I click Done on Groups as Clerk I end up at my home page.17:07
replaceafillmaybe i should use a clerk only user17:09
replaceafillhaving manager in the three groups is probably not helping me to see this17:09
th1aThis is a big underlying testing problem for us17:13
th1aI added the three kinds of admin users to my spreadsheet.17:13
replaceafillyou coming th1a?17:13
replaceafillto the hangout?17:13
replaceafilli voluteer to move to VA for a week...17:35
replaceafillor i should get a better connection....17:35
th1aIt helped when I turned my video off.17:35
replaceafilland better english skills...17:35
th1aStatic screenshots don't take too much bandwidth.17:35
th1aI have to run across campus and back.17:36
th1abb in 15.17:36
th1aGood luck.  ;-)17:36
th1aEr, wait, I'm watching Julia!17:37
th1aI'm a little wound up.17:37
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th1aHi replaceafill.17:42
replaceafilloh boy17:42
replaceafillok, downloading the 2012 sheets17:43
th1aOh boy?17:44
replaceafilli got disconnected again17:44
th1aI saw.17:44
replaceafilli'll start importing now17:44
replaceafillok, 2012 set up finished18:00
replaceafillstarting 201318:00
replaceafillyay, success! there's the error18:03
replaceafillnow, rolling back to see what's actually happen18:04
replaceafilloh my18:12
replaceafillth1a, the Student/Teacher/Persons importers are supposed to "update" existing objects, right?18:13
th1aThe students.18:13
th1aI mean.18:13
th1aThe personal information, yes.18:13
th1aAnything else?18:13
replaceafillthe person importer base class is CREATING new objects every time!18:14
replaceafillthat's the reason for the catalog error18:14
replaceafillthe objects are lost18:14
replaceafilland replaced18:15
th1aOh, god.18:15
th1aIt is destroying and recreating them?18:15
replaceafillit's creating a new one and replacing the old one18:15
replaceafillit doesn't do "del person" exactly18:16
replaceafillline 58418:17
replaceafillbut i understand18:17
replaceafilli mean18:17
replaceafilli dont understand18:17
replaceafillhas nobody ever updated personal information by reimporting?18:17
th1aWell..., you would think.18:23
th1aWe must have just done it in some way that didn't have a lot of other meaningful data attached.18:23
th1aI mean, it does update it, right?  But if you weren't in a section, for example.18:23
replaceafilla sec, pdb'ing....18:24
replaceafillmy bad th1a18:29
replaceafillsorry for scaring you18:29
replaceafillit's not that18:29
replaceafillit's just that addPerson(...) is confusing18:30
replaceafillbut addPerson in fact checks for the update18:30
th1aDo you know what the bug is then?18:31
replaceafilli'm firing a modifiedevent after the update18:31
replaceafillto see if the catalog reacts18:32
th1aHow's it look, replaceafill?18:40
replaceafillif i fire the event, contacts get in the way18:40
replaceafilli'm disabling contact subscribers just for testing18:41
th1aSo it looks like you're on the right track but it is a little complex?18:41
replaceafilli remember a contact bug18:41
replaceafillrelated to this18:41
replaceafillwell, at least i have the right data to reproduce it :)18:41
replaceafillif that's good news somehow...18:41
th1aIt is a bug with the importer related to updating the catalog.18:42
replaceafillof that i'm sure :P18:43
replaceafillcan i tell glenda i got the traceback and i'll fix it?18:43
th1aI did.18:43
replaceafillso she's not waiting for me for another hangout18:44
replaceafillah ok18:44
th1aPresumably we'll have something for her tomorrow?18:44
replaceafilli think so18:44
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replaceafillth1a, fixed18:51
replaceafillthe importer uses this "temporary" person object18:51
replaceafillto update existing ones18:52
replaceafillbut when the relationships to groups (students or teachers) was set18:52
replaceafillwe were still using the temporary object18:52
replaceafillinstead of the real person object18:52
replaceafillso the keyerror was actually on temporary "ghost" persons18:53
