IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-08-19

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th1aIt always takes me about 15 minutes to remember how to get my X-Chat to automatically join #schooltool and not #ubuntu.13:29
th1aOTOH, IRC works on the VPN.13:29
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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.16:31
th1aDid we lose menesis?16:31
replaceafillgood afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
yvllooks like it16:31
th1aOK, I'm fairly settled at this point.16:32
th1aIf I can get to take my order for a second monitor, I'll be in good shape.16:33
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th1ahi menesis.16:33
th1aI'll get invoices in tonight and there are some pending questions to answer.16:34
th1ayvl, would you like to start?16:35
yvlmade a read-only gradebook mode16:35
yvlfor admins and clerks16:35
yvlwas pretty straightforward16:36
yvlhats off to replaceafill :)16:36
th1aOh, great!16:36
th1aYour Lithuanian pessimism had me worried.16:36
yvlwe call it optimism in these parts16:36
th1aDo you watch Game of Thrones, by the way?16:36
yvlyes :)16:37
th1aThat assassin dude in the first season seems SO Lithuanian.16:37
th1aSecond season.16:37
th1aI guess.16:37
th1aI guess I've seen two.16:37
th1aDon't tell me what happens in the third.16:37
th1aDon't you think so?16:38
* yvl will take that as a compliment :D16:38
th1aOK, moving on...16:38
th1aIs that in trunk already?16:38
yvlone thing still missing though16:39
yvlcertificate of competency and several other reports will render empty because of some missing permissions16:39
yvltracking them down right now16:39
yvlthose are the last permissions to tweak16:40
yvlunless you'd like to tweak School tab a bit more16:40
replaceafillyvl, the zip archive has a weird permission issue too16:41
replaceafillcould you check that one?16:41
replaceafilli'm not sure if you've seen it16:41
yvlnow we're almost back to "just show everything to all administration"16:41
yvlI may have fixed it :)16:41
yvlor not16:41
replaceafillnot really, it's still there16:41
yvlso no16:41
replaceafilli checked on friday16:41
th1aShowing wasn't so much the issue.16:41
yvlwill look at it16:41
th1aEditing was more the problem.16:41
replaceafillyvl, it's pretty strange, it's in the background tasks part i guess16:42
replaceafillyou can call the zip view directly16:42
replaceafilland get the zip downloaded16:42
replaceafillbut if you call the report thought celery16:42
yvlsomething is not being included16:42
replaceafillyou get a batch = None16:42
yvlsame thing happens with certificate of competency16:42
replaceafillah ok16:43
yvland few other reports16:43
yvlthese loose ends are a bit tricky to track down16:44
yvlshould be done with them soon16:44
yvlgiving clerks/admins access to gradebook might have uncovered some loose links16:45
yvlso a second/third pair of eyes would be most welcome :)16:45
* yvl done16:45
th1aOK, so at this point what I should be telling Dave and Glenda is that reports are still getting a little cleanup after the permission change.16:46
th1aAnd just to be clear in my head, they were working fine w/celery before that, so it is probably *just* a permissions issue.16:46
th1aOK.  This is getting a bit dragged out in there eyes so we do need to push a bit to get this resolved.16:49
yvljust now ran a test16:49
yvlthe report is being passed through16:49
yvlbut viewlets seem to not have enough permissions16:49
yvlthe viewlets that render the actual content16:49
* yvl done :)16:50
th1aFrom their point of view things are going off the rails, but it is more a communications/expectations issue than coding problems.16:51
th1aIs that a difficult fix yvl?16:52
yvlI think it will be pushed out tomorrow16:53
th1aOK.  Great.16:53
menesisI see we will want a proper release to get those permission fixes out16:54
th1aWhich fixes exactly?16:55
menesisaccess to School tab, reports, gradebook for various groups16:57
menesisthat yvl has been fixing recently16:57
th1aThat's not necessarily a super high priority because I don't know that anyone is actually using that release yet, but if it is easy, go ahead.16:58
menesisand, relationship statuses feature is currently on hold?16:58
menesisor how it is called, forgot the word16:59
th1aYes, that will not be in the next major release.16:59
