IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2013-04-08

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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aSo the big news is I spoke to dwelsh this morning.16:32
th1aHe sounded great.  Speaking a few words per minute slower, but back to nagging me about CanDo.  ;-)16:33
yvlgreat news! :)16:34
th1aIt'll be a while before he's 100%, but making great progress.16:35
yvlreally glad to hear this16:36
th1aYes, it is good news on a number of levels.16:36
th1aPersonal and professional.16:37
th1ayvl: I'm afraid you're going to need to reply to our LDAP user in some way.16:38
yvlah, right!16:38
th1aI'm feeling like my feeling that it was a good idea avoiding LDAP commitments as long as possible was a good idea.16:39
th1aHe's got a couple new questions.16:39
th1aHow was the hackathon, yvl?16:40
yvlpretty good16:40
yvlwe won16:40
yvlwell, there were two 1st places, we managed to get one of them16:41
yvlall in all - great fun16:41
replaceafillwhy i'm not surprised yvl ;)16:41
* yvl was surprised actually16:41
th1aWhat was the task?16:43
yvlhack with new api16:44
yvlwe prototyped crowd sourced manuscript digitization16:44
yvlallowing users to manually enter word-by-word16:45
* yvl worked on automatic hand written words boundaries detection in old manuscripts16:45
yvlgot to some 80% detection in Lithuanian death / wedding lists16:46
yvlso pretty good for quick hacks I guess16:46
replaceafillyvl, python?16:46
th1a80% boundary detection.16:46
replaceafillpublic branches?16:46
yvlscipy, numpy, django16:47
th1ai.e., splitting words?16:47
yvlth1a, detecting where the words are in an image16:47
yvlfor example, here:
yvlnot that easy, a lot of noise, etc.16:48
th1aSo then you can show images of individual words to be translated?16:48
yvlhere's an example16:49
th1aAh.  Yes, nice.16:49
yvland of course users should manually fix word placement, etc.16:49
yvland it's all a prototype at the moment16:49
yvlas in - needs work! :)16:50
yvlin any case, let's get back to ST :)16:52
* yvl went through most of reports today16:52
yvlchecking what needs to be done16:52
yvlfrom first glance....16:54
yvlwell, gradebook reports depend on being generated instantly16:54
yvlbut that was expected, so there will be some refactoring involved16:54
yvlthen there are the reports that are requested not via dialog16:55
yvlsome extra work there too16:55
yvl(virginia reports)16:55
th1aI'd say make sure the "traditional" reports are as rock solid as possible first.16:56
th1aWith working messages, etc.16:56
th1aThe more "print this screen" reports would not be top priority.16:56
yvlprintable worksheets, absences, detail reports?16:56
th1aI'm not 100% sure which fall into which category offhand.16:57
th1aI'm just saying, time is short, and the "traditional" reports tend to be the longer running ones anyhow.16:58
th1aWell, if you're running the report cards for a whole group, for example.16:58
yvlwhat else...16:58
th1aMaybe I should look at my reports index...16:59
yvlat the moment I've only added "messages" for new style reports16:59
yvland we have almost none of those16:59
yvl(I think)16:59
th1aWe're going to have to get our language straight.17:00
th1aMaybe a google spreadsheet.17:00
th1aI can set that up.17:01
th1aWhat do you mean by "new style" above?17:03
yvlmost of all - inherited from
yvlthe ones with new report guidelines17:05
th1aIn style?17:05
th1aOK.  Douglas and I are going to try to blitz through those.17:06
th1aGive them at least a little facelift.17:06
yvlmeanwhile - should I work on gradebook reports?17:06
replaceafillwe have some: cando student ones, virginia completion one, gradebook worksheets17:06
th1aWe also have the distinction between requested via dialog and not?17:06
yvlconverting a report to an "offline" one is not automatic17:07
yvla developer needs to put a celery task17:07
th1aSo I was trying to say that probably we should get the ones via dialog solid first.17:07
yvland then add messaging so user could download it afterwards17:07
yvlmakes sense17:07
yvlbasic dialog is done, so porting should be (relatively) easy17:08
yvlsince we won't be rewriting all reports to the new style guidelines (right?)17:08
th1aWell, you won't be.17:08
th1aDo the two tasks conflict with each other in some way?17:09
yvla little17:09
th1aSo what do we need to know?17:09
yvlembarrassing, but I don't know.17:09
yvlwell, first of all17:10
yvlthe question is if the reports will be remade to the new style guidelines17:11
yvlby inheriting the flourish class17:11
yvlor just quickly facelifting the old rml templates17:11
th1aWe'll want to use the new class won't we replaceafill?17:11
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replaceafillthat's what i've been doing so far with the "new" reports (i think)17:12
yvlso we'll be touching the same classes17:12
yvlrule of thumb is we should not work on the same report / inherited reports at the same time17:12