replaceafilland it was very confusing18:54
replaceafillbecause when you pdb the "ghost"18:54
replaceafillit looks like the real one, same data18:54
replaceafillpushing the fix to trunk18:55
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:56
th1aSorry to mess up your day...18:56
replaceafillth1a, i think we're going to have to ask glenda to start the process over18:56
replaceafillnp th1a18:56
replaceafilli know this is urgent18:56
th1aHaving her start over won't be so bad.18:56
th1aShe's used to that I'm afraid.18:56
replaceafillwhat about the "other" issues?18:57
replaceafillschool year18:57
th1aIs there some reason none of the report links are doing anything for me?19:04
replaceafillunder school?19:05
th1aIs that just me?19:05
th1aFirefox and Chrome.19:06
th1aDo you have a trunk instance?19:06
replaceafillnot deb packages19:06
th1aShould be the same.19:06
th1aAre your reports working?19:06
replaceafillxls export works19:06
th1aAnything else.19:07
th1aI'm getting nothing.19:07
replaceafillhhmm im still using manager19:08
replaceafillare you using "just" a clerk?19:08
replaceafilli just saw one of the issues glenda was mentioning i think19:09
replaceafillhhmm actually it's the oppossite19:09
replaceafillin School19:09
replaceafillwhen you're in a year19:09
replaceafillthe Groups/Courses/Sections links19:09
replaceafilltake you to /groups, /courses and /sections19:09
replaceafill*i* was expecting 2012 courses19:10
replaceafilland got 201319:10
replaceafillth1a, section reports also work for me19:11
replaceafillroster, etc19:12
th1aNo reports are working for me at all.19:13
replaceafillmaybe i should try debs19:13
th1aLet me check my javascript errors...19:15
th1aThis? [17:14:50.699] Unexpected end of file while searching for end of @media, @supports or @-moz-document rule.  Unexpected end of file while searching for '}'. @ http://localhost:7080/@@/
replaceafillwe're missing a }19:17
replaceafillin that file19:17
replaceafilland in page.css19:18
th1aI guess there could be some packaging weirdness with the jquery.19:18
replaceafillhow did you get the css error?19:20
th1aFirefox console.19:20
replaceafilli mean, where do you see that kind of error19:20
replaceafillto me console means firebug console in ff :D19:20
replaceafillff doesn't like the -moz-* rules anymore :|19:22
replaceafillfixed css files in trunk19:23
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th1aCan you get the packages going?19:25
replaceafillon it19:25
replaceafillwow so many dependencies :D19:28
th1aI have to know if I'm losing my mind before I go make tacos.19:30
replaceafillth1a, school xls export works for me19:32
replaceafillusing debs19:32
replaceafillyou don't even get the dialogs?19:32
replaceafillthe request report dialogs?19:33
th1aThat's what I'm not getting.19:34
th1aIt just seems like some kind of javascript craziness.19:34
th1aNothing is happening at all when I click the links.19:34
th1aIs it working for you?19:34
th1aI'm on Saucy.19:35
replaceafillhhmm i'm on raring19:35
replaceafilli can install saucy if you want19:35
replaceafilland test19:35
th1aI can ask gediminas to.19:35
replaceafillschool years?19:36
th1aYou were saying you found an issue with that?19:36
replaceafillah yes19:36
replaceafilldo you have 2 years?19:36
replaceafillin your instance19:36
replaceafillif you go to School19:37
replaceafilland you go to a non-active year19:37
replaceafilland then click Groups, Courses, Sections, Terms, etc19:37
replaceafillyou're redirected to that view but using the ACTIVE school year19:37
replaceafillkind of what you want i guess19:38
replaceafillbut i find it confusing19:38
th1aWell, I wouldn't want THAT.19:38
replaceafillright, but i mean, that's probably what glenda was hitting19:38
replaceafilljumping from one year to the other19:38
replaceafillshe made a reference to School when she mentioned it19:39
replaceafillbut anyway19:39
th1aOK, fix that then.19:39
replaceafillhow should we fix this19:39
th1aLet's not do anything rash.19:39
