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th1aAny progress replaceafill or are you just getting back to work?00:22
replaceafilljust got back th1a00:22
replaceafilli'll make sure to have it done today and mail you an update00:23
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replaceafillth1a, ping17:32
th1ahi replaceafill.17:32
replaceafillsorry for the delay, my ISP has been... the usual after a storm :(17:33
th1aOK, let me print these out.17:33
th1aI wish I had a full page version of Vinny's.17:34
replaceafillme too17:35
replaceafillit's difficult to compare sizes with page 217:36
replaceafillth1a, i realized layouts are stored by school year17:39
th1aIs that bad?17:39
th1aYou might want to change them over time.17:40
th1aSo it was on purpose.17:40
replaceafillno, but we're not using the per year functionality yet, correct?17:40
th1aUnlike some other things. ;-)17:40
th1aIn what sense?17:40
replaceafilli mean, the report card looks explicitly for the "current" term/schoolyear17:41
replaceafilldoesn't allow you to say "give me last year report card" for instance17:42
th1aIs there a question here or should we just move on.17:43
replaceafillno, move on :)17:43
th1aHow would you feel about diverging from Vinny and removing the background behind the comments themselves?17:44
th1aThis looks good to me at this point otherwise.17:46
th1aI mean, in terms of overall layout.17:46
replaceafillwant to see the "no background in comments" version?17:46
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th1aHave you looked at merging this with the new attendance system.17:46
replaceafillno, not yet17:47
replaceafilli've been more worried about the paddings :(17:47
* replaceafill sigh... yahoo...17:48
replaceafillth1a, sent17:48
replaceafill(from gmail) :D17:48
th1aHm... there is still a background behind the row that says "comments"17:50
replaceafillhhmm no17:51
replaceafillboth sections are using the same color17:51
replaceafill(comments label and comments themselves)17:51
th1aJust put the light gray behind the comments header like the other headers.17:51
th1aI wasn't scolding you about the new attendance system, just checking.17:52
replaceafillah! nicer :)17:53
th1aYeah, that's the ticket.17:54
th1aAlthough arguably the whole thing is unnecessary.17:54
th1aTry a gray line instead of the word Comments and the bar.17:54
th1aYou can tell they're comments!17:54
replaceafillmaybe the line is too dark17:57
th1aTry what we were using as the background for the "Comments" line.17:57
replaceafillyou mean a lighter line, correct?17:58
th1aLIghter color.17:58
replaceafilli think it needs to be thicker18:00
th1aNo... it does need to be higher though.  The numbers should be centered.18:01
replaceafillah, got it18:01
th1aYou could move it up a touch more and move the numbers down a touch.18:03
replaceafillggrr, paragraph alignment!18:07
replaceafilla sec th1a, messing with the table style...18:08
replaceafillth1a, sent18:13
replaceafilli still see the numbers "not aligned to the middle"18:14
replaceafillbut that's what set in the style definition18:14
th1aWell... if it is turning into an RML nightmare that might be good enough.18:14
th1aHaving a slightly larger margin below is common in text layout.18:14
th1aIt doesn't look odd to me.18:15
replaceafillmy laptop monitor doesn't help much either18:15
th1aI think it is an improvement.18:15
replaceafilli have to move it constantly to see the change18:15
th1aDo you have a printer?18:15
th1aI can't do this kind of work at all with one monitor.18:15
th1aYou should buy a second monitor.18:15
th1aYou REALLY SHOULD.18:16
th1aYou will work significantly faster on this kind of stuff.18:16
th1aAnd they're so cheap now.18:16
replaceafilltrue, but i'll need a bigger desk :(18:16
th1aGet a few cinder blocks and some tin.18:17
replaceafillanyway, that's good enough?18:17
replaceafilli'll print it18:17
th1aI think so.18:18
th1aI think it is better.18:18
th1aWe'll need to update to the new journal system, update the layout form, and make some adjustments to the score bar.18:18
replaceafillah yes, you said "hard wire journal options" yesterday18:19
