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th1ahi yvl...15:30
yvlgood morning th1a  :)15:31
th1aI guess we're waiting on replaceafill and menesis.15:31
jelknergood morning15:31
yvljust pinged menesis :)15:31
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yvlgood morning Jeffrey! :)15:31
th1ahi jelkner.15:31
jelknerreplaceafill asked me to join in this morning.15:31
th1aSounds like you had a good pycon.15:31
jelknerwe had a great pycon15:32
jelknerwe both have more than one raspberry pi ;-)15:32
jelknerthe sprint went very well15:32
jelknerthey completed their goal early15:32
yvlcongrats, raspberry pi's are awesome :)15:33
jelknerthey are15:33
jelknerone of the keynotes was from the head of the raspberry pi foundation15:33
jelknergreat talk15:33
jelknerth1a, i'm hoping to talk to you about Summer15:35
jelknerbut replaceafill was supposed to be here15:35
th1aYes... it gets a little early for him when we switch to EDT.15:35
jelknerahh, yes15:35
th1aOr he may be having connectivity issues.  Hopefully just overslept a bit.15:36
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th1a_Or I may be having connectivity issues.15:40
jelknerI'm here15:42
th1a_iPhone*tap* *tap*15:42
th1a_iPhoneJust checking.15:43
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th1a_iPhoneOk, why don't you go ahead15:43
yvltoday I was looking at journal bugs15:44
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yvlJeff's bug is caused by two linked sections scheduled for the same day with the same timetable15:45
yvlthis causes two meetings with same meeting id15:46
yvl(but different sections)15:46
yvljournal then "randomly" picks a section to look at15:46
jelknerNothing is fool proof, because fools are so ingenious! ;-)15:46
th1a_Is that because of the way the meeting id's are created?15:46
yvljelkner - thanks for uncovering this!15:46
jelknermy pleasure15:46
yvlth1a_, I do not know how to answer your question15:47
yvlyes and no15:47
yvlthe main reason is that we made it possible to schedule sections outside of term15:48
yvlintention was "two extra days", but nothing prevents it to be "two extra years" after end of respective term15:48
yvlmaybe we eventually put a safeguard there (didn't check yet), but this was the way it worked when data was generated15:49
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th1a_Keeping everything in the year would be good.15:50
yvlstill would cause this situation though15:50
yvlalso, adjacent_sections are horribly outdated15:50
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th1aBecause of linked terms?15:51
yvlat the moment journal "aggregates" sections that have same course(s) and are taught by the same instructor for similar/same body of students15:52
yvlthat is not documented I think15:52
yvlthen again, we do have linked sections, and they are not used in this context15:52
yvlI've found my old branch (dated summer 2012), that makes journal use schooltool.requirement15:53
yvlas in - scoresystems15:53
yvleither I'm blind15:53
yvlor it was never released15:54
yvla lucky coincidence - there is no record (irc bot failure) for the meeting were we may have decided to postpone this15:54
th1aDoes that also include splitting the journal into two parts?15:54
yvlI think so, yes.15:55
th1aI don't remember exactly what the hold-up was, but we did discuss this at the sprint.15:55
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th1aOK, so getting back to the immediate issue, do you have an idea for the fix?15:57
th1aFor jelkner's bug.15:57
yvlmake section picking not random15:58
menesisyvl: the scoresystem branch was never merged15:58
yvlall fixes will have some drawbacks though15:58
yvlwe can:15:59
yvl- make it store grades in the earliest available section15:59
yvl- make it store grades in section in closest term15:59
yvlstarting earliest16:00
yvlJeff has Q1 streched over few terms16:00
th1aIn the day?16:00
yvlso if you look at journal in Q316:00
yvlit "randomly" looks for grades either in Q1 or Q316:01
th1aShouldn't those just be two different sections with two different journals?16:02
yvlthey could be16:03
yvlso that would also be a solution16:04
yvldon't use adjacent sections anymore16:04
th1aWe don't need them with linked sections, right?16:04
yvlI didn't check all the details of what you guys did there16:06
yvlwhat would happen with sections that have schedules out of term bounds?16:06
yvlwhat *should* happen?16:06
th1aThat just goes in that section's journal.16:06
th1aNo magic should be needed.16:07
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yvlso there are small bugs there16:07
th1aThe only problem is that we don't really have a way to untangle jelkner's data so it is correct per term.16:07
yvlwhen you select a term16:08
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:08
