IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-05-15

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlhi guys16:33
th1aSo at the 1/3rd mark in the year, we've spent 60,500 of our 178,666 EUR budget.16:33
th1aThat counts 5,000 EUR in travel expenses, which is the bulk of the year.16:34
th1aSo basically, we're right on track.16:34
yvlthat's great16:36
th1aAs long as the Euro doesn't tank.16:36
th1aOK, replaceafill?16:36
replaceafillso i tried fixing the school logo issue in remote pdfs16:37
replaceafillit was throwing a not found in a /logo url16:38
replaceafilli found the issue was caused by absolute(app, self.request) + '/logo'16:38
replaceafilla hardcoded path in the logo logic16:38
replaceafillwhich under regular circumstances produces the full url16:38
replaceafillbut under remote pdfs produces only /logo16:39
replaceafillso, as yvl suggested, i inserted the data of the logo instead of the url16:39
replaceafillyvl, could you please check:16:39
replaceafillthat seems to solve the problem16:39
replaceafilli used the data_uri adapter16:39
replaceafillon the logo image16:40
replaceafilli also found an issue with the ratio of the logo displayed in the pdf16:40
replaceafillif you have an image of ~ (1200, 900)16:40
yvlfix looks good16:40
replaceafillratio produces 116:40
replaceafillso i inserted a float there16:41
replaceafillto keep the decimal part16:41
replaceafillwhen calculating the ratio16:41
replaceafillthat also displays the logo correctly16:41
replaceafillno stretch, etc16:41
replaceafillyvl, thanks, will merge with trunk then16:41
replaceafilland the second issue i worked on was the <strong>...</strong> content16:42
replaceafilli "kind of" understand the issue16:42
replaceafillbut i wanted to ask yvl here about pdf form16:42
replaceafillyvl, i see that for comment fields in pdf forms16:43
replaceafilla row is inserted in a table, right?16:43
replaceafillbeing the template for the row16:43
replaceafillthen there's to render the content of the field16:44
yvltrying to remember...16:44
replaceafillmy question is:16:44
replaceafilldoes the form field to rml logic insert paragraphs inside the table cells?16:44
replaceafillbecause as far as i've tested, if you only have <td>...<strong>...</strong>...</td>16:45
replaceafillstrong is not interpreted16:45
replaceafillbut if you have:16:45
replaceafillnotice the para element16:45
replaceafillthen strong is shown correctly16:46
replaceafill(as bold font)16:46
replaceafilli tracked the form to rml sequence looking for the <para> inclusion16:46
replaceafillbut couldn't find it16:46
replaceafillthat's why i said initially that i "kind of" understand the issue :)16:46
replaceafilli mean, i know how to fix it16:47
replaceafilli just don't know where pdf form does this part16:47
replaceafillas usually, i'm probably missing something obvious :D16:47
yvlit is in one of the rml widgets16:50
yvlin flourish/skin/rml/z3c-*16:50
yvlit's a bit weird it did not work automatically16:51
yvlvalues of widgets are rendered with value/@@rml16:51
yvlthat should put into multiple <para>16:52
replaceafillwell, the base report card view doesn't use z3c form16:52
yvlcan you point me to what it uses?16:52
yvlcan't remember where it is quickly16:52
replaceafillhold on16:53
yvlfound it :)16:53
replaceafillwhich is the same logic as html2rml16:54
replaceafillit just doesn't do the <para>...</para> automatically16:55
replaceafilli think we should kill, since it's only for buildHTMLParagraphs16:55
replaceafilland that's already in flourish report16:56
replaceafillwill do16:56
replaceafillso, i can insert the <para>s on my own for now16:56
replaceafilland that'll keep me going16:56
replaceafillth1a, so now i'm working on adding the absences | tardy info16:57
replaceafillusing a checkbox in the request dialog16:57
replaceafilli also want to get away from those custom forms for request dialogs16:57
replaceafillsince yvl already created some nice z3c.form alternatives16:57
yvlpleas don't insert paras on your own16:58
yvlplease use @@rml where appropriate16:58
replaceafillyvl, sure i understand16:58
yvlor @@html2rml16:58
yvlfor the life of me16:58
yvlI can't find where rml for report cards is16:59
replaceafillnew or old?16:59
replaceafilli mean16:59
replaceafillstyled or old? :D16:59
yvlthe one that is not working for you :P16:59
replaceafilloh sorry16:59
replaceafillit's not in trunk17:00
replaceafilli thought you were looking for the <para> in flourish report17:00
replaceafillmy bad17:00
yvlah, ok17:01
replaceafill<td><tal:block content="comment/heading" />: <tal:block content="structure comment/value" /></td>17:01
replaceafillthis is what i need to modify17:01
yvlso basically report_utils in gradebook should be nuked if they're only used for reports ATM.17:01
replaceafillyvl, right17:01
yvlit's a bit weird you use a single <td>17:02
yvlcomments can be multi-line, right?17:02
replaceafillafter reading pdf forms17:02
yvlso it depends now on how you want them wrapped17:02
replaceafilli now know i have to use table cells only for the comment content17:03
yvlyou can either have <td>heading:</td><td>comment/@@rml</td>17:03
