IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2013-03-20

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl.15:31
th1aWe're missing menesis again...15:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon15:31
th1aWell, at least replaceafill got up early for the meeting.15:34
th1aWhen is your trip home?15:34
th1aAlso, send me your invoice.15:34
replaceafillth1a, i did15:34
yvlgood morning15:34
th1aOh... ok, sorry replaceafill.15:34
yvlmenesis said he'll be online in 10 min15:35
th1aYou guys should probably read this:
th1aWe're not going to be taking any action on this stuff in the near future but it is good to know.15:38
th1aActually I've already mentioned most of it in one context or another.15:38
th1aOK, how are reports, yvl?15:38
yvlwell, I have two reports generating correctly15:39
yvlfixed some minor bugs15:39
yvlreport translations now working15:39
yvlso all in all looking ok15:39
yvlI still need some minor things done15:40
yvlimprove error messages for users15:40
yvl(on traceback, on missing permisions, etc.)15:40
yvland I need to render something in the report request dialog15:40
yvlnow it just closes and you need to know where to find your report15:41
yvlwhich is home tab, there's a section Messages below personal info15:41
th1aDo we need personal info there at all?15:42
th1aCan we move that to a link in the left sidebar.15:42
th1aI guess it will just be oddly blank if you aren't a teacher.15:42
yvlalso true :)15:43
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yvlmaybe we can leave it there for now15:43
th1aI guess the accordion isn't that big.15:43
* menesis says hi15:43
th1aYeah, leave it.15:43
th1amenesis: hi.15:43
yvlso those are two main things15:44
yvland I also want to check with other reports15:44
yvlmaybe you could suggest something from gradebook or cando?15:44
th1aHow about a big one replaceafill?15:45
replaceafillthe completion reports15:46
replaceafillthose are the slowest ones15:46
replaceafillthey're in virginia15:46
yvl ?15:47
replaceafillthey're registered for terms15:47
replaceafillthe VA ones are just tables with numbers15:48
replaceafill the skills completion report is a table with charts15:48
yvlcan you point me to the report class?15:48
replaceafillsure, hold on15:48
yvloh, both. OK, thanks.15:49
th1aRemember yvl we have a handy index of registered reports.  ;-)15:50
yvlyes :)15:51
* yvl remembers, just wanted a recommendation on slow and important report15:51
replaceafillthe va completion ones have become way slower because of those totals :(15:52
yvlif they're slow enough, we can even add progress bars! :)15:52
th1areplaceafill: Ug.15:52
th1aOK, so we're steadily closing in on getting this done, yvl?15:54
th1aOK.  Keep going.15:56
th1aDon't get sick.15:56
th1aThanks yvl.15:56
yvlI won't :)15:56
th1aAre we getting those CanDo reports out?15:57
menesisI've got replaceafill's changes late last night15:57
menesisreleased cando yesterday15:57
menesisbut it contained only one bugfix. also updated translations, including the new Thai15:58
menesisWill get out virginia release in a few minutes15:59
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replaceafill_(sorry, got disconnected)16:00
menesisI got two test failures in a different configuration, fixed them16:00
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th1areplaceafill:  Does Glenda need any specific new instructions?16:01
th1aIs everything in the same place?16:01
replaceafillth1a, yes16:01
replaceafillyes, everything is in the same place16:01
th1aThanks for getting the Thai translations in.16:04
th1aI just forwarded an email to you menesis from a web host that's working on rpm packages.16:04
th1aAnything else menesis?16:05
menesisonly cando translation. others will get in when the next releases are made16:05
th1aOh, ok, yes.16:05
menesisthey run an older version, 2.3.1, probably on quantal. so either I need to make bugfix & translation release soon, or they have to install the translation manually16:07
menesisother than that I made more fixes to the buildbot on the new server16:08
menesisit runs more reliably16:09
th1aOK... I send Helen an email.16:09
th1aMaybe I have the wrong email for her or something.16:09
th1aI senT her an email.16:09
menesisthat's all worth mentioning16:10
th1aOK, thanks menesis.16:11
th1areplaceafill: You're going to focus on finishing your sprint and getting home, right?16:12
replaceafillwe had a good day yesterday16:12
replaceafilljelkner was really happy16:12
replaceafillyou can update the cando grades from quiz questions now16:13
replaceafilldefining the set of rules he wanted16:13
replaceafilli'll merge everybody's work today and he'll start using it tomorrow16:13
th1aAs long as jelkner is happy.  ;-)16:14
replaceafillth1a, any idea on what i'll work next?16:15
replaceafilli was thinking of reviewing the "old" reports16:15
replaceafilli think the gradebook has some16:15
th1aYes, that's a good idea.16:15
replaceafillkk, i'll do that on my way back16:16
replaceafillthe journal!16:16
th1aAlso those little CanDo bugs if you feel like it.16:16
replaceafilldoesn't have a pdf16:16
replaceafillah ok16:16
th1aFix the old ones first.16:16
th1aPlenty to keep you busy on the plane if you feel like it.16:16
replaceafillif the plane has power outlets yes :D16:17
replaceafillthey didn't on my way here :(16:17
replaceafillso i'm able to work for... 7 minutes16:17
replaceafillyvl, i have a question16:17
replaceafillon performance16:17
replaceafillsuppose i'm iterating students and counting16:17
replaceafillthins on them16:17
replaceafilli read somewhere than creating a list16:18
replaceafilland then using sum(...) was faster16:18
replaceafillthan setting a variable and do +=16:18
replaceafillany thoughts on that?16:18
replaceafill(that's the approach i used on virginia this time)16:18
replaceafilli checked performance (by just reloading pages...) and it was similar :)16:19
replaceafillam i disconnected again......16:20
yvlI don't think you'll win any perfomance there16:21
replaceafillah :)16:21
yvl(sorry /me was AFK for a moment)16:21
replaceafill(i'm just network paranoid this week)16:22
yvlif you did not iterate students at all, that could be a win :)16:22
replaceafill(that network at the hyatt sucks!)16:22
replaceafillyvl, what do you mean?16:22
replaceafill"not iterate students"?16:22
yvlcatalog or something ;)16:23
replaceafillwe'd need to index grades...16:23
replaceafilli'll live with it16:24
th1aIt might be necessary.16:24
yvlmaybe other time :)16:24
yvlin any case16:24
yvlprofile first :)16:24
* yvl doubts that the slowest part is adding numbers :)16:25
* replaceafill done16:26
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:26
th1aOK, have a good week/end guys.16:26
replaceafillthanks everybody16:27
yvlthanks guys16:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:27
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th1ayvl: ayt?17:07
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replaceafillmenesis, you around?19:04
replaceafillquestion, do you remember the sheet_by_name problem when running stests?19:05
replaceafilli remember seeing a commit message on that being fixed19:05
th1aShould I be monitoring our PPA or will you tell me when the packages are ready, menesis?19:05
menesisth1a: I have uploaded virginia package, but it has not been built yet19:07
menesisI will update release notes soon19:08
menesisand should send an email?19:08
th1aYes.  Glenda's waiting.19:09
menesisbut it will take around an hour from now for the package to be built & copied to precise19:11
menesisreplaceafill: yes... I think it was caused by unfinished download being read. My attempt at fixing that is schooltool revision 354319:13
th1aShe's not literally waiting by her computer...19:13
replaceafillmenesis, ah thanks, i'll check it out19:13
replaceafillwe're hitting it in quiz :(19:14
replaceafillmenesis, updating the schooltool branch fixed it19:18
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?23:26

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