IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-05-20

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jelknerGood morning, Mr. Cerna!16:21
jelknerI mean, replaceafill16:22
replaceafillgood morning jelkner16:28
jelknerdid you see the Google Doc I shared with you?16:28
jelkneri spoke to th1a yesterday, btw16:29
th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, jelkner.16:31
jelknergood morning!16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
replaceafilljelkner, do you want me to comment in the doc?16:33
replaceafillor here? :)16:33
th1aWhen does our bookclub start, jelkner?  I have my book.16:33
jelknerit just started16:33
jelkneri'll ask sean what he wants to do to move it forward16:33
jelknerand get back to you16:33
yvlgood morning!16:34
th1aHi yvl.16:35
th1ajelkner:  Do we need to talk about anything in particular at this point?16:35
jelknerwe need to talk briefly about the document i shared with you.16:36
jelknersince i want to purchase a vm today16:36
jelknerand seek your collective advice16:36
replaceafilljelkner, i'd vote for 1 VM for all the instances16:36
replaceafillthat's easier to manage16:36
jelknerthat's what i thought.16:37
replaceafill12.04 is fine for me16:37
jelknerwill 4G Ram do it?16:37
jelkneri'm glad 12.04 is good16:37
replaceafilljelkner, yes16:37
jelknercause that's all they have16:37
jelknerok, i'll purchase a 4G RAM 12.04 vm today16:37
jelknerso i spoke to th1a about the gradebook change for this week16:38
jelknerand we talked about the ST Quiz refactoring that needs to  be completed before pgully can start his Summer work16:38
jelknerhe asked me how much time that will take16:38
jelknerand i couldn't say16:39
jelknerwe could use an estimate, replaceafill16:39
replaceafilllet me write that down today (the tasks) and i'll send an email16:39
replaceafillin my head i just have the "first" task16:39
replaceafillmoving the items off the global container16:39
replaceafillfor the record: jelkner said we won't need evolution, since he's not interested in keep using his "current" data16:40
jelknertrue that16:40
replaceafillso that'll make the task easier, we're starting fresh for testing16:40
jelknerone other thing i should mention16:41
jelkneri spoke to th1a about my efforts to plan for ST deployment for next year16:42
jelknerwith lots of construction going on in our building16:42
jelknerand the general difficulties our IT folks have doing anything well, much less anything they don't even care about16:43
jelkneri fear the worst16:43
jelknerand will try to plan for it16:43
jelknerwe have trouble with accessing encrypted data outside our network16:43
jelknermy ssh connections regulary freeze16:43
jelknerit sucks16:43
jelknerbut since i can't be sure i can run a server in house16:44
th1aOnly SchoolTool ssl connections freeze or others?16:44
jelknerall secure connections16:44
jelknerregular ssh logins16:44
jelknerjust freeze16:44
jelknerit really, REALLY sucks! :-(16:45
jelknerso let's not use SSL16:45
th1aSo there is no particular reason to think there's anything we can do to fix it.16:45
jelknerI'm afraid not16:45
jelknerSo let's just run http not https16:45
jelknerwe can test that over the Summer16:45
jelknerand see if it works16:46
jelknerthat's all i have16:46
th1aOK, thanks jelkner.16:47
replaceafillyvl, did you see my last email to the dev list?16:48
* jelkner stays logged, but has to go off and do teacher stuff...16:48
yvlthe one with rml fix?16:50
replaceafilli noticed only one line comments we're spitting <strong> tags16:50
replaceafillmultiple lines were showing just fine16:50
yvlfix ok, though I would have phrased it differently :)16:50
yvlif not paragraphs:16:51
yvl  return ''16:51
yvlreturn '<para>'+'</para>\n<para>'.join(paragraphs)+'</para>'16:51
replaceafillok, i'll use that16:51
yvlI could not remember why on earth I've skipped <para>s in single line text16:52
replaceafillthat's what i was curious about :)16:52
replaceafilli thought you had a reason16:52
replaceafillok, i also started working on the group report for the report card16:53
replaceafilland i have a question here yvl16:53
replaceafillwhat could you recommend for generating pdfs with different headers16:54
replaceafilli mean, the title + subtitles of each page won't be the same through the whole pdf16:54
replaceafillfirst 2 pages: tom hoffman, following 2 pages: jeffrey elkner, etc16:55
replaceafillthe base template for the pdfpage class assumes the same header will be used through the whole report16:56
yvlhmm, true16:56
replaceafilli kind of approached it in cando using a different page template16:57
replaceafillbut i think we could use something more "generic"16:57
yvltrue, true16:58
yvlI guess we'll have to a way to handle multiple templates easily16:58
replaceafilli guess i should do it "manually" for now, right?17:00
yvlI guess so17:00
yvl no quick solution here, I'm afraid17:00
replaceafilli understand17:00
replaceafilllast week i also looked at the detail report for students17:01
replaceafillat first it just seemed like report card + absences17:01
replaceafillbut a little chat with th1a helped me realized it can be more complete than that17:01
replaceafillso i plan to merge all of this tomorrow17:02
replaceafilland move on to the worksheets average bug17:02
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:03
th1aThe detail report should steadily accumulate more details from throughout the system.  We just haven't gotten that far with it yet.17:03
replaceafillth1a, now i want to merge it with the profile report :D17:04
