IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-05-13

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telx85anyone awake? or available?10:16
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replaceafill2013-05-13 13:22:08,706 ['/home/replaceafill/sandboxes/report_card/schooltool/instance/run/zeo.sock'] No verification necessary -- empty cache16:24
replaceafill2013-05-13 13:22:08,749 main db: evolving in mode EVOLVEMINIMUM16:24
replaceafillmake: *** [run] Killed16:24
replaceafillinstance won't start16:26
replaceafillit's getting killed!16:26
replaceafillfor some reason16:26
yvloh the humanity!16:26
yvldid you check the logs?16:26
replaceafillzeo says storage server disconnected16:27
replaceafill2013-05-13T13:22:08 INFO ZEO.StorageServer new connection : <ManagedServerConnection >16:27
replaceafill2013-05-13T13:22:08 INFO ZEO.zrpc.Connection(S) () received handshake 'Z3101'16:27
replaceafill2013-05-13T13:23:21 INFO ZEO.StorageServer disconnected16:27
replaceafill[2013-05-13 13:21:48,569: WARNING/PoolWorker-1] (4991) CW: error connecting to /home/replaceafill/sandboxes/report_card/schooltool/instance/run/zeo.sock: ENOENT16:28
replaceafilltrying again..16:29
replaceafillagain :(16:30
replaceafilli'll set up a local instance16:30
th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
yvlgood morning16:33
th1aI have a sandbox running now.16:33
th1aI need to run some reports with it still.16:33
th1aCould we add some info about the whole celery, etc system status to the server status page?16:34
yvlhmm, we should16:35
yvlwhoa, just generated skills export from acc db16:36
yvl13.6 mb xls16:36
replaceafillyvl, does the xls importer work?16:37
yvlit should16:37
replaceafilli tried it last night and kept saying "PENDING"16:37
replaceafilli wanted to import the small sample data16:38
yvllet me check16:38
menesisremote importer is disabled...16:38
yvlit's not supposed to be remote16:38
replaceafillthe one i saw last night has a little spinner16:38
replaceafilli mean, in the status page16:39
* yvl is importing small sample data16:40
replaceafillhhmm something is fishy with my setup then...16:41
th1aI was thinking we should do a hangout.16:42
th1aSo we can look at some things.16:42
th1aPerhaps that would help with this issue too.16:42
th1aI don't actually need to see your faces.16:44
th1aCan yvl and menesis get on google chat?16:45
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th1ayvl, menesis1 - are you going to be able to hang out?16:50
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menesisdisabling of remote importer was lost in the merge :(16:51
th1aWhy was it disabled?  Just not working yet?16:51
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th1aDid you guys lose your connection?16:52
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yvlbut anyway16:53
* yvl is online, you can start a hangout16:53
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menesisI have committed a change that reverts importer (School > Import XLS) to a non-remote one17:02
menesisbut that's not a reason why processes get killed17:03
menesisonly for import not working17:03
* replaceafill ready17:05
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th1aOK, enough of that...17:22
th1aDid the CKEditor put the <strong> tag in?17:22
th1aDo we need to set it to use <b> ?17:23
yvlit's likely17:23
* yvl will reboot, be back in a sec17:23
yvloh, no, wait17:24
yvleverything's working again :)17:24
yvlreplaceafill_, those comments can be edited ttw, right?17:24
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yvlso, we need to put comments in <para>17:26
yvland replace tags17:26
yvl<strong> with <b> and so on17:26
yvl<em> with <i>17:26
replaceafillah ok17:26
* yvl remembers doing that few years ago for some reports17:26
yvlmaybe Virginia17:27
yvlor CanDo17:27
replaceafilli'll look17:27
replaceafilldid sla ever use comments?17:28
replaceafillmaybe it was for them?17:29
yvlguess where it was :D17:29
replaceafillthe gradebook!17:29
replaceafillyour zcml -> report code?17:30
replaceafillz3c.form -> report?17:30
yvlso when rendering rml17:30
yvljust pass it through @@html2rml17:30
yvl<tal:block content="structure view/my_comment/@@html2rml" />17:31
yvlmy_comment being a string there17:31
replaceafillah great17:31
yvlor if you want,17:31
replaceafillis it me or the unfcked parameter looks funny :D17:31
replaceafillthanks yvl i'll use that17:32
menesisCKEditor has a setting to rewrite strong and em, and it is in default config17:32
menesisCKEDITOR.config.coreStyles_bold = { element : 'strong', overrides : 'b' };17:32
yvlyou can use schooltool/skin/flourish/ html2rml17:32
menesisbut we still use FCKeditor17:32
menesisI have never completed the switch :(17:33
yvlanyway it's good to handle markup when rendering17:34
th1aOK, so we already have some code for that.17:35
* replaceafill is testing right now17:36
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:36
th1ayvl:  Where are we in wrapping up the reports?17:36
yvlall XLS exports are pushed, with progress bars17:37
yvlmost of PDFs are also pushed17:37
yvlnow I don't like the dialog with refresh button17:37
yvlit should reload automatically, like XLS dialogs17:37
yvlhaven't completed the big VA report17:38
yvlthat's pretty much it17:39
th1aWhat branch should I be using?
