IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2013-07-26

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pgulleyHey, replaceafill! I'm sorry to jump on you so quickly18:26
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replaceafillhi pgulley18:26
pgulleySo two things18:27
pgulleyone, the evolve script-18:28
pgulleyI assume I don't put that in a view, it should live somewhere else18:28
pgulleybut where? I've never done this before18:28
replaceafillhold on18:28
replaceafilllook at schooltool.quiz.generations18:30
replaceafillyou'll need a script18:30
replaceafilland modify to version 318:31
replaceafill(currently is on version 2)18:31
pgulleyokay! cool.18:31
pgulleySo question 2, I'll go ahead and ask18:32
pgulleyI can't find a good way to get a list of skillsets in the system independent of courses.18:32
replaceafillok, we have skillsets and course skillsets18:33
replaceafillskillsets are global18:33
replaceafillthey live in the skillset container18:33
replaceafillattached to the app18:33
pgulleyahhh, go through the app first18:34
pgulleythat's what I'm doing wrong.18:34
replaceafilldo you have a schooltool.cando branch at hand?18:34
replaceafilllet me point you to the right modules18:34
replaceafillwill get you the global container18:35
replaceafillto get the course skillsets for a course you need:18:36
pgulleySo my thought is to, for now, disregard courses when importing a quiz.18:37
pgulleyIt wont break anything to have a quizitem in a course associated to a skill which isn't in the course- it just won't get graded.18:37
replaceafillyou'll need to modify the quiz item forms though18:39
replaceafillcurrently they look for that match18:39
replaceafillcourse, course skillset, skill18:39
pgulleyBut that won't matter if they're imported without touching the forms, right?18:40
pgulleybut if someone tries to edit an imported quiz, things could get funky18:40
pgulleyI can fix that, I think.18:41
pgulleyBecause, I think, it may be too much to assume that the courses would be set up the same between instances18:41
replaceafillbasically the story is to attach quiz-item with skills in global skills sets (not course skillsets)18:42
replaceafilli even was thinking if the match between the quiz item and the skill could be stored per user18:43
replaceafillso jeff attaches this item with this skill and paul attaches the same item with a different skill18:43
replaceafillbut jelkner's main concern is to keep the info together anyway18:44
replaceafillone thing that can help you18:44
replaceafillat least knowing it is good18:44
replaceafillis that course skills when deployed to a section become section skills18:45
replaceafillit's possible to get the link between the section skill to the global skillset skill18:45
replaceafillthey're "equivalent"18:45
replaceafillso if you're able to get an evaluation for student for a particular section18:45
replaceafilli mean, for a skill18:46
replaceafillyou can query if that's equivalent to a global one18:46
replaceafilli think you'll need that for the evaluation logic18:46
replaceafillbut we'll see, just something you should keep in mind for now18:47
pgulleyyeah, I can definitely see that being useful18:48
pgulleyhow should I go about testing an evolve script?18:49
replaceafillso you'll start with the evolve3?18:49
pgulleypython ?18:49
pgulleyyep, already on it.18:49
replaceafilldo you have a gradebook branch at hand? :)18:50
replaceafillsee schooltool.gradebook.generations.tests18:50
pgulleyokay, cool.18:50
replaceafillsee the various test_evolve*.py modules for ideas18:51
replaceafillbasically you need to mock the environment you want to test18:51
replaceafillthen call the evolve method in your script18:51
replaceafilland see if the changes you expect were made18:51
replaceafill(that's the ideal scenario)18:51
replaceafillthe alternative18:51
pgulleymore than I expected18:51
replaceafillis to use a real db18:52
replaceafillwith the previous state18:52
replaceafillstart the server18:52
replaceafillwhich automatically will evolve the data18:52
replaceafillif you made the appropriate changes to __init__18:52
replaceafilland then check if the thing worked18:52
replaceafillobviously in this way you could miss things18:53
replaceafillbut it's definitely faster to test18:53
replaceafilli'll get a snapshot of the current db18:54
replaceafillhold on18:54
replaceafillyou can use the 07-26 for testing18:56
pgulleyexcellent, thanks!18:57
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pgulleyrevision 67 has the evolve script in it20:33
pgulleyit works against the database20:33
replaceafillpgulley, try not to mix fixes and half features20:34
replaceafill"Two things: evolve script for jeff, and begining of better export feature"20:35
pgulleymy bad. The export feature is done-20:35
replaceafillit makes merging harder20:35
pgulleyI called it the begining because it's far from a fix for jeff's story, but it needed to be done for it.20:35
replaceafillyou don't need that change for the evolve part20:38
replaceafillwe are going to commit the evolve stuff, not the other20:38
replaceafillfor that you use branches20:38
replaceafilli'll have to break your branch though20:40
replaceafilli'll revert that part20:40
replaceafillwill include the evolve only20:40
