IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2013-04-16

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yvlping replaceafill18:32
* yvl was wandering18:33
yvlmaybe you have some reports you could hand off to me (to remote)18:33
yvlalso, pull from my branch for better error handling18:34
replaceafillyvl, pong18:38
th1ayvl: We decided to do some low hanging bugs first.18:38
replaceafillyvl, the gradebook reports_18:38
* yvl improved error handling today18:39
yvlnow want to go back to remoting actual reports :)18:39
yvlgradebook reports it is then18:40
* replaceafill shares something he should be ashamed of18:46
replaceafilli finally have a way to run the stest in parallel18:47
replaceafillusing screen :D18:47
replaceafillcando tests finish in 5 mins (longer cando stest)18:47
replaceafilldrawback: you have one screen per stest, so it's still tedious to check the output of each test18:49
replaceafillbut it does what i want :P18:49
yvlwell all the tests will pass anyway :PPP18:51
replaceafillth1a, what's the call in
replaceafillskillsets know nothing about external_id at this point18:57
replaceafillso i'd suggest we should remove the column in the importer18:57
replaceafill(which in fact i think it's not being used)18:58
th1aAs long as the importer is smart enough to ignore them if someone uses the old form.18:58
replaceafillthe importer is only checking: title, description and label18:58
replaceafillthe External ID column is the description19:01
replaceafillwe just need to retitle the column in the xls19:01
replaceafillnew bug: the exporter is not spitting the label for skillsets19:04
* replaceafill is comparing the export with sample xls19:05
replaceafill:D sorry19:05
replaceafillthe column label is missing in the export19:05
replaceafilland i'm sorting the sample worksheets too19:05
replaceafillyvl, you still around?19:09
replaceafillyvl, ah never mind19:11
replaceafillth1a, CourseSkills is missing from sample xls19:15
replaceafillshould i add it?19:15
replaceafill(not sure if there's a reason for it)19:15
replaceafilli mean, for it not to be there :)19:16
th1aAdd it.19:16
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replaceafillit's ok to retitle bugs, right?19:33
replaceafilli was adding a comment, but i think i should just retitle it19:33
th1aIt is fine.20:03
replaceafillnot sure if this still applies:20:03
replaceafillth1a, can you help me with a generic error message for this:20:12
replaceafillxlrd can raise that error for a number of reasons20:12
replaceafillencrypted workbook, wrong headers, etc20:12
replaceafilli want to say something like "there's something wrong with your file"20:12
th1aSchoolTool cannot read this file.  Is it a .xls formatted spreadsheet?20:14
replaceafillkk thanks20:14
replaceafillhow many xls importers do we have? :)20:56
replaceafillgeneral one, skills and virginia sections, right?20:56
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* th1a is finally learning how to make a map in Google Maps.21:11
replaceafillas in the My Places option?21:11
th1aYes... it is easy once you give up on doing it automatically!21:12
replaceafillSIE space Libre?21:21
replaceafillshouldn't be SIELibre (one word)21:21
* replaceafill didn't know about arvixe :O21:21
th1aI was trying to remember how we spell it.  ;-)21:23
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:45
* replaceafill bb in ~1h21:45
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