IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-05-08

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1areplaceafill:  I assigned a contacts bug to you yesterday.16:33
replaceafillth1a, yes i saw it and tested it16:33
replaceafill(since you marked it as critical) :)16:33
replaceafillnow i wonder16:33
th1aYes... it seemed to me self contacts are completely bugged.16:33
replaceafilldid we ever displayed the contact info for a person in the person view?16:33
replaceafillwell, the info is stored16:33
replaceafillit's just not displayed i think16:33
th1aSomething is horribly wrong.16:34
replaceafilli honestly can't remember if we displayed the self-contact info in the person index view16:34
replaceafillin any case16:34
replaceafillshould it go under the Contacts accordion?16:35
th1aYou're just asking if it was always a bug or a regression.16:35
replaceafillright, it just seems strange that we missed it16:35
replaceafillbut again, data should be there, just not shown16:36
th1aI would probably put it there but it could go under person info in that case if someone wants to argue for it.16:36
th1aIt isn't showing up as a contact at all.16:36
th1aThis would be a fairly typical Alan/Tom bug, with him omitting something that I wouldn't check for because it seems obvious to me.16:36
replaceafillso, under General Information after Demographis and ohter personal data16:37
th1aI'm saying, I'd put it under contacts unless someone wants to push for putting it in General Information.16:38
th1aWhere do you think it goes?16:38
th1aEither is plausible.16:38
replaceafillto me, it seems more general information16:38
replaceafillContacts sounds like contacts FOR the person16:38
th1aProbably it would have to go in both places if you want it in general information, because it definitely needs to be under contacts unless you want a conceptual mess.16:39
th1aWe'd better keep it in contacts for that reason.16:39
replaceafillah ok16:39
replaceafillcool, i'll work on that16:39
replaceafillcan i go on with my report?16:39
replaceafilli have a couple of questions16:40
replaceafillok, first16:40
replaceafillthe school logo in pdf16:40
replaceafillth1a asked the report card to have the logo16:40
replaceafillunder the school name16:40
replaceafillmy question here is: are we going to use the logo in ALL pdfs from now on?16:40
replaceafillin other words16:40
replaceafillshould i make that change to the global report template?16:40
th1aI'd say yes.16:41
replaceafillah ok, thanks16:42
replaceafilland my second question is for yvl16:42
replaceafillyvl, if i want the "continued ..." functionality, like the one we have in the printable worksheet16:42
replaceafilldo i have to use a grid for that?16:42
replaceafillthe report card could have several columns16:43
replaceafilland it should flow to the following pages16:43
replaceafillbasically, i'm trying to understand how to move something from one page and be continued to the next one16:43
yvlwith pto's you mean?16:44
yvlusually one has to write his own16:45
yvl(if continued ... on vertical split)16:45
replaceafilloh, i need to replicate what's  done in the grid template16:45
yvlbut if you want horizontal split... either use grid, or implement your own16:46
yvlit's somewhat trickier16:46
yvlcourse/browser/rml/ is a good reference for vertical splits16:46
replaceafillyes, i started with a manual rml template and got stuck on how to continue to the next page16:47
th1aWe can't have horiztontal splits in the report card.16:47
replaceafillth1a, should we assume there are not going to be lots of items (former columns/activities)?16:48
th1aPretty much... if you need a very specialized report, that's a custom job.16:49
replaceafillin the current view (not styled) the tables are split16:49
th1aWe could allow landscape formatting, but that's not an immediate priority.16:49
replaceafillah ok16:49
replaceafillgot it16:49
replaceafillah, good point16:49
replaceafillkk, i'll let it go then and focus on the logo16:49
replaceafillthat's the only part left16:50
replaceafilllet me check my notes...16:50
replaceafillnope that's it16:50
* replaceafill done16:50
th1aReport card is something that we can iterate on forever.16:50
replaceafillboy i never understand my notes in the morning16:51
replaceafillyvl, i tried yesterday using the acc data.fs with the celery branch16:51
replaceafilland got the catalog issue again16:51
yvldid you try it on a fresh checkout with latest celery changes?16:51
replaceafillyvl, yes, well, my branch merged with your latest16:52
yvlcan you pass me acc data.fs at some point?16:52
replaceafilli can try just yours16:52
replaceafillsure, i'll put it in your /home in the vps16:53
replaceafillnow i'm done16:53
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.16:53
yvlcan you also send me IP?16:53
yvlit's been a while since I last logged in16:54
replaceafillyvl, i already sent it, but np16:54
replaceafilli'll send it again16:54
th1aOK.  Go ahead yvl.16:55
yvlwell, not much to say16:55
yvlstarting to wrap up the remote exports16:55
yvlit looks that I'll be done this week16:56
* yvl done16:57
yvlhad a random chat today16:57
yvlI think we should add a feature at some point16:57
yvlafter we do messaging / news feed16:57
yvlwhen session is about to expire, ask user if he wants to continue working16:58
yvlrandom redirects to login screen are (still) driving me nuts16:58
th1aOh, it is a real issue.16:58
th1aWhat should we do?16:58
th1aI guess that's one I haven't prioritized because I just don't know what we're supposed to be doing.16:59
yvlwell, e-banking and such16:59
yvljust do a pop-up16:59
yvl"You've been idle for too long and are about to be logged out"16:59
yvl"Time remaining: 90 seconds"17:00
yvl[Keep Working] [Log Out]17:00
replaceafillyvl, vps/database info sent17:00
yvlthen again, pop-ups are a bit intrusive17:00
replaceafilli've seen some systems telling me my session just expired and asking me to log in back17:00
yvlin my opinion, the nicest thing to do17:01
yvlis to add something looking like a tooltip near your username17:01