replaceafilli suppose you want the attendance/tardies on the left, right?18:19
th1aWell... maybe.18:19
replaceafillbased on one of your previous comments about them looking ugly on the right18:19
th1aIf that seems possible.18:20
replaceafillso first, sync with journal trunk18:20
th1aWe also need to have a space for day attendance at top.18:20
th1aCan you currently include journal scores in the report card?18:20
th1aIf not, we should add that option too.18:20
replaceafillno, just the absences and tardies18:21
replaceafillthe report card itself can handle journal scores though18:22
replaceafilli mean, the report card class18:22
th1aWell, it will need to be an option in the layout.18:23
replaceafillalthough looking at the journal trunk, that'll require a change anyway18:23
th1aAnd the layout form can get rid of the two parts, right?18:23
th1aNo more "outline" view.18:23
replaceafillin the data model they're stored separately, but i don't think that's a problem18:25
replaceafillaccording to my notes, "we should 'autodetect' comments"18:25
th1aAlso, just so you know, to be clear, we're really going to have to do a grid only report card layout for cards with no comments.18:27
th1aThis one only really works with comments.18:27
th1aSo all that should keep us busy the rest of the month.18:27
replaceafillso, when you don't "detect" comments, we adjust the table layouts?18:28
replaceafillas in: use a different style18:28
th1aIt should probably be a choice.18:28
replaceafillah ok18:28
th1aYou just can't handle every case with one layout.18:28
replaceafillthat option should go in the request dialog maybe?18:28
replaceafillsounds more like a "layout option"18:29
replaceafillok, i'll start adjusting this to the journal trunk18:30
replaceafillthe flourish branch should stay this way though18:30
th1aI guess, yes.18:31
replaceafillok, i'll go get ready for my class18:31
replaceafillthanks th1a18:32
replaceafillsee you later18:32
th1aYep.  Thanks replaceafill.18:32
replaceafillwe have a meeting with jelkner & co. today at 3pm, here18:32
replaceafilljelkner summer ;)18:32
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replaceafillhey jelkner21:58
jelknerhey replaceafill21:58
jelknerlooks like we are awaiting pgully21:58
replaceafilli just asked him if he's coming22:01
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jelknerHi pgulley22:03
pgulleyAfternoon! sorry for the delay.22:03
jelknerso, let's dig right in...22:04
jelknerI've setup two of my sections22:04
jelknerand added students22:04
jelknerYou've already been shared on the document containing the big goals for the Summer22:04
jelknerI'm adding a link to the 1st skill set I would like to load.22:05
replaceafilljelkner, are you doing that? or do you want me to help?22:06
replaceafill(loading the skills)22:06
jelknerOK, just updated the link22:07
jelknerI'm not ready yet with ITP 10022:07
jelknerand I'm waiting to hear from Isaac regarding MTH 18122:07
jelknerI'm back from vacation (staying with my brother til Sunday morning)22:08
jelknerAnd working on this project from now until August 16 th ;-)22:08
jelknerWhat do you two need from me?22:08
jelknerWe know what we want to do.22:08
jelknerI'm not sure how you plan to do it.22:09
jelknerThe first thing I will want to do is to begin making quizzes.22:09
jelknerSo you need to let me know when I can do that.22:09
replaceafilljelkner, can you answer my "loading skills question"?22:10
jelknerI understand this is bleeding edge, but if I put a hundred and fifty hours into making assessment items, I won't want to loose them.22:10
jelknerreplaceafill, certainly, sir, fire away22:10
replaceafilli just did :D22:10
replaceafilldo you want me to help you load the skills?22:10
replaceafillor are you doing that manually following the book, etc?22:11
jelknerlet's have mr. gully do it.22:11
jelknerhe will need to know how anyway22:11
jelknersince we will be loading lots of skill sets before the summer is out.22:11
pgulleyThere isn't anything to speak of that I need from you right now, jeff.22:11
jelknercool, we can keep this meeting short then22:12
replaceafillpgulley, you were able to build your sandbox, correct?22:12