yvlI did not merge with menesis work :///17:39
th1aOK, so let's try and get that straightened out so replaceafill and I have the up to date code.17:40
menesisth1a: yes17:40
yvlso the code is
yvland so on17:40
yvlok, will merge ASAP17:40
menesismerge everything to trunk17:40
menesisthe Makefile and stuff are not updated in the plugins17:41
menesisso add develop = . ../schooltool.gradebook to the schooltool's buildout.cfg17:41
menesisI haven't looked at cando/virginia branches yet17:41
th1aOK, so you've got stuff to do, and if you could add some more info to the server info page, that'll probably help with debugging and general sys admin reassurance.17:42
replaceafillyvl, the school logo works on the report card :D17:42
yvlok, so I missed something trivial then17:42
replaceafilli can check if you want17:42
replaceafilland fix17:42
yvlsure - if you want17:43
replaceafillwill do17:43
yvlit would be good if th1a could take a look at some bigger export with progress bars17:43
yvlso I can go ahead and remove the "refresh" button :)17:43
th1ayvl: You could take a quick look at this, but at this point I don't think we even have a way to get back in touch with bigbrovar.17:44
telx85G'day guys...17:44
th1aBut still it might be a useful bug.17:44
th1ahi telx85.17:44
yvlumm, I think we are talking about different things here17:45
telx85Can I install schooltool on a webserver? Using phpmyadmin for database creation, ssh/sftp to upload files?17:46
th1atelx85:  No.  You have to have root access on the server.17:46
th1aYou can do it on a virtual server, but not just a web hosting account.17:46
telx85ok - I do... its a VPS17:46
th1aAnd realistically you want to be running Ubuntu.17:47
th1aThat's what we support.17:47
telx85but seeing that I use ISPConfig for the hosting platform I wanted to use that to jail in SchoolTool17:47
telx85fair enough17:47
telx85thats what I thought17:47
telx85well I'll setup a Virtual Machine then :)17:48
telx85looks good guys, open source for the win !!17:49
th1aCool.  Where in the world are you?17:49
telx85WA to be more precise17:49
th1aLet us know when you go in production.  We're trying to get a census of our global userbase together.17:50
th1aOK, on with our meeting...17:50
telx85Yeah sure thing17:51
th1ayvl: oh, I didn't say what "this" was...17:51
th1aWhat are you waiting for to remove the "refresh" button?17:51
yvla sign from above :D17:51
yvljust some approval17:52
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th1aDo I have to wait for you to merge your changes?17:52
* yvl is doing that now17:53
th1aOK.  I'll let you know then.17:53
yvlschooltool trunk pushed17:54
th1aOK, thanks.17:55
th1aThanks yvl.17:55
th1aOur transfer went through.17:55
th1aI had forgotten that DNS transfer would be a separate step from registration.17:55
th1aThat's why the lights don't go out.17:55
th1aSo the next step is to transfer the DNS to my registrar's DNS servers.17:56
menesisnot even sure what already happened17:57
menesisnothing looks to have changed17:57
menesisyou have to change the NS records yourself?17:57
menesisthey still point to and similar17:57
th1aWell, it shows up on my enom account now.17:57
th1aWhois doesn't seem to have propogated the update, however that works.17:58
menesisyes, it takes time17:58
menesisbut you can change something now17:58
th1aThe dns servers are set to demeter, etc.  That goes along with the transfer.17:59
th1aBut I can switch to enom's and then edit them.17:59
th1aSo I'll do that.17:59
menesisI have little to report17:59
menesisreplied to the Italian translator on Wednesday, looked at what he has18:00
menesisbut I was offline for the next two days18:00
th1aNot a big deal right now.18:00
menesisbecause my wife's father died18:00
th1aSorry to hear that.18:00
menesisso was at the funeral18:00
menesiswhat I do next..18:02
menesishave to merge/split cando/virginia branches with celery work18:02
menesisI also need some time for packaging18:03
menesisto sync Zope packages in Ubuntu to Debian18:03
menesisthen back to scripts supporting celery, the work that I abandoned before the release18:05
th1aYes, definitely work on the celery stuff.  We want to be able to test this in VA soonish.18:06
yvlbtw, menesis which journal should I merge to?18:07
menesisI haven't done anything for journal18:08
yvlsame for intervention18:08
menesisjust push to lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool.lyceum.journal/trunk18:08
menesisI'll set up trunk series then18:09
yvljust delete the abandoned branch?18:10
yvlor do you have some trash can for those?18:10
menesishave to rename it18:11
menesisI will do that shortly18:11
yvlrenamed to abandoned_trunk18:12
yvlthat's creative!18:12
* menesis done18:15
th1aOK, thanks menesis!18:15
th1aI'll test this stuff out.18:16
th1aSee you wednesday.18:16
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:16
replaceafillthanks everybody18:16
yvlthanks guys18:17
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yvlwhoa, 2GB of Firefox in RAM18:22
yvlsomething is leaky18:22
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th1areplaceafill: Were you having trouble with importing in the new version?21:44
replaceafillth1a, yes21:44
replaceafillthe importer seemed remote21:45
replaceafillbut Justas said it shouldn't be21:45
th1aYeah, OK.21:45
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th1aOooh, I can saturate my CPU with SchoolTool reports now.22:57
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