yvlit should function like Ubuntu message popups in top right17:01
th1aThat's probably too subtle.17:01
* yvl just hates to be slapped in the face with faded out screen and a pop-up17:02
yvlARE YOU THERE?17:02
yvldammit, I'm reading people!17:02
yvlagain - just my preferences17:03
th1aWell... I'd say our bigger problem at this point is that AFTER you've been logged out, it would be nice to just overlay a modal that takes you straight back to work after you enter your password.17:03
th1aHow tough would that be?17:03
yvlsame as implementing a tooltip17:04
yvlin any case, we should do this after the messaging / feed17:04
yvlI could reuse some of that17:04
th1aWell... a tooltip with serious security implications.17:04
yvlit's just a notification on what is happening anyway17:05
th1aWhat I'm saying is that I'm more worried about making the "log back in" step smooth.17:05
yvlthere's no difference in clicking a tooltip or clicking a link in page to refresh your session17:05
yvlbut yes, login dialog in popup after being logged out would be great17:06
th1aI suspect the "you're going to be logged out" step isn't going to help much, since you have to be looking at the page to see it.17:06
yvlbut you can be looking at the page and not realizing when you get logged out17:07
th1aI'm saying the "you've been logged out" step is more useful than the "you're going to be logged out" one.17:08
* yvl agrees17:08
th1aSo... technically how would this work.  Is this another querying bottle issue?17:08
yvlit depends17:08
yvlone way is to find where to cut off the zope's publication to query for a session expiration time without refreshing it17:09
yvland have javascript in page that queries if session is prolonged17:10
yvlwhen it thinks it could be expired17:10
yvlif session is expired, slam the login popup17:10
yvlthis will somewhat increase load on zope threads, for each tab open anywhere17:10
yvl(browser tab)17:11
yvlanother way is to do the same, but put through bottle17:11
yvlthis way we can query much more often17:11
yvland even do long polling if we want17:11
yvlbut that needs session notifications to probably redis17:12
yvlthen again, we will need that for other stuff17:12
th1aOK, so this is fairly involved either way, but something to definitely address.17:12
th1aGood to get in the next release.17:12
yvldefinitely not NOW17:13
* yvl done.17:14
th1aOK, thanks yvl.17:14
menesisI have finally merged the celery branches17:15
menesisi.e. taken flourish, merged my and justas celery branches17:15
menesisand also replaceafill's17:15
menesisthe result is in
menesisI suggest you to pull it17:16
menesisinto your working branch17:16
menesisand continue there17:16
menesisit has all the fixes needed to work on raring17:16
menesisi.e. newer libxml2 and redis-server, also the fix for z3c.rml 2.0.017:17
menesisso, the new development series is named "trunk"17:18
menesisor 2.517:18
menesisbecause it has major change with the supervisor17:18
menesisflourish will stay at 2.417:19
menesisso, I've done these changes on launchpad, the ftp.schooltool.org17:19
menesisand merged yvl's and replaceafill's celery branches of both schooltool and gradebook17:20
replaceafillmenesis, do you plan to manage cando/virginia the same?17:20
replaceafilli mean, two different series17:20
menesisyes, new series for each schooltool release17:22
menesisunless they are compatible17:22
replaceafillah ok, i have celery branches for both (cando and virginia) with several changes17:22
menesiscando/virginia already have 0.4 series for schooltool 2.317:22
menesisbut that means little since no one is using that release17:23
th1amenesis:  I got...17:23
th1aSetting up libjpeg-dev (8c-2ubuntu7) ...17:23
th1amake: redis-server: Command not found17:23
th1amake: *** [ubuntu-environment] Error 12717:23
menesismake ubuntu-environment17:24
menesiswill now install redis-server17:24
menesisit is an external dependency17:24
menesisand written in something else, not python17:25
th1aYes... but why did I get an error?17:25
menesisoh, right17:26
menesisit is on a new line17:26
menesismissing \ at the end of previous one17:26
menesisI have solved that conflict too many times to check again :/17:27
menesisother than the merges, I had a look at the server situation17:29
menesisnothing has changed yet17:29
menesismost of the things are on the new server17:29
menesisbut it's not so easy to check until the DNS changes for real17:29
th1aIt is still pending according to WHOIS, but I don't think there is anything else for us or the Foundation to do.17:30
menesisyou have transferred to another registrar that you can control?17:32
th1aI've submitted it to my registrar and the Foundation approved it on their end.17:32
th1awhois says the status is PENDING TRANSFER17:33
menesisafter the transfer you will change the IP address yourself17:34
menesisok, waiting17:34
menesisone thing I noticed is that the old lists archive is not copied17:34
menesisto the new server17:34
menesisI'm not going to transfer svn repository or cando trac17:35
* th1a is googling PENDING TRANSFER...17:37
* menesis done17:38
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:38
th1aLet's plan on a hangout/walkthrough on reports for Monday, regular time.17:38
* replaceafill will set up the instance for monday17:39
th1amenesis:  I guess I need to know what dns records to add when the switch happens.17:40
th1aIt is www and... ?  Anything else?17:40
th1aCan you email me the new IP?17:40
menesisbook, ftp, source, issues, lists...17:41
menesisbut I guess you'll get all of them transferred17:41
menesiswill only need to change the IP17:41
menesiswill send in email17:41
th1aI think I'll just have to set it up.17:41
th1aOK, cool.17:41
th1aWe'll probably suddenly go down when the tranfer goes through, but oh well.17:42
menesisI think all the records will be transferred17:42
th1aOK, we'll see.17:43
th1aThanks guys, have a good week/end.17:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:44
replaceafillthanks everybody17:45
yvlthanks guys17:45
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