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Jingpaoelo everyone12:38
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th1a_hi menesis, yvl...16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
th1a_We'll see if replaceafill is a little slow out of bed or offline...16:31
th1a_OK menesis, perhaps you could start us off.16:32
menesisI was merging my celery and cleanup branches16:33
menesisand merging with yvl's celery branch16:34
menesislooked at schooltool bugs on launchpad16:36
* menesis done16:36
yvlmenesis, any idea about ?16:37
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yvlhey replaceafill :)16:37
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon, sorry i'm late16:37
th1a_hi replaceafill.16:37
replaceafill(didn't hear the alarm!)16:37
yvlalso, I can't reproduce this one:
yvlnew ST, windows 7, Chrome16:38
menesisoh, there is a question for me in #1172315 . don't know, haven't looked if there is any fix16:38
menesisrelated to timezones16:38
menesisbut I know that there is a timezone in server settings that defaults to UTC.16:39
menesisif there was a timezone problem, it should have popped up for Philippines16:40
th1a_Did they set the timezone?16:40
menesisnot sure16:41
menesisthey asked for a timezone option in schooltool.conf16:42
th1a_Also, timezone bugs sometimes are sensitive to which timezone is used, if it is ahead or behind UTC, etc.16:42
yvlthere's a slight chance there is an exception (non-schoolday) there16:42
th1a_Bugs that result in things being shifted to the wrong day, in particular.16:42
yvlor maybe there is actually a timezone conflict, that makes timetabling think that it is not a schoolday16:42
yvlrotating schedules do tend to jump non-schoolday days16:43
menesisbut I haven't done preferences in schooltool.conf. Sso they leave schooltool calendar preference to UTC16:43
th1a_Could we make some kind of debug view for these kind of issues?16:43
th1a_Since scheduling isn't confidential, in particular.16:44
yvlwe could display timezones in debug mode16:45
yvlnot sure it would help anything16:45
th1a_I mean more like just a web view that they could save that would be a big list of raw schedule data.16:46
th1a_A dump of the schedule..16:46
th1a_Not for human consumption.  ;-)16:46
yvlwell, we do export everything to xls... except timezones16:47
th1a_The xls export is not literally the events.16:48
th1a_The problem is there's a difference between the model and the actual events.16:49
yvlwell the model can recreate the events16:49
yvland I think there's a bug in our xls16:49
yvlyou create timetables with same timezones16:49
yvlby default, it creates in UTC16:50
yvlbu from the wizard it creates in application timezone16:50
yvlthis I'd need to look into further16:51
yvlI think we'll just need to update XLS to add timezone info16:52
yvlthat will be good enough for debugging16:52
th1a_Does it seem possible that "checked sessions not saved first time when adding schedule to section" could be caused by high latency?16:52
yvlit shouldn't16:53
yvlit's a very very simple html form16:53
th1a_Yes... this one is rather baffling.16:53
yvlstrictly speaking, the form is not valid HTML :D16:54
yvl<input class="activity" type="checkbox"16:54
yvl                     id="period.4-.Period-6-" name="period.4-.Period-6-"16:54
yvl                     value="period.4-.Period-6-"></input>16:54
yvlthe </input> part16:54
th1a_Ah.  That might be it?16:55
th1a_Worth a try.16:55
th1a_Oh, he is on IE.16:55
yvlI thought it was Chrome16:57
th1a_Ah, oh.16:57
th1a_Yes.  On Windows.16:57
th1a_I could try to reproduce on Windows.16:58
yvlI did16:58
yvlWindows 7 and Chrome 20.016:59
th1a_Maybe have him send the source of that form?  Maybe we aren't filtering something from his period id's or something?16:59
yvlgood idea!17:00
th1a_If we can't think of how to fix it we at least have to come up with a good follow up question!17:00
th1a_It is almost as good as a fix.  ;-)17:00
