IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-06-17

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th1aI need a couple minutes guys.16:32
replaceafillth1a, np16:33
th1aA friend stopped by to fix some wiring.16:38
th1aGotta get the house ready to rent...16:38
th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:38
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:38
yvlgood morning16:40
th1aWould you like to start replaceafill?16:40
replaceafilli finished working on the suggestions you guys made last week to the dropdowns16:41
replaceafilli'm now in the middle of changing cando and the journal to support the change16:41
replaceafilli should be done by today i think16:42
replaceafilli also debugged a issue with comments on 2.416:42
replaceafillth1a, i sent you a screenshot about it16:42
replaceafilllet me upload it16:43
th1aYes, explain it to menesis.16:43
yvlreplaceafill, can you check if it conflicts with journal trunk at some point?16:43
* yvl made some changes recently16:43
replaceafillyvl, ah yes i just noticed16:44
replaceafill(your changes)16:44
replaceafilland saw you're also changing the gradebook.js16:44
replaceafilli assume is for the ajaxy changes you were telling us about last week, right?16:44
yvldon't remember now16:45
replaceafillboy! my internet sucks today....16:45
yvluhm, no16:45
yvlactually other changes for day attendance16:46
replaceafillyvl, i meant rev 3596 in trunk16:47
yvlno, that's so that gradebook javascript would work after ajaxy reload16:47
yvlsay, when you do search, or click on next (batch) page16:48
replaceafillgot it16:48
replaceafillyvl, so i can merge my changes to trunk (when i'm done) and won't step on your toes?16:48
replaceafilli thought you were working around that area :)16:49
yvlprobably :D16:49
yvlgo ahead and merge16:49
replaceafillyvl, kk16:49
yvlif there are conflicts, I can merge if you point me to your branch16:49
replaceafillso, the screenshot above16:50
replaceafillmeans that the fckeditor.js is not being loaded16:51
replaceafillin 2.416:51
replaceafillthis is 13.04 btw16:51
replaceafilli tried to compare with the dev branches but couldn't find where the fckeditor is used from in the deb packages16:52
menesisreplaceafill: FckeditorZ3CFormWidget does zc.resourcelibrary.need('fckeditor')16:55
menesisand the resourceLibrary fckeditor is declared in zope.html configure.zcml which is included from schooltool.common16:55
menesisno idea why that would not work16:56
replaceafillany way i can help debugging?16:56
replaceafilli thought the deb would need a patch or something to use the fckeditor in ubuntu16:56
menesisanother place where fckeditor is used is Create event in Calendar16:57
menesisdoes it work there?16:57
replaceafillmenesis, haven't checked16:57
replaceafilllet me try it while you and yvl finish your reports16:57
* replaceafill done16:58
th1areplaceafill:  I think we'll need to go back and finish the report card next.16:58
menesisyes, the zope.html*.deb is patched to find the resources from fckeditor*.deb16:58
replaceafillth1a, kk16:59
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:59
yvlmoved along with the attendance view17:00
yvlsearching and filtering works17:00
yvlthere were some corner cases, like months that cover two different terms or even school years17:00
yvljust finished working on score validation17:01
yvlnext is score saving17:01
th1aDid you see the comment we got last week about custom attendance score systems?17:01
yvland figuring out how to warn user when he wants to navigate away with unsaved scores17:02
yvlif I understood correctly, we are going forward with 4 scores?17:03
yvl(those need to be implemented btw)17:03
yvl(currently we have two scores absent/tardy with the old translation hack)17:03
th1aWell, I guess I'm asking what you think of the idea of just making that the default and allowing custom attendance score systems.17:03
th1aIn terms of relative complexity.17:03
th1a(making 4 the default)17:04
yvlI guess its not that difficult17:06
menesis(the old translation hack does not work – always displays a/t regardless of translation)17:06
yvlbut we would have to make user specify what metadata scores carry17:07
yvlfor example "p" - "tardy"17:07
yvl"pp" - "tardy, excused"17:07
th1areplaceafill did point out to me that score systems have non-standard metadata, not label/title/description.17:08
th1aThat is, different names.17:08
th1aI don't know if it is worth changing that.17:08
th1aJust an annoying evolution script I guess.17:08
yvlhaven't thought about that in detail yet17:09
yvlbtw, scoresystems are bound to be quite different17:09
yvlsome have minimal passing scores17:09
yvlsome cannot have those17:09
yvl(if you allow comment score systems)17:10
yvlif we make custom attendance, they will have extra values for scores17:10
yvl"what it means for reporting"17:10
yvlwell, for default reporting17:10
yvlok, so I'll do customizable attendance17:11
yvlbtw, if you want to take a sneak peek at the view17:12
yvlit can be found in trunk, /persons/attendance.html17:12
th1aWell, yes, it will have to be somewhat special, although mostly it should just need a marker and know to ignore irrelevant attributes.17:12
th1aAh, good.17:12
yvlI also noticed a whoopsy with clerk permissions17:13
yvlturns out clerk can't access the school tab17:13
th1aThat would be a problem.  ;-)17:13
yvlright. :)17:13
th1aI'd expect a few of those...17:13
yvlthing is, we made that accessable for those who have schooltool.edit on school itself17:14
yvlso... it won't be a very quick fix17:14
yvlI'll finish with attendance and then look into that17:14
