IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-07-01

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* th1a is getting his coffee...16:27
th1aAlso replaceafill will be late.16:27
th1aOr not here at all actually.16:27
yvlgood morning16:32
th1ahi yvl, menesis.16:35
th1aWell, I just learned something.16:35
th1aIf you accidentally put salt in your coffee it has a very disturbing flavor.16:35
yvlyes, it's a chicken and egg problem16:36
yvlto avoid putting salt in your coffee one usually needs some coffee16:36
th1aOK, I'm back at home and feeling a bit more settled than last week, coffee notwithstanding.16:37
th1aWhere are we with attendance, yvl?16:38
yvlpretty much done I think16:38
yvlwell, there are some unpolished edges16:38
yvlreports, for one16:39
yvlthey need to use attendance scoresystem's .isTardy .isAbsent and so on16:39
yvlor just print out all of the value totals16:40
th1aOK, should the trunk packages be in good shape for me to look at today and send you feedback?16:40
yvlclerk's attendance view could use a dropdown to see student's score history16:40
yvlwell, it depends16:41
yvlif you run with latest trunks, you'll break your sandbox16:41
th1aWhich sandbox?16:41
yvlyour db16:41
* yvl wrote the evolution to put people to proper groups after permissions remap16:41
yvland found out that you can't have attributes named "values" in your instances16:42
yvlunless you want findObjectsProviding to break eternally ever after16:42
yvlnot that big of a deal, but just pushed changes without evolution16:42
yvl(since nobody has used the new attendance yet)16:43
th1aOK, so as of right now, truck packages have new attendance and new permissions but no evolution for permissions.16:43
th1aAnd you're working on evolution next?16:43
yvlno, they have evolution16:43
yvlbut they also have attendance that will break evolution16:44
yvland I've committed attendance that does not break evolution16:44
yvlnot sure if that's built16:44
yvlzope had a trap16:44
th1aOK... so if I'm starting with an empty database I can test this?16:44
th1aSo at this moment I should not be telling CanDo people to try the trunk ppa.16:46
yvlhmm, wait16:46
th1aThis may be another victory for procrastination.16:47
yvlso versions of daily builds are pinned16:49
th1aDid you mean wait in this conversation or wait to tell them to try it?16:49
yvlboth :)16:49
yvlturns out you'll have to wait a while to have the new debs built16:50
th1aOK, so... if I want to look at the attendance I need to use a sandbox?16:50
yvlsorry, talking to menesis offline now16:52
yvlone sec..16:52
yvlok, we'll request a new build16:52
th1aSo I'll review all the attendance functionality and the old attendance reports and get back to you.16:55
th1aIn the meantime, you can polish edges.16:56
th1aDefinitely score history.16:56
yvlI basically have stuff to do for one dev day16:56
yvlwhat is the next big thing for me to work on?16:57
th1aI guess I have to get out the giant post-it with May on it.16:59
th1aJust a sec!16:59
th1aYes... I had to go through the attic before I remembered they were under the futon behind me.17:01
th1aOK... "generic status plumbing"17:02
th1aWhich maybe should just be done as part of section enrollment.17:02
th1aOr one of the other statuses.17:02
th1aJust keep in mind that you are doing it in a way that is hopefully re-usable on some level for other things that need statuses.17:03
th1a(that may only happen on a very low level)17:03
yvlcould you pin down some things that need statuses for me?17:04
yvlsection members17:04
yvlwhat could be their statuses?17:04
yvlshould status changes contain comments on some occasions?17:04
yvllike - dropped out for some reason17:05
th1aComments will definitely be requested.17:05
th1aThe generic form here is pre > active > post17:05
yvldates for transitions matter17:05
th1aAnd pre and post might have a set of text descriptors to differentiate different pre and post conditions, but they're just text, essentially.17:06
yvltransition can be set up in advance, or occur now I guess17:06
th1aIn section enrollment... hm...17:06
th1aI guess there's the existential question of whether you're actively enrolled in a class that has not started.17:07
th1aLet's say "no" because then we can have you enrolled in a course for next year without it showing up mixed in with courses you're currently taking.17:07
th1aThat only becomes an issue once year statuses are wired in.17:08
yvllets split the logic this way:17:08
th1aNow, sections will skip pre, I guess.17:08
yvlstatuses can be active or inactive17:08
yvlpre - inactive17:08
yvlpost - inactive17:08
yvland there can be an unlimited amount of statuses17:08
yvlin theory17:08
yvlfor active statuses, the system would look the way it does now17:09
yvlfor inactive statuses, additional functionality will have to be coded17:09
yvlif you add a person to a section17:10
yvlyou make him active here and now17:10
th1aAt this point.17:10
yvlif you get to some view we've not implemented yet17:10
yvlyou can make him active at some later date17:10
yvlI think this will work out ok17:12
th1aOne would hope.  ;-)17:12
yvlso one thing that is not glaringly obvious17:13
yvlis what views need to be added to handle statuses17:13
th1aI should probably shift the reports over to replaceafill for attendance, because we've essentially got a month to get things ready for the next release.17:13
yvlthat would be helpful17:14
th1aEnrollment + levels would be good to do this month.17:14
yvllet's do that.17:16
th1aOK, cool.17:16
th1aThanks yvl.17:18
menesisI am doing bugfix releases today17:19
menesisunpinned daily builds to build latest trunk, as yvl just asked17:20
menesisand nothing else, I fear17:20
th1aOK.  It isn't a hugely vital time.17:21
th1aSaves us some money...17:21
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:21
th1areplaceafill had to take Marcela in for an ankle x-ray to make sure her sprain is just a sprain.17:22
th1aWe'll get a report from replaceafill later today.17:22
th1aOh... just for reference I'm getting interested in this thing:
th1aWhich will be part of the eventual KDE tablet.17:23
th1aAnd this thing is probably the closest thing to a real shippable solid state SchoolTool server product:
th1a$68 plus a 2.5" drive.17:24
th1aIn my experience you need a real drive to get adequate IO performance.  Running SchoolTool off a memory card just doesn't cut it.  ;-)17:25
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:27
th1aOh, also, I got an inquiry from a potential volunteer who has some good experience working on other Canonical projects (like the software center), and I suggested he might work on reviving the REST API, so you might need to answer some questions about that if he bites.17:28
th1aSee you Wednesday.17:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:29
yvlthanks guys17:30
yvlsee you Wed :)17:30
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