IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-04-22

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th1ahi menesis, replaceafill, yvl.16:31
yvlgood morning guys :)16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aSo, where are we menesis?16:34
menesisschooltool 2.4.0 and plugins have been released, uploaded, and accepted to raring16:35
menesisI have found the reason why reports failed to generate with z3c.rml 2.0.0 / reportlab 2.616:36
menesisand fixed it16:36
menesison Friday. so I was one day late, but it got accepted.16:37
th1aYeah, it didn't work for me on raring but I see it has been updated.16:37
menesisone thing I forgot is to upload the latest book16:37
th1aSo I'll check.16:37
menesiswill do that shortly16:38
menesisI haven't released latest virginia yet16:38
menesisand there are dependency problem with 2.4 packages on precise/quantal as reported on Answers16:39
menesisbut it's simple, I have to re-add one patch16:40
th1aIt looked simple.16:40
menesisone potential problem is a too-high z3c.form version in raring, two tests fail with it.16:41
menesisbut I couldn't find any issues while running schooltool on ubuntu16:42
menesisso the release is out16:43
menesisI will update the release notes, and do other things mentioned, today.16:44
* menesis done16:44
th1aOK, thanks menesis.16:45
th1aMy raring instance is running now.16:45
th1aI'm going to more publicly announce this on Thursday.16:46
replaceafilli updated the vps to 12.0416:47
replaceafilland sent you guys an email with your credentials16:47
replaceafilli also added flourish sorting for reportLink directives16:47
replaceafillyvl, i sent an email to the dev list16:48
yvlnicely done :)16:48
replaceafillno problem if i merge that?16:48
yvlwell, I'd written that a tiny bit differently16:48
* replaceafill listens16:48
yvlself.before = getattr(unproxied, 'before', () )16:48
yvllooks nicer ;)16:48
replaceafillkk, will fix16:49
replaceafillother than that, the approach is ok?16:49
yvlI think so16:49
* yvl would have done it that way too ;)16:49
replaceafilli'll start using the damn feature :P16:49
replaceafillyvl, i finished the last cando report16:50
replaceafilli mean, making it remote16:50
replaceafilland noticed two things16:50
replaceafillthe refresh button is giving me an unauthorized16:50
replaceafilli mean, i see a login form in the dialog16:50
replaceafillsomething related to (schooltool.view, task, and failed attribute)16:51
yvlwhen you wrote the cando report task16:51
yvldid you add security declarations?16:51
replaceafilland i noticed remote task declare the failed attribute in the interface16:51
replaceafilllet me see something quickly16:52
replaceafill69.164.203.135/celery/schoolyears/SY 2012-13/fourth-quarter/sections/1/gradebook-skills16:52
replaceafillth1a, btw the celery changes are running here:16:52
replaceafillexcept yvl's latest changes :)16:53
replaceafillyvl, i just requested the aggregated  student skill report16:53
replaceafill(which takes some time)16:53
replaceafilland when i press refresh i get the login16:53
yvl Worker exited prematurely. :)16:54
yvlcan you check the logs why?16:54
yvlsupervisor & celery16:54
replaceafillthe report just worked16:54
replaceafillsee messages for jeffrey16:54
* replaceafill pastes the logs16:55
replaceafillthe pto messages from 13:41 are the ones that generated the successful report16:56
replaceafill[2013-04-22 13:52:31,937: WARNING/PoolWorker-2] Configuring SchoolTool machinery.16:56
yvlmeans worker killed himself, another one got spawned16:57
yvlvery odd.16:58
replaceafillapache and mod_proxy?16:58
replaceafillfirst time i see that16:58
* yvl too16:58
yvlare you sure you restarted all services after changing code?16:59
replaceafillsee jeffrey's messages?16:59
replaceafilli generated one successfully16:59
replaceafilli'll restart again16:59
replaceafilleverything restarted, including apache17:00
replaceafilli'll try again17:00
replaceafillstudent skill report generated17:01
replaceafillyvl, can you try the refresh button17:01
replaceafillah, i was going to report the "please contact your administrator" message, but i see you added a condition for it :)17:02
replaceafillUnauthorized: (<schooltool.cando.browser.gradebook.SkillsGradebookReportTask object at 0xb076398>, 'failed', 'schooltool.view')17:03
replaceafillthere's the security zcml17:04
replaceafillth1a, in other news, i'm still working on the report card17:05
replaceafilland i have a question for you17:05
replaceafillin the style bible (version 5), there are 2 versions of the report card17:05
replaceafillone in page 2, and one in page 1317:06
th1aWe can talk about this after the meeting.17:06
replaceafilli've started with page 1317:06
replaceafillah sure17:06
replaceafilljust to finish my report:17:06
th1aWe really need to be talking about these reports more.17:06
replaceafilli found an issue with comments17:06
replaceafillsubmitting a comment deletes other grades that you haven't saved17:07
replaceafilli just thought it might be surprising for a user17:07
replaceafilland i'm not sure if it has been reported yet17:07
replaceafillsuppose you have 5 activities17:07
replaceafilland you start grading a student in all of them17:07
replaceafilland the comment is the third column17:08
replaceafillwhen you hit Submit in the comment dialog, the previous scores (which haven't been saved yet) are lost17:08
th1aYeah, that's a pretty major bug.17:08
replaceafillok, i'll report it17:09
th1aMaybe you should just fix it first.17:09
* replaceafill done17:09
replaceafillah ok17:09
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:09
yvlpushed the worksheet scores report17:10