replaceafillyou can branch trunk again after that20:41
replaceafillok, merging...20:41
replaceafillpgulley, merged and deployed20:46
replaceafillplease check everything is ok20:47
replaceafilli created a backup before the evolve, just in case20:47
replaceafilland you can now branch trunk again and merge the export diff20:47
th1ahi replaceafill.20:55
replaceafillhey th1a20:56
th1aSo, we need to get dwelsh looking at trunk.20:57
replaceafillah ok20:57
replaceafilljust cando/virginia?20:57
replaceafillor all the components?20:57
* replaceafill is glad dwelsh is back in action :)20:58
th1aWhatever they usually use.20:58
replaceafillah ok20:58
th1aWe don't want to add objects to their database.20:59
replaceafilljust cando/virginia then20:59
th1aWe're not good at removing components.  ;-)20:59
replaceafillis it ok if i use the dev server and copy the acc database from dwelsh's?20:59
th1aYes, as long as it will make sense to him.20:59
replaceafilli'll set that up and send an email with the link21:00
pgulleyhey, replaceafill. No rush here, since you're busy, but I think I pushed that evolve script too early. I found a case where it didn't update things that I missed.21:04
replaceafilli'll revert the db then21:05
replaceafillyou have jelkner near21:05
pgulleyno, he's left21:05
replaceafillah well, at least he's not using it :)21:06
pgulleysilver lining!21:06
pgulleyI'm sorry for this21:06
replaceafilli reverted the database21:07
pgulleyI'm still trying to sort out this case. I'll let you know when I've got it21:10
pgulleyI spoke to soon21:16
pgulleyIt wasn't a problem21:16
pgulleyI'm so sorry21:16
pgulleyI'm just flip flopping today.21:16
replaceafillyou're testing locally, right?21:16
pgulleyyes. yes.21:17
pgulleyAnd I came on here to say something was wrong before I had tested that it was actually wrong.21:17
replaceafillthat's ok, i do that all the time ;)21:17
pgulleyluckly, it wasn't actually a problem21:18
replaceafillok, should i let the script run again?21:19
pgulleysorry about that. It should be all good now21:23
th1areplaceafill:  Are the score dropdowns in trunk yet?21:26
replaceafillth1a, ah no21:27
replaceafilli have a question about it21:27
replaceafillyou mentioned at one point "it should behave like excel"21:27
th1aI mean that only vaguely.21:27
th1aYou have to remember I don't use Excel.  ;-)21:28
replaceafillthe dropdown definitely gets in the way of arrow navigation21:28
replaceafilli mean, when it's displayed21:28
th1aJust up/down?21:28
th1aI think it is ok if return takes you down?21:29
replaceafilli'm not sure how we want to solve that21:29
replaceafillcurrently return is trying to submit21:29
th1aWhat if you just enter a score and hit return without going into the menus?21:29
th1aIt just submits?21:29
th1aStays in the same cell?21:29
replaceafillif you enter a score (valid or invalid) the dropdown shows anyway21:30
replaceafilliirc you wanted the dropdown to show ONLY when the score was invalid?21:30
th1aI'm thinking about multiple character scores.21:31
th1aA, A+, A-21:31
th1aYou should be prompted with the other valid completions.21:33
th1aIsn't that how it works now?21:33
replaceafillthey all three appear21:34
replaceafillmarking the first one21:34
replaceafillwhen you click Return, that's when the submit happens21:34
replaceafillimho it should only close the dropdown21:34
replaceafilland the user should move down manually21:35
replaceafillor should it close the dropdown and move down automatically?21:35
replaceafillthat's the behaviour i'm not clear about21:35
* replaceafill copies the acc db21:35
th1aSubmitting the whole form?21:36
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th1aIt seems to me that if the first return would select the current menu choice and close the menu, ideally a second return would move the active cell.21:39
replaceafillah ok21:39
th1aBut I'm just brainstorming.21:39
th1aIt is kind of a matter of keeping the menu from opening when you don't want it to right?21:40
th1aSince it blocks the other controls.21:40
th1aI'd want to be able to cursor down through the row without it popping up, unless I start to type something.21:40
th1aI don't know how hard this kind of thing is.21:40
replaceafilldwelsh instance is up21:42
replaceafillhhmm i've forgotten the acc password :(21:43
replaceafillth1a, email sent to dwelsh21:45
replaceafilli don't think it's hard21:45
replaceafilli just wasn't sure how it should behave21:45
th1aYeah, I'd say the main thing is to let you cursor around without the menu popping up, but once it does, it pretty much has to capture the cursor/return key.  But I also don't think it should submit the whole form.21:46
replaceafillok, that makes sense21:47
replaceafillth1a, i'll have the popups in trunk (with that behaviour) for monday21:49
replaceafillso you can see them21:49
th1aOK.  Cool.  I want Dave and Steven to be able to try them too.21:49
replaceafillbut in a different instance, correct?21:50
replaceafillnot the autism one21:50
replaceafill(since that's kind of out-dated)21:51
th1aWell, we're going to have to bring Steven up to date too.22:08
th1aNot TODAY, but soon.22:08
replaceafillah ok22:09
replaceafilljust checking ;)22:09
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