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th1aAh... latest server possibility...
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replaceafillyvl, you around?15:32
th1ahi replaceafill.16:35
replaceafillgood morning th1a16:35
replaceafillth1a, i'm trying to solve an issue with virginia i found last night16:36
th1aWhat is it?16:36
replaceafillit's about sorting16:36
replaceafillchoose as a Course16:36
replaceafilltelevision production 116:37
replaceafilljust a few sections16:37
replaceafillnow sort twice by the same column16:37
replaceafillthe second time you sort, the totals row gets move to the top of the result16:38
th1aFucking totals...16:38
replaceafillwhat i discovered is that every time a sort happens the form is submitted and a hidden input tracks the sorting tokens16:39
th1aIt is just annoying because if we'd known it was going to be a headache we could have just stuck it somewhere else.16:39
replaceafilli was thinking the same :(16:39
replaceafill"we should move this damn row..."16:40
th1aIt is ok with me.16:40
replaceafilli think we could put it in the same exact place, out of the table16:40
replaceafilland it'd make the table logic simpler16:41
th1aPlease do.16:42
replaceafillok, that's a relief :)16:42
th1aWell, I never understood why it was really necessary at all.16:44
replaceafillimho it doesn't provide a lot of "information"16:45
th1aRight.  Sometimes you say "OK, whatever" to the customer and it turns into a giant sinkhole.16:45
replaceafillth1a, just sent you a pdf with the current report card16:49
replaceafillaccording to my notes:16:49
replaceafill- add attendance/tardy information16:49
replaceafillis next16:49
replaceafillyvl recommended to use a table for the comments too16:50
replaceafillinstead of paragraphs16:50
yvloh, didn't notice xchat notification16:50
replaceafillcamila's picture is supposed to be the school logo btw16:50
replaceafillhey yvl!16:50
yvlhi guys :)16:51
replaceafillwe're probably going to solve it another way, but i'm still curious16:51
replaceafillcould you check:
replaceafillselect Television Production I as the course16:51
* replaceafill inherited the use of that course from dwelsh :P16:52
th1aLooks good... nice picture.  ;-)16:52
replaceafillyvl, then sort twice by the same column16:52
replaceafillyvl, it seems like the sortOn method doesn't apply on the second sort16:53
replaceafilli mean, the table uses the hidden XXXX.sort_on field, right?16:54
replaceafillwhich at the beginning is "section course instructors totals"16:54
replaceafillonce the "double" sorting happens, the hidden gets "section course totals instructors instructors"16:55
yvlI see16:56
yvlthere is a fixed_sort_on thing in our table formatters16:57
yvlok, so there is a HeaderFormatterMixin16:59
replaceafilllooking at it...16:59
yvlbut it is only used for tables that group by something I think17:00
yvli.e. tables with subtables17:00
yvlI guess you'll have to look at that mixin, and write a custom formatter17:01
yvlthat does basically updateSortParameters17:02
yvlor... I guess I could extract some of params out, and fixed pre-sort and post-sort to all table formatters17:02
replaceafillwell, i suggested moving the totals column out of the table17:03
replaceafilli meant the totals row :)17:03
yvlyou could do that :)17:04
replaceafilli was thinking of inserting it as a viewlet before the Done button, and just use css to make it look the same17:04
replaceafillusing th1a's words: "it's a toss-up" (is that the right phrase?) :D17:05
replaceafillat least imho17:05
yvlyou can also override renderRows of the formatter and add static totals rows at the end17:05
replaceafillyvl, in both cases (using table formatters), i'd need to got with a custom one, right?17:05
replaceafillgot it17:06
yvlwe already go with custom ones :)17:06
replaceafilli'll see which solution i can do faster17:07
yvlprobably renderRows is the quickest17:08
replaceafillyes, and i know how to do that already (we were doing it before you implemented group_by_column i think)17:08
replaceafilli'm not familiar with updateSortParameters17:09
yvlthat one copies some stuff from zc.table17:11
yvlit's there to solve the same problem we're having with totals :)17:11
replaceafilli always thought that the sortOn method on the table was the definitive source of sorting for a table17:13
yvlwell it is17:13
replaceafilland that order was going to be respected no matter what17:14
yvlbut then, there's user sort coming from request17:14
yvlso if you say sort on: title V17:14
yvlthe user clicks on title17:14
replaceafillsortOn seems more "initial" state now (to me)17:14
yvlyou get sor on: title V, title A17:14
yvlit is17:15
yvludateSortParams calls getFixedSortOn17:15
yvlthat makes sure initial sorts are never touched17:15
yvlso if you specify to sort by title17:16
yvland user clicks date17:16
yvlinstead of having sorted by date (and entries with matching dates by title)17:16
yvlyou could have always sorted by title first17:17
replaceafillso, sorting is basically "updated" from the request17:18
replaceafillwow, tables17:18
yvlsorting params are appended17:18
replaceafillmake you keep learning :P17:18
yvlyes :D17:18
replaceafillah, it's zc.table who inserts the tokens hidden!17:33
replaceafilli was looking for it like crazy in schooltool17:33
replaceafillth1a, btw, the unescaped entities in the pdf are also solved17:40
th1aGood... I was wondering if that was another suprisingly difficult issue...17:41
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menesisth1a: I have resolved all issues with packages in
menesiscan now be tested19:59
th1aCool.  Thanks.19:59
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th1ayvl: ayt?21:09
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