IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-07-17

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pgulleyhey, replaceafill16:37
replaceafillhi pgulley16:37
pgulleyI sorted out jelkner's problem-16:37
replaceafillwhat was it?16:37
pgulleyWhen the skills were reloaded, the quiz items which had skill items lost them16:38
replaceafillhhmm yes16:38
pgulleySo when update skills was run, no skills were found for the old quiz items.16:39
replaceafilljelkner was supposed to be aware of that though16:39
pgulley'supposed to be' being the key word, hah.16:39
replaceafillreloading skills creates "new" section skills16:39
replaceafillanyway, glad it was "simple"16:39
replaceafilli tested your branch16:40
pgulleyanything glaring?16:40
replaceafilli think you have a unicode problem16:40
replaceafillwhen showing the saved answer16:40
pgulleynot impossible16:40
pgulleyFor open questions?16:40
replaceafilli think a test should be written16:40
pgulleyYes, that was actually the next thing I was going to talk to you about16:41
replaceafillbut it works :)16:41
* pgulley is joyous16:41
pgulleybut tests16:41
pgulleyI started to write them yesterday afternoon16:41
pgulleyBut I can't get them to run properly as they stand16:42
pgulleySelenium halts16:42
pgulleyI've poked at the problem on my system16:43
replaceafillno error/failure message?16:43
pgulleyand then reproduced it on another one.16:43
pgulleyyeah, no messages16:43
pgulleyit just freezes, right after the second test16:43
replaceafillyou can pass -v to bin/test to see the test txt filename16:44
pgulleyoh! that's useful.16:45
pgulleyokay. I'll poke at it some more.16:45
pgulleyIs there any reason that the tests need to run with chromium rather than chrome?16:45
replaceafillhmm not sure16:46
replaceafilli use chromium16:46
pgulleyokay. It's in student_answers.txt, on my system.16:48
pgulleybut it halts somewhere else on the other system I tested. Let me look at that one16:48
replaceafilli get an error on student_answers16:49
replaceafillthe unicode problem16:49
replaceafillline 11316:49
pgulleyMine halts around line 66?16:49
pgulleySo on the other system16:51
pgulleyit halts in update_skills16:51
replaceafillusing chrome?16:51
pgulleyno, that one's on chromium16:51
pgulley(it also is executing the tests in a different order. It's the first test executed in both cases)16:52
pgulleythe other system throws an error though- connection refused16:52
replaceafillare you running "test-headless"?16:52
replaceafillor just "bin/test"16:53
pgulleyjust bin/text16:53
pgulley(rather, make ftest)16:53
replaceafillhere's my bin/test-headless output:
replaceafillfailures related to the default=... usage in the take view for deployed quizzes17:02
replaceafillthe one in update_skills_button, Skills has changed to Skill Sets in CanDo17:07
pgulleyhrm. okay.17:18
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pgulleythat's still just a unicode thing, no?17:18
pgulleyHow would I configure my selenium tests to use chromium?17:18
pgulleysorry, I thought I new how.17:18
replaceafillin your buildout.cfg17:18
replaceafilltheres a line:17:18 = "/opt/google/chrome/chrome"17:18
replaceafillor17:18 = "/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser"17:18
replaceafillyou may not get my same failures, because i was messing with your changes17:18
replaceafillin any case old tests should pass everywhere17:18
replaceafilland you should add a new one for checking the take view can show saved values17:18
pgulleyat this point I still need to get my system configured right, evidently, because the tests still just stop running17:18
pgulleybut it's a system problem, not a code problem17:18
pgulleyso changing that setting in the buildout.cfg doesn't change how my browser runs17:39
pgulleyreplaceafill, I've re-run make buildout17:39
pgulleyI can see in bin/test that the right path is being provided, but it still is using chrome17:40
replaceafillcan you paste your buildout.cfg?17:42
replaceafillpgulley, everything looks good to me17:47
pgulleyand yet...17:47
replaceafill/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser is in your system, right?17:49
replaceafilland you ran bin/buildout...17:49
replaceafillcan you paste your bin/test?17:52
replaceafillpgulley, i think i know what it is17:58
replaceafillrun /usr/bin/chromedriver17:58
replaceafilland tell me the version you're using17:58
replaceafilluse CTRL + C to stop it17:58
replaceafillit seems you need an old version17:59
replaceafillthe deprecated ones17:59
replaceafilli'm using the 2317:59
replaceafilllet me try the 2617:59
replaceafilli think that's it18:00
replaceafill26 brings chromium up18:00
replaceafill2.1 uses chrome18:00
pgulleyokay, that's probably the whole thing, then18:01
replaceafilli need to go now, try it and let me know if you have more trouble (i hope not)18:02
pgulleyso I should use the 26?18:03
replaceafill26 worked for me18:03
pgulleyhaha. so much for depreciated18:03
pgulleyWe're good!18:05
pgulleyokay, I'll let you go18:05
pgulleyThanks a bunch18:05
replaceafillnp see you pgulley18:05
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