* yvl done17:15
replaceafilli think it's the version of the fckeditor17:15
replaceafillthe calendar uses 2.6.617:15
replaceafillthe gradebook is trying to get
replaceafillthe widget works in the calendar17:16
th1ayvl:  Just bear in mind that it might make sense to loosen up access to the school page.17:16
menesisreplaceafill: the correct version is 2.6.6, it's strange that something asks for a different version17:16
yvlon the other hand - binding it to schooltool.view opens school page to... everybody17:17
yvlok, those are details anyway.17:17
menesisreplaceafill: because it is hardcoded in f_gradebook_comment_cell_dialog.pt17:18
menesisreplaceafill: but.. this would result in a 404 but the widget should still render correctly, doesn't it?17:21
th1ayvl:  I suppose the same mechanism probably determines who sees the School tab?17:21
replaceafillmenesis, i don't think so, the js is not loaded at all (because of the 404)17:22
yvlth1a, yes17:22
replaceafillmenesis, so, no widget17:22
th1aIt wouldn't be the end of the world if people without edit permission could get to that page via entering the url but not do anything.17:22
th1aBut it seems like you just have to fix it correctly.17:22
th1aMaybe clerks just get more permissions.17:22
th1aI'm not sure how much time you're talking.17:22
th1aOr exactly what permissions would be in play.17:23
yvlI'll have to see into that17:23
yvllooks like a days work17:23
yvlor two17:23
yvldon't want to spend much time on that actually17:23
yvlbut needs to be fixed17:23
th1aBasically, don't hesitate to ask if it is ok to add a permission or two to clerks.17:23
th1aRather do that than spend two days fiddling.17:24
th1aThanks yvl.17:26
menesisyvl: are you still going to write evolution for permission remap?17:27
th1aAh... DON'T FORGET.17:28
* th1a makes a post it.17:28
menesisso currently if one upgrades the Administrator will lose permissions17:29
menesisI'm thinking whether it's safe to include the permission tweaks in the release17:29
menesisso. the release.17:30
menesisI have tweaked init script to basically do the same as supervisor17:30
menesisand it works17:30
menesisI have set up a new PPA17:31
menesisand created packaging recipes17:31
menesisand branches17:32
th1aWe're trying to get this release out to test celery reports for CanDo, so we don't want the permissions remap yet.17:32
th1aEspecially if there is no evolution.17:32
menesisto make a daily build of schooltool trunk17:33
menesisth1a: ok, will cut before permissions remap17:33
th1aI was thinking we were going to need another ppa...17:34
menesistwo packages are already built17:34
menesiswill finish the rest in a couple hours17:35
menesisthis will be a snapshot of trunk17:35
menesisfor testing17:35
menesisI can stop the daily build17:35
menesisand upload a release manually17:36
menesisor pin a revision I want17:36
menesisso there will be something to test17:37
menesislater today17:37
menesisand then I will make proper 2.5.0 releases17:38
th1aI think we are going to want to make a serious release in August to get some of this new stuff out before school starts for people who want it.17:38
menesisand when does the school start?17:39
th1aRealistically, that'll probably 90% of what gets in Ubuntu anyhow.17:39
th1aWell... we'd want this early August I guess.17:39
th1aOr even the end of July.17:39
th1aCelery/attendance/reports/permissions is more changes than we've done in a release in a while.17:40
th1aAll that should be ready.17:40
th1aProbably we should say August 1.17:40
th1aDoes that make sense guys?17:40
menesisAugust 29th is Feature Freeze
th1aThat would avoid the usual last minute WTF.17:41
menesisJuly 25th is Alpha 217:41
menesisI think this aligns well with Ubuntu release schedule17:42
th1aSuper.  Anything else?17:43
th1aWill we be calling that 2.6?17:43
menesisyes, the final release 2.617:44
* menesis done17:46
th1aThanks menesis.17:46
th1aOK guys, keep it up.  Great work.17:46
th1aI'll see you Wednesday.17:46
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:46
replaceafillthanks everybody17:46
yvlsee you all soon17:46
replaceafillhave a good week!17:46
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?18:32
replaceafillth1a, yes18:32
th1aDid you see glenda's email?18:32
replaceafillyes, i just did18:33
replaceafilli'm going to check18:33
th1aThe code?18:33
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replaceafillth1a, confirmed18:48
replaceafillre-sorting the results doesn't filter again18:48
replaceafilli think it's a quick fix though18:49
replaceafillwe just need to add a custom table_formatter for that report18:49
th1a_OK, do that asap.  Can we add a spinner or something?18:49
replaceafillthe spinner is actually there18:50
th1a_Does she want some other sort?18:50
replaceafillit shows when you click Submit18:51
replaceafillbut it doesn't when you re-sort18:51
th1a_Other than by teacher?18:51
th1a_Oh, can we make it show up when you re-sort?18:51
replaceafillth1a, hhmm i think so18:52
th1a_OK, look into that.18:52
replaceafillcalling the right flourish.js functions should show the spinner automatically iirc18:52
replaceafillkk, will do18:52
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replaceafillth1a, i assume you changed the linode account login, right?20:40
replaceafilli just restarted the server (updates in ubuntu required it)20:41
replaceafilland tried to check the linode manager but couldn't access20:41
replaceafillth1a_, ^20:43
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th1a_Ah, yes.21:04
th1a_Is it up?21:04
replaceafillth1a_, yes21:05
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