yvljournal is displayed for the section in that term and in bounds of that term16:08
replaceafill(sorry i'm late)16:08
yvlshould be:16:08
jelknergood morning, replaceafill16:08
yvljournal is dipsplayed for the section in that term and in bounds of schedule(s) of that section16:08
yvlhey replaceafill :)16:09
th1aThere's too much guessing taking place.16:10
th1aThe term selector should be what decides which term's section you're looking at.16:10
yvllet's say yes16:10
th1aOK.  ;-)16:11
yvlthen, journal should displayed for the section in that term, but in bounds of scheduled dates of that section16:11
yvlnot the dates in the term16:11
yvlso that can be done :)16:12
yvlfor the reference:16:12
yvlkill adjacent sectoin16:12
yvlfix displayed date bounds in journal16:12
yvlwhat else...16:12
yvlI looked at Rena's bug16:13
yvlit's caused by setCurrentSectionTaught16:13
yvlwhat happens there is that some teachers are assigned to clerks group16:13
yvl(as evident by School tab)16:13
yvlthat means they can look at gradebooks they are not teachers of16:14
yvlthose gradebooks have no term or year switchers16:14
yvland no Done links or anything16:14
yvljust visiting one, makes that section your default taught section16:15
yvlto reset this16:15
yvla person has to go to Home / pick a section he teachers / click on gradebook link in sidebar16:16
yvlalso, we should fix the behaviour:16:16
yvlsetCurrentSectionTaught should be done for sections that person instructs only16:16
yvlgetCurrentSectionTaught should not return sections that person is not instructor of16:17
th1aPerhaps replaceafill can do that one.16:17
* yvl done with report :)16:17
yvlgradebook and journal issue btw16:17
yvlthere's code duplication there16:17
yvlalso CanDo I think16:18
th1aNow, yvl, should replaceafill do the jelkner journal issue too?16:18
th1aI don't want to throw off the report system.16:18
yvlI'm good either way :)16:19
th1aHow long do you think it will take?16:20
th1aA day or two?16:20
yvlsome half a day16:20
th1aWould you just as soon do it now that you've sorted it out yvl?16:20
* yvl takes the task16:20
yvlalso, I think we should probably do a simple evolution there16:21
yvlfor grades in overlapping sections16:22
th1aI'm not so sure what the heuristic is though at this point.16:22
yvlso that scores in Q3 would fall into a section in Q316:22
th1aI guess we should just force that.16:23
yvl"when event overlaps, move the grade to a linked section with term that has closest starting date"16:23
yvlwell, after the fix, there will be no need to force, since journals will be separated16:23
yvlin any case, I think when jelkner marked absences in March, he meant absences in the respective term16:24
* yvl done now.16:25
th1aOK, thanks yvl.  Good detective work.16:26
yvlthanks :)16:26
replaceafilli finished the changes requested on friday:16:27
replaceafillmade the va section report match the completion calculations16:27
replaceafilland fixed the sorting bug in the set required/visible view16:27
replaceafillso now i need a new task16:28
replaceafillth1a, we said, look at old reports, right?16:29
replaceafilland convert them16:29
th1aWell, do "Rena's bug" first.16:29
replaceafillah ok16:30
replaceafillfix the current section logic16:30
replaceafilland thanks jelkner for reporting about the sprint :)16:31
replaceafilli asked him to do that ;)16:31
replaceafilljelkner, have you been using the feature already?16:31
jelknerI have16:31
jelknerAnd it works like a charm16:31
replaceafilllet me know when you consider everything is stable enough to move the other instances16:32
jelknerwill do16:32
replaceafillamhs, senegal, etc16:32
* replaceafill done16:33
th1areplaceafill:  Basically we have the old reports updates then or little CanDo bugs.16:34
th1aAfter the current section bug.16:34
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:35
th1aSo menesis, we should ping Glenda about the updates?16:35
th1aOr you just did.  ;-)16:35
menesisI have released, uploaded & mailed16:36
th1aCool.  Anything else?16:38
jelknerI'd like to talk about next Summer16:38
th1aWell, anything else menesis?16:38
th1aBefore we let jelkner go.16:39
menesisprepare to merge celery, added versions of dependencies16:39
menesisno, nothing much16:39
menesislet's hear jelkner16:39
th1aThanks for getting that release out quickly, menesis.16:39
th1ajelkner: Go!16:39
jelknerreplaceafill, please jump in if i say something in error16:39
jelknerthe sprint was everything i had hoped it would be16:40
jelknerit gave us a chance to work side by side with the young developers16:40
jelknerand reach an evaluation as to what could be contributed by them16:40
jelkneri've decided to hire paul gully for the summer to work on SchoolTool Quiz16:41
jelknerreplaceafill, thinks he can do what i want done16:41