th1a_OK, I'll let you ask that.17:01
th1a_OK, so after a pass through of these new bugs, yvl needs to work on the aggregated CanDo section reports, right?17:02
th1a_OK.  Any questions about that?17:03
yvltook a look at it, makes sense from first glance17:03
replaceafillwe're adding the ability to zip several reports, correct?17:04
replaceafilli mean, we could do it with any report17:04
replaceafillfor example the section roster, as yvl suggested (i think)17:04
th1a_There will be other cases, yes.17:04
yvlyes, but we will have to write request views17:04
replaceafilli was just thinking i should try zipping some :)17:05
replaceafillafter yvl is done with the first17:05
replaceafillof course17:05
th1a_It isn't like a checkbox on the existing reports.  They're different reports.17:05
th1a_Also, sometimes you want one giant pdf because what you really want to do is one big print job.17:06
th1a_(or at least that's how I did it)17:06
yvlI'm sure that would be usefull17:06
yvlit would be good to add aggregates of different reports at some point17:06
th1a_Search works surprisingly fast on a 1500 page pdf, too.17:06
yvlfor example - all possible reports of the section in one pdf17:07
th1a_We already have some.  Report cards.17:07
th1a_Oh, all kinds of reports for the section?  That'd probably be redundant.17:07
yvloh right!17:07
yvlfor example17:08
yvlone report of section absences and gradebook17:09
yvland cando summary17:09
yvlor something like that17:09
yvlor maybe not17:09
th1a_Well, it really would probably be its own report.17:11
th1a_Like Person Detail Report.17:11
yvlanyway - option to get a long giant pdf OR zip file would be nice17:11
yvlth1a, true17:11
th1a_Yeah, but we don't need to get that complicated.17:11
th1a_I think yvl understands the current issue.17:12
th1a_Shall we move on?17:12
th1a_OK, remember to ask the followup on the schedule form.17:12
th1a_Thanks yvl.17:12
replaceafilli started changing the report card layout view17:13
replaceafillto remove the different grid/outline options17:13
replaceafillalso, i started setting up the rml with the new style17:14
replaceafilli don't see any problems yet17:14
replaceafillbut seeing the report card options i couldn't help thinking17:15
replaceafillwhy don't we have a report card option for sections?17:15
replaceafillwe have one for the student and one for groups17:15
replaceafillis it because the section option would be confusing?17:15
replaceafill(since the report card includes other section data)17:16
th1a_There is no reason in particular.17:16
replaceafillthis is also related question: who can see the report card of a student17:16
th1a_Feel free to add the option.17:16
replaceafilli think there's already a bug about the report card security17:16
replaceafillkk, will do17:17
th1a_Should be the standard for student info: admins, teachers of the student.17:17
th1a_I might be forgetting something.17:18
replaceafillalso, yesterday Matt reported a sorting issue with the virginia completion report17:18
replaceafillit's supposed to sort by teacher, but it's not17:18
replaceafillso i'll look into that17:18
replaceafilli think that's it from me17:19
replaceafillth1a, could we talk like 10 mins after the meeting?17:19
th1a_I think we're done.17:20
th1a_Send me your invoices.17:20
th1a_replaceafill:  Hangout or private IRC?17:21
replaceafillprivate irc is ok17:21
th1a_Thanks gentlemen.17:21
th1a_Have a good week/end.17:21
* th1a_ drops the bag of gravel.17:22
replaceafillthanks everybody17:22
yvlthanks guys17:22
yvlwhoa, apport crash report for ST17:22
yvlnote: --pid-file=/var/run/schooltool/schooltool-zambia.pid17:22
th1a_Is that the Ubuntu crash thing?17:23
yvldidn't know apport reports ST crashes :)17:25
th1a_Is Sudhir in Zambia?17:27
yvlI think so17:30
th1a_btw, the transfer is actually still crawling forward slowly.17:31
yvlgood to hear17:31
* replaceafill wants a name for the dev vps :)17:31
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