th1aI think "relationship statuses" is the generic term for a number of status-related features coming down the pike.17:00
menesisit is time to sort features that can realistically make the next major release, or not17:01
menesisyvl: tell me when you thing you have fixed all permission problems17:01
th1aRelationship statuses definitely not.17:02
yvlmenesis, tomorrow17:02
th1aPermissions fixes, definitely yes.17:02
yvlwill do :)17:02
th1aWe'll go over replaceafill's issues next.17:02
th1aAnything else, menesis?17:02
menesisI have updated packaging to work both on precise and later releases17:03
menesisso now trunk ppa is built for precise, raring and saucy17:03
th1aAh!  Yes, that's what I was going to ask.17:04
* replaceafill too :)17:04
menesisI have to double check that it installs successfuly on precise17:04
th1aSo as of now David and Glenda should be able to get it no problem.17:04
menesisand then reply to the email17:04
th1aAh, ok.17:04
th1aI'll let you do that.17:04
menesisbut it should work17:05
menesisand I don't find anything else to add17:06
menesisThursday was a holiday.17:06
* menesis done17:08
th1aThanks menesis.17:08
replaceafillth1a, are you replying to dwelsh latest email?17:09
replaceafill(the one with 4 questions)17:09
replaceafillor should i?17:09
th1aWe should go over it.17:10
th1aDo you want to do that now or later?17:10
th1aIs that a good format for your report?17:10
replaceafill1) packages are ready, expect menesis email17:11
th1aWell, 1) probably ready, menesis is testing.  Also, reports need a quick fix, should be ready tomorrow.17:11
replaceafill2) yes you can use 2 school years, there are some files you need to download from:
replaceafillto deprecate skills and load the 2013 ones17:12
replaceafill(i sent the procedure for this already)17:13
replaceafilllast week17:13
replaceafill3) same formats will work17:13
replaceafill(i think) :)17:13
replaceafill4) we have no answer for this one yet?17:14
th1a3) No reason to think they won't.17:14
th1a4) Is that the same as the format for VA CTE competencies?17:14
replaceafillhe's talking about using the 2011 format17:15
th1aThat's pretty much up to you then?17:15
th1aCan we just get him to switch to the same format as VA CTE?17:16
th1aOr you just have to update your script?17:16
replaceafilli tried to make him switch to the current xls importer17:16
replaceafillbut he refused saying it wasn't user friendly enough17:16
th1aI also can write him an email pointing out that he really doesn't need to re-enter the custom competencies if they haven't changed.17:17
replaceafilli can update the script to convert from 2011 -> 201317:17
th1aThat's quick, right?17:17
replaceafilland i'd like to send him the script to him17:17
replaceafillinstead of having me uploading the skills :)17:17
th1aWell, that's a trap probably.17:18
th1aThen it is like step 1: running Python on Windows... etc.17:18
replaceafillgood point17:18
replaceafillin any case 4) is done17:18
replaceafilli mean17:18
replaceafill4) is no problem17:18
th1aI can handle the answer.17:19
replaceafillcool, thanks17:19
replaceafillso my report:17:19
replaceafilllast week i checked the test situation in cando17:19
replaceafillmost of the failures are related to the manager user not having enough permissions anymore17:20
replaceafillso i started adding a clerk17:20
replaceafilland changing the tests accordingly17:20
replaceafillthat is: i make the manager a clerk :)17:20
replaceafillthe gradebook has similar issues17:21
replaceafillcould i go fix those too?17:21
th1aWell, we need to get down to finishing your final features for the release first, then you can do tests.17:22
replaceafillah ok17:22
replaceafillone of my features is the report card, right?17:22
replaceafilli also checked pujendra's issues17:22
th1aReport card would be the big one.17:22
th1aI'd like to get the names change in if we can.17:23
replaceafillah ok17:23
th1aOh, you mean Pujendra's spacing issue?17:23
replaceafilland the options to customize the report17:23
replaceafillvertical vs slanted labels17:23
replaceafilllabels vs titles17:23
th1aThat's in the gradebook printout right?17:23
replaceafillthe request dialog?17:24
replaceafillso i should work on those this week17:24
th1aOK, that would probably be last of the three.  It is more of a bugfix.17:24
th1aWell, also, checkbox for turning off dropdowns in gradebooks.17:24
th1aSince I'm sure some people will hate it.17:25
replaceafillme too17:25