th1aTry to improve the current system.19:39
replaceafillGroups, courses and the rest should take you to the same year your looking at in School19:40
th1aAlso, when we lost you yesterday I was trying to explain that I've always thought the active/inactive styles in our tabs looked reversed.19:40
th1aBut I let it go in the interest of following the guide.19:40
replaceafillah right19:40
replaceafilli did see the log ;)19:41
replaceafillso it should be the opposite?19:41
th1aDon't you think?19:41
* replaceafill stops the debs and goes back to the sandbox19:41
replaceafilli want to see how the gradebook looks19:42
replaceafilliirc it uses the same third-nav css19:42
th1aWe probably need to also change the no tab background color.19:42
replaceafillno tab?19:43
th1aThe color where there is no tab.19:43
replaceafilldo we show that area with no tab?19:45
th1aThe rest of the bar is gray.19:46
th1aTo the right of the tabs.19:46
th1aMaybe it should be white.19:47
replaceafillthat's the no-tab area!19:47
th1aThe area with no tabs!19:47
replaceafillthird-nav th1a third-nav!19:47
th1aDo you need to eat?  I need to eat.19:47
replaceafillah no, just had breakfast19:47
replaceafilli just found another issue19:47
replaceafillwith Done button19:47
replaceafillin /sections19:48
replaceafillit takes you to /manage19:48
replaceafilleven if you're in a previous year19:48
replaceafillthat probably also confused glenda19:48
replaceafilli'll start by fixing the links in School19:48
th1aDid you see that clerk done issue I mentioned?19:48
replaceafillah no sorry19:48
replaceafillwhere is that?19:48
th1aOK, work on those, I gotta eat.19:48
replaceafilli'll be around19:49
th1aUh... as clerk just Groups > Done takes you to your home for some reason.19:49
th1aOK, I'm going to eat.19:49
th1ahow are we doing replaceafill?20:49
replaceafillgood, almost done with the School links20:50
replaceafillfound some order weirdness20:50
replaceafillbut fixed now20:50
th1aWhat time is it for you?  I gotta get used to this.20:51
th1aOK... seven hours.20:53
replaceafilli can get up for your mornings though20:53
replaceafillspecially if that helps me not missing french ;)20:53
replaceafillglenda is almost my timezone20:54
replaceafillso nm20:54
th1aThat's the problem.20:54
th1aHopefully that sacrifice will put us over the hump.20:54
replaceafilli just noticed the clerk getting redirected to Home from Courses20:55
replaceafillmost of those Done buttons do the same20:55
th1aYeah, why?20:56
replaceafillit seems like a safety check20:56
replaceafillso you don't get forbidden20:56
replaceafillthose views are public20:56
replaceafillwe're using a can_edit "traverser?"20:57
replaceafillwhich is not taking clerks into account apparently20:57
replaceafilli'll see how /manage allows clerks access20:58
replaceafilland will use the same20:58
replaceafilli do think we should carry the year a little more in those buttons though20:58
replaceafillso you get redirected to where you came from20:58
replaceafillinstead of just /manage20:58
th1aActually, definitely, right?21:01
replaceafilli'll make them as smarter as i can21:01
replaceafillif that's ok21:01
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replaceafillfixed School links in trunk21:17
replaceafillnow Done buttons21:17
replaceafillth1a, don't you think we should add Add: Clerk, Site Manager options to /persons?21:21
th1aOh... I don't know.21:39
th1aEspecially since people really need to be both.21:39
replaceafillah, good point21:39
replaceafillwho's supposed to manage contacts?21:39
replaceafilli ask because the Contacts link is not accessible for clerks21:40
replaceafilland the superuser gets forbidden on it21:40
replaceafill6 tabs open with different roles :)21:52
* replaceafill wishes he had paid more attention to the role refactoring conversation...21:53
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replaceafillth1a, done buttons fixed22:17
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~4022:26
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