replaceafilli also sent Gediminas a note about it btw22:12
pgulleyYes, once that permission thing was fixed, everything else ran without a hitch22:12
replaceafillpgulley, cool22:13
replaceafillthe docs for the skills importing22:13
replaceafilllet me know if you have any questions22:13
jelkneronce that is finished, can I begin creating quizzes?22:14
replaceafilljelkner, can you hold quiz creation until monday?22:14
replaceafillhere's the reason of my request:22:14
jelknercan it be Sunday?22:14
replaceafilli checked the trunk branches your instance is using today22:15
replaceafilland noticed there are some fixes available22:15
replaceafilland we should sync22:15
replaceafilli just want to make sure, the permission remap and the evolve scripts don't mess with your data22:16
pgulleyreplaceafill, the skill should be imported asap, yes?22:16
jelknercan that be done by sunday?22:16
replaceafilli.e. copy your database locally, set the latest trunks, check22:16
replaceafillpgulley, yes22:16
jelknerI'm meeting with Isaac and Kevin on Sunday22:16
jelkner10:30 am til closing22:16
replaceafilli'll have it ready by then22:16
jelknerIsaac will arrive around 2 pm22:16
replaceafillare you going to heavily use the journal?22:17
replaceafillor not at all?22:17
jelknerfor attendance22:17
jelknernot for quizzes22:17
jelknerbut yes22:17
replaceafillok, that's the part with most changes i think22:17
jelknerST will be our only SIS this Summer22:17
jelknerand I need to take attendance22:17
pgulleyjelkner, do I have a user on schooltool.gctaa?22:17
replaceafillso, expect some bleeding :D22:18
jelknerso that will be very important22:18
jelknerjelkner loves to bleed22:18
replaceafillok, i'll test and let you know everything is safe22:18
jelknerhe's a masochist22:18
replaceafillwe all are if we're working this way! ;)22:18
jelknerso accept for adding students and sections22:19
jelkneri won't touch anything else until Sunday22:19
replaceafillhave you set a timetable?22:19
jelkneri have one22:19
jelkneri'm adding another22:19
replaceafillah ok22:19
jelknerfor sean22:19
jelknerfor his evening class22:20
jelknerwill that break?22:20
replaceafillwe'll find out :)22:20
replaceafilli don't think so22:20
replaceafillbut we'll see22:20
jelknerok, let's stop blabbing so you all can get hacking!22:20
pgulleyjelkner, do I have a user on the current schooltool instance?22:20
jelknercan we meet Sunday at 3 pm?22:21
jelknerbut you can log in as manager and make yourself one22:21
jelknerdo you know the password?22:21
pgulleyAh, you did give it to me22:21
jelknernot sure, but replaceafill has it22:22
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jelknergood afternoon th1a_22:22
jelknercan we meet on Sunday at 3 pm?22:23
replaceafilli can't sorry22:23
replaceafillbut i'll be here early on monday22:23
jelknerpgulley, can you?22:23
jelknerit's supposed to be your gig anyway22:24
pgulleyYep, I'll be around22:24
jelknerreplaceafill is the guide on the side ;-)22:24
jelknerpgulley do you have a car?22:24
pgulleyto which I am ever thankful.22:24
jelknerof course you do22:24
pgulleyjelkner, yes, but I won't always have use of it.22:24
jelknercan you join us in room 428 at NVCC?22:24
pgulleyI'll be able to figure transportation out, however.22:25
jelknerlet's do that22:25
jelknerI'll be there from 10:30 am on22:25
jelknerno need to be that early22:25
jelknerisaac won't arrive until around 2 pm22:25
jelknerwe will want to make sure all systems are go for Monday morning22:25
jelknerand we can get a lot of work done that day22:26
pgulleyThat works for me22:26
jelknersee you at NVCC then22:26
pgulleyIs that the same room we were in last summer?22:26
jelknerits the main room22:26
jelknernot the room you were in22:26
jelknerthe big one where the beginning class meets22:26
pgulleyBut in an area I'm familiar with at least, so that works.22:27
pgulleythat place is still like a maze to me22:27
pgulleyOkay, perfect. I'll see you there.22:27
jelknerok, i'm going to get back to curriculum stuff22:27
jelknerthis is exciting22:27
jelknerI'm eager to get going!22:27
replaceafilllet the bleeding start!22:28
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