th1aI like how it came out.17:25
replaceafillis that going to be a by person preference17:25
th1aIt will DEFINITELY help in some situations.17:25
replaceafillby worksheet?17:25
th1aWell... it might be best if it were by component if that's possible.17:25
th1aThey're pretty different.17:26
th1aHow someone uses one might not be like the other.17:26
replaceafillyou mean a global preference?17:26
th1aWell, per user, per component.17:26
replaceafillah ok17:27
replaceafillso i have 4 "issues" to solve for the release17:27
replaceafillquestion on the names one17:27
replaceafillthe change is to the gradebook UI, correct?17:27
replaceafilland probably make sure reports also split the name17:28
replaceafilleverywhere (in all components)17:28
th1aWhich change?17:29
th1aOh, names.17:29
replaceafillthe names change17:29
replaceafillcool, i just wanted to make sure i wasn't forgetting something :)17:29
th1aAnd don't arbitrarily do last name first.17:29
th1aI mean, don't display the name in reversed order for no reason.17:30
replaceafillthat one i didn't know17:30
replaceafilli thought it was always going to be17:31
replaceafilllast name | first name17:31
replaceafilli mean, in columns17:31
replaceafillshould it be: first name | last name?17:31
th1aYeah, what the Thais made me realize is if you don't reverse the names and let them pick the sort, you fix 80% of the problem without deep changes.17:32
replaceafillbut the default sort should be always by last name?17:32
th1aYes, but we may need a new persistent setting if we don't have one already.17:33
th1aAnd that would be global per user.17:33
replaceafillgot it17:33
replaceafillok, i'll work on those17:34
replaceafillpush to have them ready this week17:34
* replaceafill done17:34
th1aWe'll have to review the current state of the report card at some point this week too.17:35
th1aI guess I can check one out in trunk.17:35
replaceafillah ok, i'll push what i have tomorrow17:35
th1aOne thing I became completely unable to do the past couple weeks is sit down and test anything, so I'll catch up on that.17:35
replaceafillso you can see it17:35
th1aI won't go looking tonight.17:36
replaceafilli found an issue17:36
replaceafillwith the skills export17:36
replaceafillxls sheets can't handle more thant 64k rows17:36
replaceafillif CTE tries to export after having their 2 docs set up17:37
replaceafillthey'll hit a traceback17:37
replaceafill"row index (65536) not an int in range(65536)"17:37
replaceafilli noticed it last week17:37
th1aAh.  Is that if they set up both as one giant one?17:38
th1aSo it will have to be two.17:39
replaceafillnot sure how often they export skills data though :)17:39
replaceafillok, that's it from me17:40
th1aOh, so... ?17:40
th1aDo they literally not know what skills ID's they've issued?17:41
replaceafillskill IDs have always been a pain :(17:41
replaceafilli remember all this work in 2011 just to adapt for "changing" ids...17:42
replaceafilli don't think they do th1a17:42
th1aOK, we may need some sort of "trick" for them.17:43
th1aLook for year somewhere, etc.17:43
replaceafillwell, we could check the prefix in the doc id17:43
replaceafilland start from there17:44
replaceafilli guess17:44
th1aIt would just be nice if they fully realized how INSANE their system is.17:44
th1aThey are really the craziest edge case we'll ever have.17:45
th1aAnd on that note.17:45
th1aHave a great week guys.17:45
th1aI will see you on Wednesday.17:45
yvlsee you soon17:45
replaceafillthanks everybody17:45
yvlgreat wee to all :)17:45
th1aAnd a great week too!17:46
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:46
replaceafillwish me luck, i have french exams this week ;)17:46
yvlbon courage, replaceafill!17:47
yvloh wait, Canada.17:47
replaceafillmerci :D17:47
yvlbonne chance, replaceafill! :D17:47
yvl(Wikitionary says that in Canada, bonne chance is more commonly used)17:49
replaceafillah, didn't know that :O17:49
* yvl too :D17:49
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th1amenesis:  Apparently Lee is still having some kind of problem.21:53
menesisth1a: I see... Replied to his email22:00
menesishe posted no error so I don't know what might be wrong22:01
menesisjust tried in a chroot with nothing else but the trunk ppa enabled, and it worked...22:22
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menesisso it works.23:20

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