yvlworked on failures by term and absences17:10
yvlwill push at some point17:10
yvlalso pushed some small changes to core17:11
yvlfor example fake virtual host root in fake reuqest17:11
yvlso that absolute url would not throw up17:11
yvllooked at ldap question I missed17:11
yvlit can be implemented relatively fast, but I assume - not now.17:12
yvltried to reproduce the bug replaceafill just showed17:12
yvlbut for some reason it did not resurface after... something I did :)17:12
th1aYeah... you just need to give the LDAP guy some kind of response.17:12
* yvl did today17:12
yvlI now have hunches how to reproduce the bug and where to look17:13
yvlit's good that we have some slower reports17:13
yvlhelps ;)17:13
th1aYeah.  ;-)17:14
replaceafillwho needs catalogs?!?!?17:14
yvlreplaceafill, when we start getting DB conflicts because of things falling in same catalog btree buckets... ;)17:15
yvl(too quickly)17:15
yvlthis is actually something we would need to test at a bigger activity site17:15
yvlor just simulate it17:15
yvlso basically that's it from me17:16
yvllooking at remaining reports...17:16
replaceafillyvl, now that i know how to pass params to a remote requests17:16
yvlthere's not that much left actually17:16
replaceafilli think i could try to make the virginia completion report remote17:17
yvlthat would be cool17:17
replaceafill(not a priority, but will do)17:17
yvlnearest plans: push the two reports tomorrow17:18
yvlfind and fix the breakage replaceafill demonstrated today17:18
yvlwhat next?17:18
th1aWould that make all the reports remote then?17:19
yvlnot yet.17:19
th1aThat's the next milestone, essentially.17:20
yvlok, let's go through each one separately17:20
yvlID cards - replaceafill or me? :)17:20
replaceafillyou yvl17:20
th1ayvl should definitely do the ones that already have the style update.17:20
replaceafill(i'm taking wed-fri off btw)17:21
yvloh, ok17:21
yvlStudent Detail Report17:21
yvlfor student17:21
yvland for groups17:21
yvlsorry, done?17:21
replaceafillnot yet, will push tomorrow i think17:22
yvlReport Card also, I assume17:22
yvlperson profile done17:22
yvlResources, me I guess17:22
yvlSchoolTool Export XLS17:22
yvl... ?17:22
yvlme then.17:23
th1aYes, I suppose we do want to do that async.17:23
th1aHadn't thought of that, but it could take a while.17:23
menesisSkills Export takes a very long time17:23
yvlSkills Export XLS, school wide17:23
th1ayvl should probably take the xls's.17:24
yvlbtw, progress bars should be added for those17:24
yvlthey take time17:24
yvlthe rest... is CanDo and VA PDFs17:25
yvloh, and the large XML :)17:25
yvlwell, the small XML for the person17:25
yvllet's ignore it :D17:25
th1aThe person xml should just go away.17:25
yvlso replaceafill - Student Report Cards, Sutdent Detail Reports, CanDo and VA reports ?17:26
th1aFeel free to execute it, yvl.17:26
* yvl XLSes and the rest17:26
yvlwith pleasure, th1a17:26
replaceafillyvl, yes17:26
yvlbidding war over. ;)17:27
th1aOK, thanks for sorting that out.17:28
replaceafillmenesis, just fyi, i'm moving some stuff out of virginia to cando and core17:29
replaceafill(report stuff) :)17:29
menesisreplaceafill: moving in celery branches?17:29
menesisone report was moved or no?17:30
menesiscando 0.6.2: Added section student competency report17:30
menesisthis is new or a similar one is in virginia?17:31
replaceafillmenesis, i'm moving the svg reports out of virginia17:31
replaceafillthe reports themselves are landing in cando17:32
replaceafillthe chart js is landing in core17:32
replaceafilli was about to call the report "section summary" until i remember we changed the name :D17:32
replaceafillPer Student Skills!17:33
replaceafillthat's the new name ;)17:33
replaceafillth1a, btw, you can check the new names (and section links) in the celery instance17:34
th1aWe'll do a little walkthrough in a bit, replaceafill.17:35
th1aAnything else?17:37
replaceafillnot from me17:37
* yvl done too17:39
th1aI've been exchanging emails with a fellow who is working with a school in Bhutan, which is looking at SchoolTool but really wants something they can modify and maintain themselves.17:39
th1aThat's an awkward conversation.17:39
th1aOTOH, I don't want them to waste months trying to grok Zope.17:40
th1aI don't even know what docs you'd point someone to for ZTK.17:41
th1aBluebream wouldn't be that helpful.17:41
th1aAnyhow that's my fun email to write today.17:41
th1areplaceafill:  Hangout?17:42
th1anowish, soonish?17:42
replaceafillis it 11 ok for you? i want to get breakfast :)17:42
replaceafilli can wait though and hangout now17:42
th1a11:00 is perfect.17:43
th1aThanks guys.17:43
replaceafillth1a, kk17:44
th1aLet's get those last fixes out menesis.17:44
replaceafillthanks everybody17:44
th1aHave a great week.17:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:44
yvlgood luck with the email th1a17:44
yvltough place to be in17:44
yvlexplaining why learning Zope... may be not the easiest road to travel17:45
th1atbh, I do that all the time, it is just that this guy is more obviously surprised and put off by it.17:47
th1areplaceafill:  Are you ready?18:17
replaceafillth1a, yes18:17
th1aI was waiting for your ping.  ;-)18:18
replaceafillat some point i started to think "we didn't say 11 what, yours or mine" :D18:18
menesisbtw, comments in xls export contain <p>html tags</p>18:44
menesisor pdf report, don't remember18:44
replaceafilli haven't seen them in the report card, so probably xls18:47
replaceafilli'll check18:47
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replaceafillhhmm yvl, i'm getting a key error in your gradebook branch19:38
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