IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-06-05

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:32
yvlgood morning16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1aDid my attendance email make sense, yvl?16:33
yvlyes, a lot16:33
th1aOne thing that became clear is that the combo-box for the gradebooks does need to be done soon.16:35
th1aDo you want that replaceafill?16:35
th1a(to do that)16:35
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replaceafillthat mean that when the user clicks the grade cell, he gets the combo, correct?16:36
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replaceafillth1a, sure, i'd like to work on that16:40
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th1aHm... "This is not a supported or even complete widget"16:42
yvl_replaceafill, if you want, you can start with scoresystem that allows absent/tardy/abs-excused/tar-excused and the dropdown16:42
replaceafillyvl_, you mean using a mock?16:42
replaceafilland then adjusting to use your branch?16:42
yvl_well, no16:42
yvl_since journal will use scoresystems...16:43
replaceafillgot it16:43
yvl_you can add a new one, with dropdowns and all16:43
replaceafillunderstood, sounds fun :D16:43
th1aI'm not sure that the attendance statuses literally need to be a score system.16:45
yvl_well it could be something else :)16:46
yvl_not sure what though16:46
yvl_if you meant that it does not have to be a "global", the one selectable for any worksheet, then yes16:47
th1aTwo things:16:47
yvl_but if you meant that it does not have to be a scoresystem, then please elaborate16:47
th1a1) it isn't helpful to have it show up in your other gradebooks as a score system;16:47
th1a2) we may want to hang some special stuff on attendance status in the future.16:48
th1aThat isn't relevant to scores per se.16:48
yvl_1 I understand16:49
yvl_2 I understand, but don't understand implication16:49
yvl_but I think we're mostly on the same page16:50
th1aWell, if we did want to start enforcing a workflow between states for example.16:51
th1aOr only allowing clerks to excuse absences.16:51
th1aI'm not saying build up some kind of large speculative infrastructure.16:51
yvl_ah, ok16:52
th1aJust to keep it a bit separate so that the very next thing we'll have to do is pry it away from score systems.16:52
th1aIs NOT to pry it away.16:52
th1aOther than that, I have no specific desires about implementation.16:53
th1aWant to go on with your update, yvl_?16:54
yvl_I'll keep it short16:54
yvl_wrote some report / remote task / messaging security declarations16:54
yvl_fixed some tests16:54
yvl_did not push anything yet16:55
yvl_oh, and merged journal with scoresystems, but did not push yet16:55
* yvl_ done16:55
th1aAh, good.  So no horrible conflicts appeared in the past year?16:57
th1aThanks yvl.16:58
replaceafilla sec, uploading a screenshot16:58
replaceafill...related to a bug question :)16:58
replaceafillso, i tested the new celery (trunk) branches in 12.0416:59
replaceafillthey all work16:59
replaceafilland i tested jelkner current database + schooltool quiz17:00
replaceafilland it also works17:00
replaceafillhowever i noticed a few things:17:00
replaceafill1. the link for downloading the zip archive appears in  every Report viewlet manager17:00
replaceafilli think the directive only needs a view="..." specification17:01
replaceafilli added it but wanted to make sure where it was supposed to appear17:01
replaceafillit's under School (/manage), correct?17:01
replaceafilli mean, that's the right place for that report17:01
yvl_ah, that one17:02
th1aIt is all the scr's for the year?17:02
yvl_for all years I think17:02
th1aWell, next year we might make it just for one.  ;-)17:03
th1aBut yes, for now it is just under /school17:03
replaceafillah ok, so i can fix that17:03
replaceafilleasy fix anyway17:03
replaceafill2. i tried to run the zip report on jelkner's database and acc's17:03
replaceafillbut hit an exception17:04
replaceafilli started debugging and noticed the problem happens when the section has no skills17:05
replaceafillbut i haven't checked the actual zip view to confirm17:05
yvl_sounds about right17:05
replaceafilli can take that too :)17:05
yvl_yes please ;)17:05
replaceafilland last thing in the zip view:17:05
yvl_I like the big zip report17:06
yvl_it renders for everything17:06
yvl_and finds bugs! :)17:06
replaceafillyvl_, i was unable to stop that view at the right time17:06
replaceafillso i took a screenshot :D17:06
replaceafilli suppose those bars are the progress bars, right?17:06
replaceafillthat happens just before the failure notice in the dialog17:07
replaceafillit's just a moment and then disappear17:07
yvl_you can actually check /tmp17:07
yvl_once you request the report XWQRKJRJwer or something similar will be created there17:08
yvl_you can check  by timestamp17:08
yvl_then when it breaks, you can look at the end of that file17:08
replaceafilli see several stderr and stdout files17:09
yvl_and you should be able to see last successful pdf filename17:09
replaceafillin /tmp17:09
replaceafillah, got it17:15
yvl_then just render it directly via browser17:15
yvl_by entering URL manually17:15
replaceafillah ok, i'll try it17:15
replaceafillyvl_, i have a question about zips17:15
replaceafillso in the HILT instance they have all these quizzes17:15
replaceafilland they like to reuse them for the summer17:15
replaceafillbut starting with a fresh instance17:15
replaceafilland quizzes have questions, text and attributes, and images17:15
replaceafillso they were asking if a export/import would be possible17:15
replaceafillthat includes the images17:15
replaceafillnow that we have an example for exporting zips i thought it'd be possible17:15
replaceafillagain, i haven't checked the zip infrastructure yet :)17:15
replaceafilldo you think it'll work for this?17:15
replaceafillwe'd still need the "import the zip back" part17:15
yvl_don't see why not :)17:15
replaceafillbut i don't see that really complicated, right?17:15
yvl_you just list the files, and figure out what to do with them :)17:15
replaceafillfortunatelly , i played with zips at my old job17:15
replaceafillok, what else17:15
replaceafillth1a, so i picked a few bugs and tried to "re-triage"17:16
replaceafillah, my screenshot17:16
replaceafillthis is probably done, right?