jelknerspecifically, i will have him work on two stories:16:41
jelkner1. students can ask the system for quiz practice with items of a chosen skill16:42
jelknerthat story requires that we do to reports showing us how well skills are "covered" by items16:42
jelkner2. students can take a diagnostic assessment to determine their skill level16:43
jelknerthat will require creating a dependency tree of skills, so that the system descends each branch until students get stuck16:44
jelknerso they don't have to see questions that are way beyond their reach16:44
th1aYou can literally look at how the Khan Academy does these things, by the way.16:44
th1aTheir code is open source.16:44
jelkneri wanted to make sure that if i do this, replaceafill will be able to get paul's work into a place where it will continue to receive love and protection after he leaves16:45
jelkner(yes, they will look at khan)16:45
jelknerhe, i mean16:45
jelknerhe already has16:46
jelknerbtw.  one of the lightning talks at pycon16:46
jelknerwas about a project to produce a version of khan that runs on the raspberry pi so students can use the Indian tablet to connect to it16:47
jelknerin places where there is no Internet16:47
jelknerthat's all i have16:47
jelknerbut th1a, i'd like your blessing before i proceed ;-)16:47
th1aYes, there's definitely a role for tiny servers there.16:48
th1aUh... insofar as I would want to make this part of SchoolTool going forward?16:48
jelkneri told paul i will meet with him tomorrow16:48
jelkneroh, one last thing16:49
jelkneri've been talking to the Yorktown High School physics teacher, Aaron Schuetz16:49
jelknerabout looking for another young protege16:50
jelknerwe have a cool training program we have pretty much put into place16:50
jelkneran aspiring student can spend a Summer as an unpaid intern16:50
jelknerworking on NHS Service Log16:51
jelknerwhich replaceafill helped them write in Pyramid16:51
jelknerthen they can help maintain that while at school16:51
jelknerthe following year, we can teach them SchoolTool16:51
th1aHave someone write a Service Log app.16:51
jelkneryou mean for android?16:52
th1aandroid, ios, whatever the kids are using these days.16:52
th1aWindows Phone.16:52
jelknernot in my shop! ;-)16:52
jelknerok, that's all i've got16:53
th1aThanks jelkner.16:53
th1aCongrats on the successful sprint.16:54
jelknerits all thanks to replaceafill16:54
replaceafillwe all did it jelkner ;)16:54
th1aGroup hug!16:54
th1aOK, thanks guys.16:54
th1aSee you Wednesday.16:55
replaceafillthanks everybody16:55
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:55
yvlthanks guys16:55
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th1amenesis:  Hopefully we'll be ready for a bugfix release sometime this week if everything goes smoothly.16:55
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?22:33
replaceafillth1a, yes22:38
replaceafill(hadn't noticed the xchat icon) :)22:38
th1areplaceafill:  Can you look at the Thai .mo file that our Thai friends sent.22:45
th1aYou should have been cc:ed on that.22:45
replaceafillah yes22:45
replaceafillth1a, it works22:53
replaceafilli don't know what it says but it seems to work :)22:54
replaceafilli enabled spanish and thai22:55
th1aThat's on your sandbox?22:57
replaceafillfresh instance22:58
th1aI think we're missing something from the instructions for the .debs.22:58
* replaceafill checks the book22:58
replaceafillth1a, instructions in the book seem fine23:04
th1aApparently they are not, because they don't work for me or them.23:04
replaceafillok, let me try the debs23:05
th1aI can get the selector to come up, and it translates, hm... just a couple things.23:05
th1aWhich is weird.23:05
replaceafilldid you check /manage?23:06
replaceafillbecause in my sandbox, not "everything" is translated in that page23:06
th1aJust dates, and "Documents" of all things.23:06
replaceafilltabs are though23:06
th1aI also get "translate to English" in the contextual menu on Chrome.23:07
replaceafillth1a, you used "th" for the language prefix?23:13
th1aOh... yes?23:13
replaceafilljust checking :)23:13
replaceafilli'm installing the debs...23:13
replaceafillit's funny how a developer doesn't have the software he works for installed in his laptop...23:14
th1aI could never get aelkner to do that.23:14
replaceafilland you changed schooltool.conf?23:14
th1aYes... I have the selector.23:14
replaceafillth1a, confirmed23:24
replaceafilldidn't work on the debs23:24
* replaceafill investigates23:24
replaceafillth1a, it's something with the new "th" directory23:43
replaceafilli put pujendra's file in the "es" directory23:43
replaceafilland i can see everything in thai23:43
* replaceafill keesp investigating... :)23:43

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