yvlfor one, we need to refactor a bit17:13
yvlat the same time, other changes in same place will occur by porting them to work with the new class(es)17:13
th1aWhich would make sense to do first?17:14
yvlideally - first port to new style, then make them offline17:14
yvlbut it could work both ways17:15
yvllet's just randomly decide who works on what17:16
th1aWell, Douglas could start on reports today.17:17
th1aWe've been waffling on whether to do CanDo bugs or reports first.17:17
yvlwhich ones?17:17
replaceafilli can start with cando/virginia reports17:17
replaceafillcando has some dialog ones17:18
replaceafilland not touch the gradebook so you can work on those17:18
yvlcando inherits gradebook reports17:19
yvlso you should start at the roots17:19
yvlfirst, ones that inherit schooltool.gradebook.browser.pdf_views:PDFBase and nothing else17:20
yvlthen, ones that inherit schooltool.gradebook.browser.pdf_views:BaseStudentPDFView and nothing else17:20
yvlthen schooltool.gradebook.browser.pdf_views:BaseReportCardPDFView17:20
yvlalso schooltool.gradebook.browser.pdf_views:GradebookOverview17:20
yvlthen cando reports17:20
replaceafillafaict, the only one that inherits from pdf_views is the worksheet pdf17:21
replaceafilli was thinking about porting the student competency record for example17:21
replaceafillfor an individual student17:21
yvlumm, aren't they done already?17:22
yvlI saw them inherit PlainPDFPage from flourish17:22
replaceafillsorry yvl, i'm confused17:22
replaceafillso we're not changing "new style" reports?17:23
replaceafilllike from going to Download to Generate?17:23
replaceafillfrom Download*17:23
yvlyes we are17:23
yvlthen again, there are "old style" reports17:23
yvlthat we may or may not want to port to "new style"17:23
th1aWell, we want to do the dialog style ones first, right.17:23
yvlright, th1a17:24
th1aI think we're confusing two kinds of "style" here.17:24
yvlbut the question for many gradebook reports is - should we handle them before or after porting to "new style guidelines"17:24
replaceafilli'd say before yvl17:25
replaceafillif it's possible17:25
th1aI'd think so.17:25
* yvl is taking all reports that are or are inherited from pdf_views in gradebook17:25
yvlplease do not touch them until I'm done :)17:25
yvlthanks man17:26
th1aWould this be easier if replaceafill DIDN'T start working on reports today?17:26
replaceafillyvl, question17:26
th1aJust follow yvl?17:26
replaceafillcould/should i change cando student reports to use tasks?17:26
replaceafillagain, sorry for my dumb example, but i mean, having the dialog to have a Generate/Refresh button instead of download?17:27
replaceafilli think that'd get me started on the whole thing, right?17:27
replaceafilland i was already looking on how the section roster, person profile do it :D17:28
yvland expose early(er) if something is missing in infrastructure :)17:28
* yvl thinks we're on the same page here17:30
th1aOK, so what is replaceafill going to do?17:31
replaceafillchange an individual student cando report to be remote?17:32
replaceafillyvl, question17:34
replaceafillwhy is the request dialog so important in the whole remote story?17:34
yvlalso, feel free to tweak style of existing "new style" reports17:34
replaceafilli mean, why is it difficult to port the completion report in virginia?17:34
yvlit's not17:35
replaceafillor any other report that doesn't have a dialog17:35
yvlbut it is extra work17:35
yvlclick Generate17:35
yvltask will get submitted17:35
yvlnow you have to show that to user somehow17:35
yvl(as he does not get PDF immediately as before)17:35
yvlyou need extra page for progress message17:36
replaceafilland we're using the dialogs for that in the meantime, right?17:36
yvlor maybe just display something inline17:36
replaceafillgot it17:36
yvlso if you want, feel free to add that extra info17:37
replaceafillat some point the user will have a "download requested reports" page17:37
yvlhe does something like that now17:37
replaceafillthat will complete/replace that use of the dialogs17:37
replaceafillah really?17:37
yvlmessages below personal info in "home"17:37
replaceafilli haven't seen that! i'll check :)17:38
yvlafter user clicks generate you still need to indicate that report was requested successfully17:38
replaceafilli've been like "refresh, refresh, refresh"17:38
replaceafilluntil i get the download link :D17:38
yvlwell, we need a message there "you can download this report from Home at later time"17:38
yvl"once it's generated"17:39
th1aMy initial point here is that finishing those messages, indicator in header, etc. should be yvl's top priority.17:39
th1aDoesn't need to be flashy or ajaxy, but it should work.17:40
yvlso that, after that gradeook views17:40
yvl* gradebook :)17:42
th1aSounds right.17:43
th1aOK, so replaceafill and yvl, stay in touch with your progress.17:43
replaceafilli'll probably ping the dev list in case i get stuck (like last week) :D17:44