th1aMaybe I'm getting them confused now.17:04
replaceafillbut i can think of different use cases for both17:04
th1aWhat's the profile report?17:04
replaceafillpersonal info + demographics + groups17:04
replaceafilli just thought detail should bring those too maybe17:05
replaceafillbut you won't ask school year or terms just to get people's basic info17:06
replaceafillso never mind17:06
th1aDetail should pretty much be everything.17:06
replaceafillth1a, detail should allow to include info from plugins, right?17:06
replaceafillcool, that's what i though17:06
replaceafilland yvl already provided us with that :)17:06
replaceafillmanagers! :P17:07
replaceafillok, i'll stop trying to merge pdfs17:07
* replaceafill done17:07
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:07
yvlnothing big committed yet17:09
yvllast few days I mostly fiddled with... various small things17:09
yvllooked at some zc packages we're not using17:10
yvllike zc.sourcefactory17:11
yvllooks handy for creating dropdown sources17:11
yvlrefactored some innards of report api17:12
yvldidn't want large zips to live in-memory while they're being generated17:12
yvlso needed a way to pass an open stream to a temp file of an uncommited blob17:13
yvlstuff like that17:13
yvlit's a bit difficult to report after days like these17:13
yvlin short17:14
yvlafter having some reports pushed, made a sanity check17:14
yvlif I didn't miss something obvious why reports generation would break, be slow,17:15
yvlor not sane to develop17:15
yvlnow rewiring the zip "archive" report17:15
* yvl done17:16
th1aOK.  I figured the zip archive would not be completely straightforward.17:16
th1aThanks yvl.17:16
menesisI had to take over a project here at pov17:17
menesismost of my time was spent elsewhere17:17
th1aAh, just as I had something I wanted you to do!17:18
menesisI have updated schooltool buildbot: added trunk builders17:18
th1aHow's the next week or so look?17:18
menesisnot sure17:18
menesisI probably use half a day for that project17:19
menesisand another half for schooltool17:19
menesisso I can do what I have to17:20
menesisfor schooltool.17:20
menesisI added trunk builders to buildbot, removed 1.717:21
th1aI want to start working on getting the book integrated with the web app (by "integrated" I mean links in the app)17:21
menesismerged cando and virginia celery branches17:22
menesisthat's it17:23
menesiscontext-sensitive links?17:23
menesisto different book pages?17:24
th1aI don't know if we should just have a generic "Help" link that goes different places.17:24
th1aOr... something more clever.17:24
* th1a doesn't have any more clever ideas.17:25
menesisWill think about it17:25
yvloooh, a few well placed links would be nice17:25
th1aWhat would make them well placed?17:25
th1aWell placed in the page?17:25
yvlsomething similar to explanation near XSL import17:25
th1aOK, I'll think about the exact placement some.17:26
yvl in School tab would be awesome17:27
menesisth1a: create a bug and assign me?17:27
th1aYes... any thoughts about exactly where?17:28
menesissomewhere in the top-right corner?17:29
th1aThat's what I'd consider the default choice.17:29
th1aUnless I think of something more clever.17:29
yvlit could go in top-right corner17:30
yvlcould go into left sidebar17:30
yvlRead More17:30
yvl(when looking at School tab)17:30
yvlRead More17:31
yvl__Server Setting__17:31
yvlwhen in server tab17:31
yvlor it could be both17:31
yvlRead More with links, when we don't have much text to put in17:31
th1aYes... Read More does give you some options for adding multiple links, which could be helpful in itself.17:31
yvlin right bar, like in XLS imports, when we do17:32
* yvl actually never did try to think backwards :/17:32
menesisThere is already a What's this in the right sidebar, add a menu with help links below it?17:33
yvlto try looking at the book pages and figure out what users are usually doing when we want to redirect to them17:33
th1aThere often isn't a right sidebar though.17:33
th1aYou don't necessarily want to move it around.17:34
th1aWe might end up getting rid of the What's this.17:34
th1aI like the idea that the left sidebar could give you multiple references.17:35
th1aOK, I'll think about it.17:35
th1aCome up with some examples.17:35
th1aAnything else menesis?17:36
th1aOK.  Thanks guys.17:37
th1aI think the DNS has switched to our control for, but I haven't tried to point to the new server yet.17:38
th1aShould I do that now menesis?17:38
menesisth1a: yes, please17:38
th1aOK, I will.17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:39
replaceafillthanks everybody17:39
th1aHave a good week, guys, see you Wednesday.17:39
yvlthanks guys17:39
yvlsee you soon17:39
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th1amenesis: ayt?20:37
menesisth1a: yes20:39
th1aDo you have a minute?20:39
th1aI'm forwarding a message from a CanDo user.20:40
th1aThey reinstalled CanDo and I think just need to do "sudo chown  -R schooltool:schooltool  /var/lib/schooltool/*"20:41
menesisth1a: yes, that's what I would do20:43
th1aOK, figured I'd check.20:44
th1aI'll cc: you.20:44
menesis$ sudo chown  -R schooltool.schooltool /var/lib/schooltool20:45
menesiswithout the last /*20:45
menesisto change the owner of data directory20:45
menesis$ ls -ld /var/lib/schooltool20:46
menesisto check the current owner20:46
th1aAh, ok.20:46
th1aschooltool.schooltool or schooltool:schooltool20:47
menesisboth work20:49
menesisman chown says :20:50
th1aThanks menesis.21:05
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