replaceafillhere's how it looks currently:17:16
th1aI think so.17:17
replaceafillcool, thanks17:17
replaceafilli also tried the importer for checks on the gender strings17:17
replaceafilland at least the current version doesn't allow "f" or "m"17:18
replaceafilli also checked the csv importer, and that even doesn't allow you to set the gender17:18
replaceafillso i'm still not sure how that user got there17:18
th1aWell, let's try to get them to try Justas's workaround.17:19
replaceafillcorrect, i hope he replies to your comment17:19
replaceafillok, i'm done17:20
th1aYeah, don't sweat it in the meantime.17:21
th1ayvl: Any idea where menesis is?17:21
menesisI am here17:21
menesismissed first half an hour but read everything17:22
th1aThanks replaceafill.  Go ahead menesis.17:22
menesisI'll start with last Wednesday because I missed Monday's meeting17:23
menesisI have released schooltool 2.4.117:24
menesisthat includes schooltool, gradebook, and also cando 0.7.117:30
menesischerry-picked bugfixes from the trunk17:30
menesisincluding gradebook unsaved changes warning, and saving comment cells only on gradebook submit17:30
menesisall of this is uploaded to saucy universe, raring ppa, and quantal+precise dev ppa17:30
menesisthose repositories also contain a newer python-xlrd17:30
menesisthat supports importing .xlsx files17:30
menesisbut not yet in ubuntu. I commented the bugs requesting newer version in both ubuntu and debian, but need another ping or sponsorship request17:30
menesiswhile doing that, versionator catched dependency errors, so had to update it to also check python3 packages that some packages create17:30
menesisthat much about the last week17:31
menesisthe last two days I've done two things17:32
menesistook my "harvest" branch that has big unmerged changes17:33
menesisremoves some very old things17:34
menesisincluding basicpersonlayer17:34
menesisthat's done, not merged17:34
menesisthen, was packaging the trunk17:34
menesisfighting supervisor/redis17:35
menesiscopied the new conffiles to /etc/schooltool/standard/17:36
menesisupdated init.d script17:36
menesisto start supervisor instead of paster17:36
menesisstill working on that17:37
menesisI get an error when supervisor parses its config file17:37
menesissupervisor in ubuntu is very old17:37
menesisanother problem I see on my laptop17:39
menesisis redis-server consuming a lot of cpu17:39
menesisis in the 3rd-4th place by CPU time17:40
menesisthat's when nothing is using it17:40
menesisand there's no way to disable it17:41
yvl_that's weird17:41
th1ayvl_ did you develop against the ubuntu versions of redis, etc?17:41
menesisI looked, maybe celery could use some other backend17:42
yvl_well, redis-server yes17:42
menesisbut all others miss something in ubuntu. except sqlite17:42
th1aPresumably it isn't supposed to eat up that much cpu doing nothing.17:42
menesisyvl_: does it show up high in 'top'?17:43
yvl_let me check again17:43
menesisredis-server was updated in every ubuntu release17:44
menesisunlike supervisor17:44
menesisI have some problems17:44
yvl_ok, idle redis takes 0% CPU17:45
menesisbut was really working on packaging trunk17:45
menesisand looking at different options how to do that17:45
yvl_working redis also near zero CPU17:46
menesisand if you sort by TIME column?17:46
yvl_also near zero17:47
menesisgood for you17:48
yvl_good for me ;)17:48
* menesis done17:48
th1aIt's just a "something's wrong with redis" bug not a "we need a different back end" bug.17:48
th1aSo... menesis, we do want to get VA testing the big zip report.17:49
th1aIs that in one of our ppa's?17:49
menesisno, I am working on packaging today17:51
menesisand still have problems17:52
menesisso no, not in any ppa17:52
th1aOK.  Just checking.17:52
th1aI wasn't sure if I missed something.17:52
th1aBasically that's what you're working out with redis, etc.?17:53
th1aOK.  ;-)17:53
th1aThanks guys.17:53
th1areplaceafill:  Send me your invoice, si vous plait.17:54
replaceafillth1a, will do17:54
th1aHave a good week/end.17:54
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:54
replaceafillthanks everybody17:54
yvl_thanks guys17:56
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replaceafillhhmm something in the celery branches prevents the HILT manager from seeing any section...22:37
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