th1areplaceafill:  Anything else?17:44
yvlsure replaceafill17:45
replaceafillth1a, i made the report changes we discussed last week17:45
replaceafillth1a, just a quick question17:45
replaceafill(i didn't understand a note in my notes files)17:45
replaceafillregarding to update the titles of the reports in the pdfs17:45
replaceafilli mean, they should match the new links, correct?17:45
th1aYes, except the aggregated student report should have the name of the report relevant to the individual report.17:46
th1aIf you follow me.17:46
replaceafillah! that was the part i didn't get in my notes17:46
replaceafill(SECTION) in parentheses, right?17:46
replaceafillSection Competencies (Section)17:46
replaceafillnever mind, that's the note i didn't get17:47
replaceafillbut i understand what you mean17:47
th1aDidn't we change that title entirely?17:47
replaceafilli should read a book on note taking ;)17:47
replaceafillAggregated Student Skill Reports for Section17:48
replaceafillSection Competencies - > Student Skill Report for Section17:48
th1aWe did discuss taking the "for Section" off.17:48
replaceafillfor the section summary17:48
replaceafillSection Summary -> Per Student Skills17:48
replaceafillwas in the beginning: Per Student Skills for Section17:49
replaceafillanyway, thanks i remember now :)17:49
replaceafilland i fixed some other small bugs17:49
th1aA some of those CanDo bugs are really small.17:50
replaceafilli got stuck in the skills/skillsets search bug17:50
th1aThat's the messy one.17:50
replaceafilli realize dthat the use case is different for assigning skills to a course and looking skills for a project17:50
replaceafillcurrently, assign skills for courses allows you to select several skillsets at once17:51
replaceafillwhile for projects that doesn't work17:51
replaceafillso, then i decided to switch to remote reports17:51
replaceafilllooking at the existing examples17:51
replaceafillsection roster and person profile17:52
replaceafillthat's it from me17:52
replaceafilli have a question for yvl17:52
replaceafillyvl, since i'm getting tired of using names like "a_report_xxx"17:52
replaceafillfor sorting reportLink directives17:53
replaceafilland we discussed in the sprint *i* should do that...17:53
replaceafilli started hacking the existing reportLink directive handler17:53
replaceafillto enable sorting17:53
replaceafillbut realize that would break old reportLinks, right?17:54
replaceafilldo we need a new flourish:reportLink directive?17:54
yvlshouldn't you be able just add defaults?17:55
yvllike in17:55
replaceafillhhmm i thought it should work like the viewlet directive in flourish17:56
yvlnot required and None by default17:57
replaceafillgot it!17:57
replaceafillthanks, i'll try that17:57
replaceafilli was writing a new handler :P17:58
replaceafillwith basically the same code, so something didn't feel right ;)17:58
replaceafillok, now i'm done17:58
yvlglad to help ;)17:58
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill & yvl.18:00
menesisreleased gradebook & journal18:01
menesisspent some time figuring out what was fixed when18:02
menesisI probably need to backport some of recent fixes to 2.1 release that the reported is using18:03
th1aI guess the bugfixes.18:04
th1aThat doesn't get precedence over our upcoming release.18:04
menesisof course18:05
th1aWe don't need to backport the UI improvement.18:05
menesisno, just the journal crash with empty term18:05
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menesisand the toplevel tab remembering wrong section18:06
menesiswhen I was testing, was puzzled by journal displaying "no periods scheduled" shortly after I set up schedules18:07
menesiscouldn't figure out, released18:07
menesisthen some cleanup18:08
menesisworked on supervisor wrapper18:08
menesistried to merge justas' branch and my work in several branches, got tangled up18:10
menesiscontinuing on the latter two today18:10
th1aOK. Sounds good.18:12
menesisnot much18:14
th1aJust get your ducks in a row for the release.18:14
th1aI don't know if that idiom translates.18:15
th1aAny last words, gentlemen?18:15
menesisgot it.18:15
th1aOK, thanks guys.18:16
th1aHave a good week, see you Wednesday.18:16
replaceafillthanks everybody18:16
th1areplaceafill & yvl, communicate with each other.18:16
replaceafillwill do18:17
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:17
yvlsee you soon guys :)18:21
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replaceafillyvl, i'm hitting the same recipient_ids keyerror using your latest branch19:19
replaceafilli remember i tested it last week and worked19:20
replaceafillhhmm if i "ping the catalog" changing the version, the error goes away19:24
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th1areplaceafill:  Sent you a link to a basic report spreadsheet.23:21
replaceafillth1a, kk23:42

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