replaceafill<td>activity heading</td><td>html2rml</td>17:03
yvlor you should pass comment/text/@@rml17:03
replaceafillthat's what i meant ;)17:03
yvltext being python: heading+': '+value17:03
replaceafillwill do17:04
replaceafillthank you very much yvl17:04
yvlthank you!17:04
replaceafilli understand better now :)17:04
* replaceafill done17:04
th1aOK, cool.17:06
replaceafill(logo fix pushed to trunk)17:06
th1aGood to have some communication.  ;-)17:06
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:06
th1aHow are the French lessons coming?17:06
replaceafillreally cool and weird at the same time :D17:06
replaceafillweird sounds ;)17:06
th1ayvl, si vous plait?17:09
yvloh wait17:10
yvlpushed a fix for traceback with report filenames with unicode symbols17:10
yvlmade pdf report dialogs use progressbar dialogs17:11
yvlso even if they don't have progress bars17:11
yvlthey're refreshed automatically now17:11
yvland look more consistent17:11
yvlreproduced the fail with missing catalogs17:12
yvlwill push fix at some point17:12
yvlyou have to use DB with ST plugin, then upgrade to celery without the plugin17:13
yvlso not a common scenario, I'd say17:13
yvl(and plugin disabling breaks ST anyway)17:13
menesisdisabling of what plugin?17:14
yvlfor example cando17:14
yvluse DB with cando, enter scores and such17:14
yvldisable cando, ST breaks17:14
menesisbecause of extra demographic field?17:15
yvlbecause of missing interfaces17:15
yvllike INode17:15
yvland such17:15
yvlbasically DB is filled with broken objects17:15
yvland we do not handle that gracefully now17:15
replaceafillsame with intervention and a marker interface17:15
yvlever, actually17:15
menesisbut something else than I encountered17:16
menesisgradebook and journal can be disabled17:16
yvland everything else works well?17:16
menesisI think.17:16
yvlwell, I will not argue there ;)17:17
* yvl done17:17
th1aI don't consider this an important problem at all at this point.17:19
th1ayvl on to big CanDo reports?17:19
yvllooked over everything, found some missed reports17:20
yvlCertificate of competency17:20
yvlSection Competencies17:20
yvlinterventions PDF!17:21
yvldid not make properly remote yet :)17:21
yvlwell, remote.17:21
yvlare they remote?17:21
replaceafillthey're in my cando branch17:22
replaceafilllet me see17:22
replaceafillwe don't have a schooltool.cando/trunk yet, right?17:22
menesisthat's in my report :)17:22
menesisI have created cando/virginia 0.7 (flourish) series/branches17:22
menesisbut not merged replaceafill's changes yet17:23
menesisthe big report was added to cando, but not removed from virginia17:24
menesisor so I thought17:24
menesisnow I see all is good17:24
yvlah, great - please check if those reports are still working17:24
replaceafillyvl, ah ok, will do17:24
* yvl fiddled with base dialog classes a bit17:24
replaceafillyvl, because of new changes?17:24
replaceafillah ok17:24
yvlshould be fine, but... you know.17:24
yvlallright then17:25
yvlon to the aggregate VA report :)17:25
* yvl done.17:26
menesisreplaceafill: so I will merge your cando/virginia celery branches to trunk17:26
replaceafillmenesis, thanks!17:26
replaceafillmenesis, could you please also check
replaceafillrev 3557 in particular17:27
replaceafilli think that didn't land in any previous release yet17:27
replaceafillit's just a small fix to get rid of some unnecessary labels17:28
menesisum... no17:28
menesisit was not merged for release17:29
menesiswill do17:29
replaceafillthanks menesis17:29
th1aGood catch replaceafill.17:29
menesisthat's it about schooltool17:30
menesishave been syncing zope packages to debian17:30
menesisand taking over a project at pov...17:31
* menesis done17:31
th1aHave you guys seen this:
th1aThis thing?
replaceafilli remember reading an article by Marius some time ago17:35
replaceafillabout the same17:35
replaceafill(i think)17:35
th1aYeah, it just came up in another context so I thought I'd mention it.17:35
th1aOK.  The light at the end of the report tunnel is getting brighter.17:36
replaceafillthat one :)17:37
replaceafilli loved profilehooks17:37
th1aI did try doing about 15 simultaneous xls exports on my sandbox.17:37
replaceafillhow did it go?17:37
th1aSaturated my multi-core CPU nicely.17:37
th1aBut worked as advertised.17:37
th1aNo crazy memory ballooning or anything.17:37
yvlthat's good.17:38
th1aOK, thanks guys.17:39
th1aKeep up the good work.17:39
th1aHave a good week/end.17:39
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:39
yvlthanks guys17:39
replaceafillthanks everybody17:39
yvlgood luck and have fun! ;)17:39
replaceafillau revoir17:40
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* replaceafill finally understood what's wrong with fck values + rml22:29
replaceafillit's a bug!22:29
th1aA bug!22:48
th1aWhat kind of bug?22:48
replaceafillif your comment has only one paragraph (one line), we get <strong> tags22:49
replaceafillif the comment has several paragraphs (lines) everything works as expected22:49
replaceafilland i've been testing always with one line comments22:49

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